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  1. Now today feels like Spring! Really nice day outside, I might just have to consider doing something out there. :D

    1. Mirage


      Eh, it wasn't bad out here either. Still very chilly though.

  2. The first day of Spring.. Doesn’t feel a whole lot different than Winter right now. ^_^

  3. Wow, it’s been a long day.. Been up since eight this morning, and it’s fifty minutes till midnight. I think I might be ready to hit the hay soon.

  4. Well, just learned I’ll be going with my dad to work tomorrow, and I’ll be eating at Jimmy Johns. This ought to be interesting, heh. Although I’m not sure doing all these restaurants lately is good for my health.. XD

    1. Mirage


      JJ is great!

  5. Wow, early morning start. Good morning everypony. *Yawn*

    1. Johnny1226


      Good morning Luna 

    2. Mirage


      Good morning!

  6. Gonna go see Black Panther in theaters tomorrow and go eat at Red Robin! That’s sure to be awesome! Can’t wait! :D

    1. Mohawk Blaze

      Mohawk Blaze

      Sounds fun! :o

      I'm not particularly interested in seeing that movie, but Red Robin is very delicious! Do you take advantage of the endless fries? I do sometimes.

    2. NightmareLuna800


      @Mohawk Blaze Well, this’ll be my first time going to Red Robin. But I’m sure I will take advantage of endless fries. XD

  7. Introducing my newest OC! Eclipse Eventide! Made her myself! Pretty excited to use her in future RP’s!

    (Art by: @Pripyat Pony Thank you!)


    1. Mirage


      Cute! :D


    2. Chrylestia600


      You did indeed design her look yourself, but I do recall helping you out with the concept for her Cutie Mark. ;)

  8. Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    No problem at all! I love it! Thanks so much! She looks just how I imagined!
  9. Finally backed up my new IPad! And it’s as great as ever! My app performance is majorly improved, as well as browser! I am so glad this has finally happened! :D

  10. Got my new IPad and it's great in all.. But the Wi-Fi connection is terrible! My backup downloads are taking what seems like, forever.. Ugh. Well, in the meantime, I guess I do get to go out to town, and eat at a restaurant.. So.. I guess I have some things to waste time with.

    1. Mirage


      Poor signal strength maybe?

    2. NightmareLuna800


      Most likely.. Knowing the way the signal is around here.

  11. Request Shop ~* Free Pixel Ponies! *~ {Open!}

    @Pripyat Pony Okay, that's perfectly fine! Here's the info right here! (Her Cutie Mark is the Yin Yang Symbol)
  12. Just adopted my first OC ever. And I like her a lot. Design, character, and all. :P

    (And just to make the previously stated not confusing, I mean this is my first time ever adopting an OC. XD)

    (Name: Sunflare)


  13. Request Shop Free OC Adoptions

    Alright, that's okie doke! But hey, I am wondering, can I go ask the user I know if they are interested in her? And if so, can they come pick her up?
  14. Request Shop Free OC Adoptions

    Could I take her too? She sounds like a nice OC as well, and her design I also like. There's someone I know that I might be able to give her to, that I'm sure will like her.
  15. Request Shop Free OC Adoptions

    Cool, thx! I'm sure I'll love having her! One more question, what's number ten like?