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  1. none I don't go out much
  2. it has been months since my last fallout equestria chapter and it has bad audio be cause it was a rushed day enjoy ch 14 will be soon
  3. because it is me and how I am my channel
  4. finally mods of fallout equestria yay please check out my channel
  5. For once I don't know what to tell you
  6. We won't stand but by the way are you powerful
  7. i hope you find and hear from him soon
  8. *hold out a hand to you then a hug *
  9. Church can be a voided but don't let your parents do this to you they say they love you but if they really loved you they would not change you and your friends will help when they can if physical or just chat then you will not be alone we are there for you to the end
  10. ask what you want to now about me or my oc