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  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. A terrible tragedy has befallen Kyoto Animation. Help donate to those who have been affected by this attack. Help KyoAni get back on there feet.

    #Help KyoAni Heal

  4. Hey pal, it’s been a pretty long time. How have things been? :)

    1. Mirage


      Hey! It's good to see you again! I've been working hard of course. How are you?

    2. NightmareLuna800


      I’ve been fine, seen better days for sure, but it’s been nice in some ways.

    3. Mirage


      Well that's good to hear. Still, I hope things get better for you. Just don't forget about us okay? ^_^

  5. Wow.. It’s been a long time since I was last here. Sad to see the show is coming to a close at Season 9. But, on another note, have I missed anything big while I was away? 

    1. Mirage


      Here? Nah, not really. ;)

    2. NightmareLuna800


      Haha, well good, that’s nice to know. :P

    3. GlimGlam


      Glad to have you back bro.

  6. I really like how all of the reactions are now-31E1F63F-97C2-4519-B013-D118EF3E93C7.thumb.png.d7ee44851d6535501e78f20d27f557dd.png

    (Cause Derpy always deserves some love, and I know I love Derpy! :derp:)

  7. Wow, didn’t expect to wake up to snow today! It isn’t covering the ground at all because of the rain we had prior, but it is still snowing nonetheless! :D

  8. Well, after watching “Aquaman”, (which was just as awesome as I’d been hearing it was), I decided to buy three of the Funko blind boxes from the movie! When they arrive and I open them up, I will post a picture of the three I got!

  9. Going to go see “Aquaman” tonight! I’ve been hearing it’s a pretty good movie. Yeah, I know I’m late to the party, but I’m seeing it today, so that’s all that matters! :P


    1. Scar


      It is amazing, I tell you that.

  10. Hiya! Thought I’d drop by and say hello cause I saw you visited my profile six hours ago, haha. How’d that happen? Have we met before?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NightmareLuna800


      Ahh, well I guess this is an introduction then, haha. How have you been today?

    3. Goofyg24


      I have been doing ok.

    4. NightmareLuna800


      Ahh, alrighty! Well, nice to hear your doing okay. Guess I’ll see you around the Forum!

  11. Just in case no one knows, but being sick isn’t fun. Take it from me, cause I’m sick. So I’ve got a pretty good idea of how it is. XD

  12. If it can’t last ten seasons, then it can’t. (Which is a shame..). But I can definitely say, I really hate ending at number ‘nine’.. Guess it’s just me and my perfectionist self. XD
  13. Anyone got any advice on what to do when you start obsessing over a crush? Cause I think I’ve got myself into a heart-wreck right now.. Hehe..

    (I swear I can’t stop looking at her for even two seconds right now..)

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Sparklefan1234


      @NightmareLuna800 You are welcome, My Friend! :)

    3. Scar



      Copy and paste my name, I put there into the 'add a friend' and send a friend request.

    4. NightmareLuna800


      @Califorum, Okay.. Well you should get a friend request now.

  14. Hiya again! Thx for the follow! :P