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  1. Just now getting back onto the forums.

  2. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    ((Sorry about being gone guys, but I'm back)) @@EQ_Theta,@@Contrast, @@Loud Opinion, @@reader8363, @, Rapid had been moving along with the group silently, observing what they did as well as the other ponies they past as they walked. Rapid had done this many a time before this, such as when his family would go somewhere like this marketplace. Rapid would observe ponies and how they went about their day. A question then arises in Rapid's mind as he reflected the last little bit of being with this group. He turns his head toward Night Eye. "Um...Night Eyes...about the Changeling from
  3. I'm going on vacation for about 5 days, guys! I'll see you then!

  4. I'm going to be going on Vacation for about 5 days. Sorry for such short notice. Rapid will just follow the group around silently until I get back >.<
  5. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @@EQ_Theta,@@Loud Opinion, @, Rapid looks down a little,trying to remember. He drew up a blank. He couldn't even remember how he got here for some reason. All he remembered was being in Ponyville,going to bed in his house,before waking up in Canterlot in an inn room. "I..don't really remember...to be quite honest with you..." Rapid says,with a slightly confused look on his face as he wondered what happened between Ponyville and Canterlot as well as who or what brought him there.
  6. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @@EQ_Theta,@@Loud Opinion, @,@@reader8363, Rapid felt his stomach twist and turn as a lump in his throat formed. He normally didn't go to events due to all of the ponies that would be present nor did he socialize with ponies very much. "W...Would you mind if I just stayed with you all..? I'm not really much of a social butterfly..." Rapid asks Night Eyes and Starry,a slight look of nervousness on his face that he was trying his best to hide.
  7. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @@reader8363, Rapid looks over at Starry as she introduces herself. He smiles slightly and bows his head a slight bit. "It's nice to meet you too Starry Days." He says before lifting his head back up and looking back at Night Eyes to listen to his answer,waiting patiently.
  8. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @,@@EQ_Theta, @@reader8363, Rapid's smile turned into a slight frown as he watched the changeling walk to his stall. Rapid's ears flatten on his head as he thinks about all of the things that could have been done to him. He looks over to Night Eyes. "Does he get hurt here often...?" He asks,looking upset.
  9. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @@Loud Opinion, @,@@EQ_Theta,@@reader8363, Rapid looked at the changeling infront of him put his hoof up for a hoof bump. Rapid was in a mild state of shock. Here, infront of him was a real changeling. He was not disguised, nor did he look like he had evil intentions. This changeling looked like any other normal pony. Rapid's mouth turned up into a slight smile as he raised his own hoof and hoof bumped the changeling's hoof.
  10. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    Rapid Miles looked over at the unicorn as she walked out of the mysterious building after the stallion. "Uh...well...my name is Rapid Miles...I'm not exactly sure what this place is..." He tells the masked mare as he motions toward the building she had just walked out of.
  11. Rapid Miles

    Open Far From Home (RP)

    @@EQ_Theta, The brown pegasus tilted his head at what the stranger had told him to do. His light blue eyes looked over the figure before him. "Um..what place is this exactly...?" Rapid Miles asks, a very confused look on his face as he then looked over to the building the stranger had just left. "And..why not tell the ponies from Canterlot about this place...?"
  12. I'm fine with either. Can you link me the rp post please?
  13. https://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/rapid-miles-r9587^^
  14. @, I don't know exactly how to fuse those kind of weapons together. I was thinking of weapons that a pony would be able to use without many issues.
  15. I'd like to join in on this RP if possible. Name: Rapid Miles Appearance: His mane and tail colors are Dark Grey and Pale Pink. His mane and tail styles are somewhat spiky and are "Medium" length. His coat color is Light Brown. His eyes are normal shaped and his eyes are Light Blue. He is 13 Apples (4.4 Feet) tall and weighs 5.4 Stone (76 Pounds). Gender: Male Race: Pegasus Age: 18 Preffered or special weapon: Throwing knife attached to chain (Close to Medium range), and a bolt-action or sniper rifle. Personality: INFJ (Gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitiv
  16. I would possibly be interested in joining, but as Jackie said, I don't exactly know what the RP is about or what is planned.
  17. Is is possible for me to join in on this RP?
  18. Introverted. Actually, stuff like this sometimes even makes me nervous. I feel like I might say something unintentionally wrong.
  19. I don't really want that, it makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable and makes some situations feel more formal than they need to be.
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