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  1. Mr enclave with upgraded joints and new mr flamer to keep me safe :3
  2. so i built from scratch/freehand this IF-9 combat shotgun for my firends birthday tomorrow i think i got it as close as i could get it not happy with paint but you guys think any good?
  3. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: Through friends and Uk of Equestria forums How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I met new friends in cosplay scene and after a while they introduced me to MLP which at first i was alittle like THIS IS FOR GIRLS MAN GRO........"watches first episode" god dam it i'm hooked and since then been a fan for about a year now and loving it. Hey every pony me name is James yet most call me Jammy been a fan of MLP for about a year or so and the most i enjoy is seeing all the movie and game refs put secretly in the background of episodes which i didn't catch on to this till the last few episodes. Big Pc gamer and into building foam armor for cosplay mainly Warhammer and fallout yet....slowly pushing to aim for making a pony style power armor from Fallout equestria I'm UK bound gone back into studying Diploma in Management and leadership level 4 and basically looking for any other ponies in the uk on here but will be attending usa pony cons in the future when my funds become more.......stable ;D
  4. So for long while now I've been a great fan of Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons and decided to make me my first fallout power armor suit before getting a pony style version of it made and well here it is nearly all completed with d.i.y. basic dry bearing joints which helps me be able to run etc in the suit and upgrades to legs and arms. I personally wanted Enclave as bad guys always have the cool looking stuff also first Hellfire power armor suit to be made by anyone as i like to have something unique but also do to this it was the hardest as some things had to be invented on the fly. God Bless Equestria god blew the Grand Pegasus Enclave FB@JammysSimplyDivineCreations