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  4. Okay... so this is awkward... I've been gone a long time. sorry about that, I got super depressed there for awhile and just stopped. by the time i got out of my funk i was embarrassed about how i dropped off the map like i did and didn't know how to come back. but i'm glad to see that the thread has kept on trucking even in my absence. I don't think i'll be coming back full time, in fact, i'm not coming back at all, but I wanted to at least put it out there that i am officially, really and truly, retiring from the thread. Goodbye oh, and happy new year.
  5. you better be havinga darn good birthday. XD

  6. Hey Everypony, Sorry About the wait, I really don't have an excuse why it took this long... April Fools or something... I see that Dawny went ahead and posted the ones i got done, so here's the rest. (sigh) I'm not sure how much longer i can keep this going... (#1. sorry for being late! ive been really busy! #2. nuuu nawt dat nickname! XD #3. are we going with the movie version of the convo or the comic version? cause it depends on if i'm going to need caramel for support. XD) "Punch..." I say, my mind suddenly and utterly blank. "Er, y-yeah, it has been a while... About a year..." Sweat is forming on my brow; I really don't need this to happen to me now. "Look, things haven't been going too good for me at the moment... I just had a little break-up with somepony... But I'm with somepony new now, so..." I nervously swallow, afraid that Punch was going to kick my heart in the plot again somehow. “Oh, you have a girlfriend? should I be jealous? What’s her name?” Punch asks. “I’m not telling you thatVinyl Scratch, She’s super hot and she calls me all the time!” You reply. “Oh...” “what? Do you know her?” “No.” “it sounded like you did...” “I gotta go.” Click. You stare at the phone for a long time, eventually Caramel comes in and takes the phone away from you, dropping it back in it’s cradle. “Hey what’s up, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” @@Page Turner, "I'll lead the beach head defense!" Steel proclaimed. He flew above the heads of the pirates. "I see doubt in many of your eyes. To you, I am the deserter who turned to save his own hide, who indirectly lead to the sinking of your ship, and the near death of your captain." Steel nodded to Deep Blue. "Then that is why is should be me on that beach!" He landed atop some stacked barrels and drew one of his swords. "My debt to you all will be repaid in blood, mine and theirs!" “Sounds fair to me.” Briny Says. “Daring Do and Scout, You’re with me, The rest of you, Steel is in charge. I figure we have til’ morning before they find that note, and then it’ll take ‘em that long again to turn the ship around and get back here, so let’s all try to get some sleep, Salt, You take the first watch.” “Eye!” Sea salt says. Before too long Blankets are set down, and the Pirates have settled in, Daring has made a place a little ways away from the main group, and the only free blanket is near Jolly Roger, you would have to move it if you wanted to be near Daring.
  7. Last Replies of 2013! ^ First ^4 Yeah, it’s been a while. I wanted to get these out before Christmas but, well, Holidays. Anyway. My new years resolution is to be more punctual. Let’s see how long THAT lasts… DJ follows Fluttershy throughout the petting zoo until he sees a pen filled with crystal puppies. "Oh my goodness. have you ever seen anything so cute?" DJ began to hug a brown puppy and give it several kisses on the forehead, until he sees Fluttershy staring. He then puts the puppy back in it's pin while his cheeks are as red as a cherry. "Sorry you had to see that. I just love puppies so much." Fluttershy Flutters over to you, and lifts the puppy out of it’s pen. “He is the cutest thing ever.” She agrees. Then she looks you in the eye. “Don’t you ever be ashamed to be sensitive! I mean...” she looks away. “if you don’t mind me saying so.” @, Returning his hat to his head, he smiled as he walked up to the farm mare and offered his front hoof to shake while looking her in the eyes with a friendly warmth to his gaze as he introduced himself as " Myopia Oncler. It's a pleasure to meet you Ms Fritter. I've heard good things about your farm so far and I'm interested in seeing it for myself if you'll allow me." Your smile seems to help her relax, and she gives your hoof a firm shake, “Well, as Ah told you, Ah don’t know much about this investin’ business. I’m just here a’helpin’ my cousin. I’m sup’ose to show you around, so if’n you’ll follow me..” @ He Who Turns Pages “Well Bon Bon, I live in a Moutian alone, so I don’t know what happen to my parents since I was a Colt. I work as a Blacksmith making horseshoes, and I’m also training to become a Wounderbolt someday. Since I am learning Sonic Ice Boom, my mother and I want to show that to the Wounderbolt Judges.” Fireblaze saying. She cocks her head, then frowns, “Wait, if you don’t know what happened to your parents, then how do you know your mom wants you to show off your move?” Orion looks into the pony's wondrous eyes and his smile begins to grow. "Well it's nice to meet you Roseluck. I'm quite new around this place. Is there any chance you can show me around here?" “Umm, okay… what kind of things would you like to see?” she asked, self consciously blushing. I flip through a few records, trying to think of what to tell her. I finally