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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. It's been a while since I updated this. Sorry. MLP enthusiasm has been on and off all year, still is. However. I not only met the VA of Rarity(Luna & Granny smith), but autographed a bunch a stuff too.....OMG Galacon 2019 was amazing!

  3. 2 years away from 30. As of today. Bring 3-0 to me or else I will come and get it myself and destroy it before it destroys me! Banishment to the moon!

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. And the Nightmare hunter has returned after having gone for many a moons. And recently returned from real world Galacon 2018.

  6. I am still here, if anyones missed me.

  7. Just finished the leaked goodness of season 7. OMG we've made full circle! I can't wait for Season 8! Don't tell me there won't be one, cause there will be, there has to be. I need more ponies!

    1. Kyoshi


      Good news for you! Season 8 was already confirmed a while back and there even is an animatic already on the internet for the premiere. :lol: After watching these episodes and seeing the movie, it made me so happy to think the show at least has one more season in it. Hopefully more!

  8. Couldn't I just hug'em? I'd end with a kiss on both Sun butt cheeks of course. A minute kiss is a long time to have your eating hole pushed up against the rear end.
  9. Today's the day! With yesturdays pack and panic attack of missing my all magical unicorn horn of power. I am now ready for Galacon! Set to spend money and GO GO GO GO!

  10. Not long now! Galacon here I come!

  11. Not long now!!!! Galacon Germany anyone?

  12. I want my Wahwity pillow! 2 and half weeks feel like it's draaaaaaaaaaging on forever! :(

  13. Watching the EQG movies again. They get better everytime I rewatch them. Anyone else have this too?

  14. Status update! For the summer. I will be be reworking my wardrobe, not an easy task.

  15. When you dig a hole alone, don't expect people to help you out when you push them away after offering you help