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  1. TinkyBlue

    General What is/was the high point of your day, today?

    For me, it would be the fact that I have finally found a family in the UK to be their au pair for two years ! I. Can't. WAIT !
  2. TinkyBlue

    Happy Hug-A-Pony Day [Art Trade]

    Well, thank you everyone for your participation ! I am really happy to see that you had fun Maybe I'll try doing more events like this then ^^
  3. TinkyBlue

    TB's Pony Art Gallery

    Here was my participation for the Hug-A-Pony Art Trade, with FireTwii's OC !
  4. Happy Hug-A-Pony Day Sorry I'm late, but here is the topic about everypony's work ! Remember, I assigned somepony's OC to each participant, then, they had to draw their own OC hugging the other one. Let's see how it went ! I'll start with my work. The OC I got was Rosemary by FireTwii Hope you'll like it FireTwii !
  5. TinkyBlue

    TB's Pony Art Gallery

    Wow thank you oh so very much for all this praise >w<
  6. TinkyBlue

    TB's Pony Art Gallery

    Thank you a lot, there's more coming up !
  7. TinkyBlue

    Video Artist and Editor wanted!

    I see, so you would need backgrounds ? Cause I'm still really new at making those so yeah x)
  8. TinkyBlue

    TB's Pony Art Gallery

    Thank you a lot ! I also like that new style, I was experimenting but I'm glad it turned out like this
  9. TinkyBlue

    Video Artist and Editor wanted!

    What do you need the artist for ? What kind of art will you need ? Cause I'm interested, even though I'm only getting started
  10. Because I was really happy of how Celestia turned out x) I just love her face on this one, quite proud of it ^^
  11. TinkyBlue

    Sports The football (soccer) season is back!

    France won against Iceland 5-2. I'm a bit sad for Iceland, they make a really great team, even though I was rooting (and I still am) for France. So coming up : Wales/Portugal next Wednesday, And France/Germany next Thursday. Jokes about WW2 are already poping around the internet --"
  12. TinkyBlue

    General What made you smile today? :D

    France's victory against Iceland ! The vikings really did their best it was such a great game to watch
  13. TinkyBlue

    TB's Pony Art Gallery

    I'll definitely check it out Also, NEW ART Celestia is still acting weird... But why is that so ? I'll show you soon And it's done ! After the CMC tried to become some kind of paparazzi, Sunbutt is still self-conscious when she's about to eat cake, poor Tia :3 You can find the full comic below :
  14. TinkyBlue

    Gaming Crowdfunding Is a Bad Idea

    I think it's all about trust. I wouldn't give money on a project just because the idea sounds great, but also because I can be sure the people behind it will actually put all their strength in its realization. For example, few years back, I donated money for a French webserie. They wanted 35000€ to make a film, they broke the european record when ended up having 681 046 € instead. In the end we got 3 full length high quality movies, which were actually pretty awesome by the way. So yeah, crowd funding is great. But you should really think twice before donating. Is this really such a great idea ? If yes, can I trust the team to actually make it happen ? Cause after all, it's your money.
  15. TinkyBlue

    What do you work with?

    Unemployed for now, but I will most probably be an au pair in the uk starting next September ^^