just turn to her and say, "I don't think that's such a good idea... I'm way too old for you, and aren't you, like, not allowed to date outside your species or something? Like, unicorn and pegasus don't really fit well together..." I say, using probably what is the worst excuses ever. I finally just say, "Uh, hey... I think we should... Break up... Or whatever... Its not gonna work out..." I hang my head in embarrassment and shame. Scootaloo stares at you in shock for a long moment. and then another. she doesn’t say anything. she just stares. unsure of what to do, you slowly back out of the store. You arrive home just in time to hear the phone ring. thinking it will be Vinyl, you pick it up quickly. “Hello” “HI Doxxy. It’s been awhile.” It’s not Vinyl. It’s Sucker Punch. back when you knew her, her name was Berry. @, The wise stallion's words sat in Steel's head, but his heart would not be so easily convinced. He fought alongside Daring, protected her honor from a bunch of horny sea dogs, and tried to express his deepest feelings for her with their first kiss in his quarters. He didn't know how else to show her how much she meant to him! The Swordpony joined the rest of the crew around the fire as they drank rum, sang sea shanties, drank rum, swapped stories, threw knives and hatchets, and drank lots of rum. Steel didn't partake in the drinking, he didn't indulge in spirits, but he was feeling parched. So he scrounged through their looted supplies until he found some water and drank it greedily. After wiping his gob with the back of his leg, he scanned over the herd and found no sign of Daring. He was sure she was fine. After A while, Daring Appears and Whispered something to the captain, the two of them talk for a brief moment and the the Captain stands. “Gents! Listen Up!” He shouts. The Pirates all go silent immediately. “Miss Do here has something to say to us.” He nods to daring, Who comes to stand next to Him. “Pinkbeard is going to come back.” She says. There is a moment of shocked silence, and then the Pirates all start talking at once. The captain raises a hoof to silence them. “It’s Alright, We have a plan, well, Miss Do has a plan. Tell them the Plan.” “The Plan is to lure Pinkbeard into a trap.” Daring Explains. “I left a note in Pinkbeard’s cabin that He will see when he wakes up, the First thing he will do will be to order his men to turn the ship around, meanwhile, we will split into two teams, one team will stand in a particular spot on the shore and prepare for battle.” “You’re Insane!” Jolly Roger blurts. “There’s no possible way we can beat them!” “We don’t have to beat them, just hold them long enough for my team to sneak aboard their Ship, Capture it, And then sail it around to the other side of the Island, Once that is done, the rest of you will retreat to the ship, and we’ll sail away with Pinkbeard’s ship, leaving him and his crew marooned here.” “Irony.” Sea Salt notes. “I like it.” “I still think it’s insane.” Jolly says. “there’s too much that could go wrong.” “I like it.” Briny says. Standing up. “We get to hit them where they hit us! and if it don’t work, well, then at least we gave it a shot ‘stead of sitting here waiting to get picked up by the navy.” “If Briny’s up for it then I am too!” Page says. “Same here!” Scout calls. “I only have one condition.” Briny Says. “I want to lead the away team.” Winter also looks at the key sinking down into the depths of the lake then looks at Pinkie, "Oh you mean your Pinkie Sense? Yeah... Anyways..." He sits down nearby the lake dragging Pinkie with him. "What now? The key is in like at least 5 ft below the water and I'm guessing you don't have a spare either because you would just pull it out and unlock the cuffs anyway. So I'm guessing swimming is off the check list too." He pulls out the list of things to do with Pinkie and looks for swimming. "Unless we can get that key." “Actually I was thinking about it from a comedic standpoint, Of course as soon as the Hoofcuffs came out they were bound to get stuck, it’s a cliche” Pinkie looks up at The writer. “Seriously Pagey? I expected better from you!” Sorry Pinkie. “You’re jealous because you had to give me up to become a god, Aren’t you?” I am not! And stop breaking the fourth wall! “No you stop! you’re the one who’s writing all of this!” ...Touche’... Pinkie Rolls her eyes and returns her attention to you. “We used to date.” she says, motioning to what appears to you to be an empty sky. (None taken. ) Night sat in the bath, his cheeks slightly rosy, he was soon deeply in thoughts, about the reason he realyl came here...that in reality he really grew infatuated with the twins, having seen them before in ponyville, as they ran their establishment. He had just been very shy to approach them, not being sure if he would seem awkward to approach two mares at the same time. But today he gathered enough courage to actually be in their he had to go for it. His eyes lifted a little to see the both twins, as they did their routine, his gaze was timid, but soft and filled with a cartain hint of affection. "I...I came here try out your amazing services yes...but the real reason..." he said and took a deep breath, no letting his nervousness get the better of him now. "The real reason i came to tell you that i admire you both...that you have captivated my senses...A..and i ask you...if it would be alright with you...if we could get to know each other better...?" They