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  1. nope. i know i have a house and stuff, but living with an abusive father and coping with depression makes everything 100000 times worst
  2. someone at the beach asked me to go to a night club with him im like 2
  3. no, vegetables are for PONIES pfft, i'm a horse NEIGHHHH
  4. yep, thats why im getting out of here as soon as i can and imma move to america
  5. yES THEY WOULD HATE US and they would probably ban us from equestria
  6. well when i was 4 i fell on a piece of metal and i got a scar on my eyebrow now, it aint nice to walk around with half your eyebrow bald and sometimes it hurts to touch i also have chicken skin on my arms, legs and cheeks so yep yep that aint fun either
  7. yeah italy will become weaker, but i'm mostly worried for the monetary system. italy will probably revert back to the lira, for many its really confusing and for people on vacation it will be even more confusing but other than that, i'd say that since italy was already a weak nation it will just keep getting worst
  8. oh good i didnt know that since i dont really update myself on these things often
  9. bless them omg i live in italy and i can say that the economy has just been going downhill for us but idk
  10. Hi, love the name.

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    2. TheRockARooster 🐓

      TheRockARooster 🐓

      Talking with some friends on Skype.

      Cool, I wish you the best of luck with your commissions.

    3. saint pepsi

      saint pepsi


      thank you very much! :D

    4. TheRockARooster 🐓

      TheRockARooster 🐓

      Are you fan of Pepsi?

  11. cUPCAKES :^))) i've re-read cupcakes one million times but its still good
  13. omg yes i do i really do there is this spider thats living in my house tho i told him that he can live with me if he promises to never interact with he been keeping dat promise <3