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  1. The unicorn would get very, very angry. I don't think they'd die necessarily (at the end of the day, I'd see it as being akin to a human losing an ear or an eye (irritating, but not fatal)). As for whether or not they could still do magic ... I'd say yes. I view the horn as being a focus for control - like a wand - rather than as the place where a unicorn's magic actually resides.
  2. It would be interesting to see, but nope. As popular as MLP: FiM is, ultimately, it's about the merch' for Hasbro, and they'll want to see a new direction and a new toyline soon. The Simpsons might be breaking records for longevity, but it ain't setting any records for being good. It should've ended after season nine.
  3. Two weeks (I missed the finalé just there) because I was on holiday in Scotland.
  4. This is why I (usually) avoid anything that says "head-canon".
  5. Since I've been a fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc, from a young age, no, I can honestly say that it does not bother me that petty, small-minded people think I'm weird. I mean, I think people who get excited about the X-Factor are weird.
  6. Scootaloo. She has to wake up the rest of Ponyville.
  7. Looking up the US election stats hurt me. Mind you, that wasn't accidental, so I guess it doesn't count ...
  8. 'Cause there are about seven thousand separate discussions with a variation on the same question, "Which of the Mane Six is the most attractive?" And since we all know the answer is Rainbow Dash ( ), we should talk about something else instead. So. Let's talk about the hotness of MLP's villains for a change! Would you be willing to live under Nightmare Moon's eternal darkness? Does Discord's chaotic personality appeal to you? Chrysalis - who could be the woman from any of your dreams - might just worm her way into your affections, and of course, Sombra ... hey, the man loves crystals,
  9. The souls of my enemies. They were crunchy.
  10. Doctor Who. Not only is it my favourite TV show, but I also consider it to be one of the best - if not, THE best - TV shows ever created. The premise allows it to run the gamut from comedy to drama (and back again, sometimes ping-ponging mercilessly), and while you may disagree with certain aspects of the production (Celestia knows, I have my issues with Moffy's tenure), you can't deny that everyone involved gives their all for the cause.
  11. In what way? (Ignore this. It's just to add more characters.)
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