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  1. I'm currently single and completely fine with being so. It gets lonely yeah but working on myself and being financially stable enough to go do things is a thing I want to get settled as well. I sorta want a relationship right now, but at the same time I know I shouldn't have one purely for the sake that I don't want to burden a significant other with some of my problems. As for feeling around couples, its just my normal self. I mean I get sorta jealous but thats very rare as of now. And I've had 3 different relationships. One didn't go so well and ended with me losing an entire friend group, one ended civilly and we're still friends-ish, and the last one was just a off and on fling thing I think.
  2. I have loads of platforms I'm on, some listed on my profile others not. But my main accounts I use to be contacted are: discord > FizzyBubbleTea#3187 twitter > FizzBubbleTea
  3. Some times when I feel the need too I will wear pjs (mostly if I'm sleeping somewhere that isn't my home). But for the most part its just a loose tank top and a pair of character themed undies for me. Because if I want to stay warm thats when a pile of blankets is for
  4. I love me most potatoe based foods. But any cheesy mashed/baked potatoes are good. I also love scalloped potates with loads of cheese, ham and salt.
  5. Last day of high school seems so far behind me man. (graduated 2009) But I remember after the graduation ceremony my friend and I ended up going to an ice cream shop bought 2 pints of personalized ice cream and then sat at my house watching REPO the Genetic Opera while my cousins and siblings fired off fireworks the entire night.
  6. Short term: I'm looking forward to earnin more money since peak season is upon us and more work means more money. I also am looking forward to my sister and I being able to play stardew valley together after 2 months of being unable too. Long term: I just look forward to just being a better me, and to meet new people and experience new things. And also maybe improve a little more on my art skills as well.
  7. Gonna chill with the family, make good food, and just enjoy spending time with my family (same as every christmas before). Hoping we make bread pudding this year along with the classic french toast we normally have.
  8. Always been fond of the ferris (sp?) wheel myself. I also enjoy a good tilt-n-whirl as well.
  9. until

    Time sure does fly. I guess I'm gonna be pullin out the old N64 and playin me some OoT.
  10. I'm obsessed with Anime Video Games Art Collecting figures/games/toys sleeping soda and blankets
  11. I normally do dye my hair and its always greens, blues or purple. All because I took the dive into coloured hair by having green dip dyed tips in college. But I always wondered what colours people would dye they're hair and why.
  12. I'd choose teleportation. I hate driving/traveling long hours everywhere. Once they get down teleporters I will be using those s.o.b.s so often.
  13. I'm one of those types of people to eat straight from a carton of ice cream, and slather that crap in tons of magic shell or chocolate sauce. Dairy Free ice cream is delicious.
  14. Currently playing Professor Layton and Pokemon Ultra Sun. And patiently waiting for Spyro Reignited so i can spend literally all my time playing through those games.
  15. I actually drew out my icon for myself. Its of my current persona I have online. Plus its based off of Plague Knight from Shovel Knight lol