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  1. I was hogging all the internet to order a new RUBY SPLASH PLUSHIE It's 450*650 size
  2. OMG... Star Control II fan? Fellow juice squeezer? Happy camper? O.o

    1. Ruby Splash

      Ruby Splash

      Who are you? You are not Orz! We are Orz! Orz are happy *people energy* from the outside.





  4. I have a secret Orz Fetish its just soo cute when they squeeze the juice
  5. @, Causing Lyra's internet to have problems I was sitting on the wire Muhaha
  6. @, Twilight grumbled to herself, "so, how do i bipass the magic on them, I want to be able to shapeshift" she growled. She picked up her tray and threw it on the floor, she would have a tantrum. A proper tantrum. She glared at the guards, she would defiantly cause trouble.
  7. @, kk np, just needed a way for me to stop morphing into every guard and simply walking out of the prison you can punish Twilight if u want but she might hit u with a baton @, you're oc a changeling?
  8. @@Azureth, 1. back to magic kindergarden 2. Has to work under Trixie as her apprentice 3. Turns twilight to stone
  9. @, Twilight smirked, "you're strange, all i did was impersonate the princesses and run up there royal bills" she remarked. She let out a yawn, "maybe you can take this bracelet off my hoof" she said, she then could impersonate some pony and cause some trouble. She blinked, "come on if i cause some trouble looking like a Changeling, i'm going to get found out" she grumbled
  10. @, @@reader8363, She nodded "yeah you can sit here" she said to the newcomer. She sniffed him curiously "so what caused you to be locked up here, I'm planning on killing that warden, maybe you want to help me?" she asked him smirking. "maybe i'm going to kill him now" she remarked. She nodded goodbye to Dark.