blink, and then Aloe sighs, “You are the,” she holds up a hoof, “3rd person to ask this today. I think maybe our water isn’t balanced…” I gently wrap my hoof around her as she gets close. "I really want to make a song for you too. I... Well I hope I'm not being weird when I say this but, I'm hoping one day that song will be about you," I tell her quietly. I keep my hoof around her for a while before moving. "Enough of me embarrassing myself. Why don't we go out for a bit?" “What’s wrong with being weird?” She says playfully, gently rubbing her cheek against yours. “So, where are we going?” Thunder went with the blow, so as it would not knock of the mask, but it was still rather hard. "Well, I'm sorry. An airship takes a while to fix, and they wouldn't let me go until it was fixed." He made an exaggerated sad face. "It was what it was. I'm sorry. Is there any way I can make it up to the fair lady?" She crosses her arms and, after a moment, uncrosses them to point at her sign; ‘Quick Fix; Auto Machanic and General Fixer of Ponyville.’ “Not a letter, not a messanger, and not even an ask for help. You’re gunna have to pull some big stops out of your wholey behind.” But she lets him in, which is a good sign. "Yes you did try." Aura said solemnly looking around the cell they were both in. She thought she could easily break out, but the Diamond dogs would easily over power them like before and render escape impossible. Aura looked at Spike with a confused look on her face. "You....actually tried to rescue me instead of saving yourself........why??" Aura asked him. Most dragons would've left her, but she was surprised to see Spike attempt to rescue her. His single action both intrigued her and confused her as she was always told that it was every dragon for him/herself. “I couldn’t just abandon you! that would go against my Noble Dragon Code.” Spike says. “Plus... last time I wasn’t able to do anything. I couldn’t go through that again...” Pink looked at the stallion dumbfounded. ALOT of enemies? Alright something tells me you're NOT a regular doctor. She looked towards the door he pointed at. Huh. I didn't see that there before. She started walking towards the door, while sneaking glances at the stallion. A man of mystery huh? Well I guess I'm about to find out who he really is soon enough. The Doctor Smiles. “Not a regular doctor in the slightest.” He pushes the door open and steps inside, beyond the door you see a plain apartment with undecorated white walls. the only furniture in the room is a low table. and seated behind that table is a small white filly with a short grayish-purple mane. “Welcome Doctor.” The Filly monotones. “Ah! Yuki!” The doctor says happily. “I can honestly say I didn’t expect to ever run into YOU on this planet!” “I go where the Data Integration Thought Entity says I am needed.” The Pony called Yuki says. “Pink Mist!” The Doctor addresses you as he waves a hoof toward the filly. “Allow me to introduce Nagato Yuki, She’s a very good friend of mine.” Red Talon continued to dance with his marefriend, chuckling at her comments about the song. "Heh," he responded, "It's just an exaggeration. Of course Jupiter and Mars can't have any sort of life on them!" The song concluded, and he finished the dance with a kiss on her lips. AJ clearly wasn’t expecting the kiss, she freezes the moment your lips make contact. but after a long instant, she relaxes and starts kissing back. then you notice that the dance floor has gone silent and Everypony is staring. AJ notices as well, and pulls away giggling nervously. “Heh, what’r y’all starin’ at? Ainch’a never seen two ponies kissin’ before?” "Alright, Stardust! You can do this!" mumbling to himself. He takes a deep breath, steps up to Lily's door, and knocks the door, a little shakier than he wanted to. When Lily looks out, he says "Hi... my name is, um... Stardust. Um, I'm new here, so I don't know anyone around here, and so I just knocked on a random door." and Stardust starts shaking, and weakly smiles to Lily, "Um do you have the time, can you show me around Ponyville, and maybe introduce me to a few ponies? Ill make it up to you, I promise.Um, if you don't have time that's okay, Ill just find somepony else. She looks around, then back at you. Then she points to herself, “Me? Uh… I guess… Do I know you?”
  8. Replies are out now. so head over to the main thread. Also the OFFICIAL Timetable is 'No more than a month' I try to do it more often than that, and a lot of the time I'll get 2 done in a month, but the replies aren't 'Late' until 1 month.
  9. Hey, I have a real life you know, I'd love to reply every day if i could, but that's just not possible.
  10. Replies are done on a monthly basis. if it gets to be febuary and i'ts still not done, THEN you can complain. however, you aren't wrong that he'll be waiting a while, that's just not the reason. We aren't accepting new players presently, but I will make a note of you and send you a PM when we re-open.
  11. Ohgreat, now you made him feel bad. He's the one who's actually doing about a third of the replies, including yours. *Pats Dawnpath on the back* There there, Buddy, I appreciate you at least.
  12. absolutely nothing. The thread will continue as normal. I am actually working on the next set of replies now. they should be out soon.
  13. you managed to get in just in time, so you're safe, but anyone else has to wait until i can re-write the OP.