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  1. 2 years away from 30. As of today. Bring 3-0 to me or else I will come and get it myself and destroy it before it destroys me! Banishment to the moon!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. And the Nightmare hunter has returned after having gone for many a moons. And recently returned from real world Galacon 2018.

  4. Knightgem

    Would you kiss Celestia's butt to dodge a prison sentence?

    Couldn't I just hug'em? I'd end with a kiss on both Sun butt cheeks of course. A minute kiss is a long time to have your eating hole pushed up against the rear end.
  5. Knightgem

    Would you give Celestia a belly rub?

    Royalty needs a delicate touch, my touch. However I would indeed be a bit nervous as to wether I was doing it to gentle or to hard. I'd still try though.
  6. Knightgem

    How did your oc gain their cutie mark?

    Knightgem didn't get his cutiemark til very late, it wasn't until he met Luna in one of his own dreams and saw his own friends dreams that things seemed quite different. Making his own worry about his cutiemark seem quite small to what his friends worried about. Earning his cutiemark in the dream realm, fighting along side Luna in a nightmare to young foal who they themselves worried about excatly what Knightgem had. Knightgem by choice took on a role as a dream guardian. To watch the night and the realm of dreams along side Luna, protecting that what is precious(the subconsious) and turn to be ,even if it's just a bit, turn to be a small shiney piece of hope for those that have lost it, because he had lost his and now shares that glimmer of hope because of Luna.
  7. Knightgem

    Ask Rarity!

    Most shiney...ehm beautiful of ponies. I come baring questions actually. 1) How do you keep your fur/coat so clean? 2) Do you need help around the botique. I could watch Sweetiebelle for you? 3)You are a godess with fabrics, but what other creative things can you do? And my finaly question 4) Prince Blueblood was a complete donkey towards you at the gala do you think you'll ever find your prince, it makes me so angry that such a good looking stallion doesn't have the personality to match. Unless of course "Royal pain" is your thing, but you can do so much better. Do you think you'll ever find him?
  8. Knightgem

    Make an excuse to not attend the above avatar's party

    Before bronyhood : "No, sorry, I won't be able to make it because of <reason>" After bronyhood : " So nice of you to ask, the thing is.........I don't really want to."
  9. Knightgem

    Rarity Fan Club

    This is, this is.....beautiful! Another one of those pictures that gives Rarity that charm and sophistication with a layer a pa-zazz. I would love to see a take on of the other ponies as well, but this is definitly one of my favourites!
  10. Knightgem

    Rarity Fan Club

    Oh no....oh no.... so much Rarity to look at, so much cuddely, so much shiney....sooo much stuff. I must have! But I can't because I have to save for Galacon in Germany, but I am so gonna go nuts here at some point!
  11. Knightgem

    What would you do if your favorite pony hated you?

    But I, you...WHAT did I doooo?! I'd be so conused. I need to pamper my pony. Cause she deserves the best and if I'm not the best. I've done somthing wrong! What have I done to forsaken you my precious pony Rarity!
  12. Knightgem

    General Lefties Unite!

    I do most things with my left hand, with the exception of mouse and keyboard and maybe and a few other things that require actual strength come from my right. which would lead some people to think that I kick with my left as well. I don't. My right leg is my dominent leg.
  13. Knightgem

    Rarity Fan Club

    Style, class, sophistication, strong & independent. Honestly if I saw her looking at me. I would definitly be in the state of awe and questioning as to wether I had died or not. This is is why we love Rarity is it not?
  14. Knightgem

    Rarity Fan Club

    As one who loves to eat and is fussy-ish about what one eats. I would be torn between eating and just admiring. What flavor is her hair /mane I wonder. Imagine vanilla for her coat and then maybe blueberry sprinkles with a blackcurrent mane. Mmmmm I want a Rarinut now. Nom nom nom.
  15. Knightgem

    Do you like Canon or fandom pony nicknames?

    'Sunbutt' sounds like a rude name to call someone "Listen here you sunbutt!" (See?) I am however all for both cannon and fan, depending on the pony. Derpy vs Distzy doo