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    I love to write, it's really the only thing i am good at. My cutie mark is a pixelated cat because I am so nerdy. I am part of a TON of fandoms. (warriors, miss peregrines, divergent, hunger games, mlp:fim, RWBY, Harry Potter etc.)

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  1. and YES i understand what princess molestia means... just cuz i'm twelve doesn't meant i'm clueless

  2. ok that is even m\MORE awkward, Omg facepalm
  3. welp, FiW is worth the time. it gives a HILARIOUS new alternate ego to pinkie pie. as a gypsy. but it also has a sad twist. I hope you like it! tell me about how it when your done! 1. your fav episode of FiW 2. your favorite alter ego of the mane six 3 your favorite song of FiW 4. Your favorite Gypsy Pie moment ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ answer after watching! Again, I hope you guys like it
  4. 1. You are correct on that, it does mean that. 2.??? my favorite was the mission impossible reference in "applejack's day off" in s6 3. Mine was pinkie pie's song about the galla in S1 4. I hope you like it oh and my favorite pinkie break was in magic duel
  5. PREACH SISTER! PREACH THE WORDS! ok that was awkward... apologies,
  6. Hello hello hello! Nice to meet you! It is good to see new.... um ... avatars every once and a while. but seriously, welcome to the herd! and now you have lots and lots of friends!
  7. one time she woke me up at 2:30 screaming at me about a stupid pillow... i was shaking when the police got to my house.
  8. i have sister problems too... except my rarity throughs fits worthy of afv and a life time of psychological therapy for me... *does a sarcastic fluttershy yay* well... that's my sucky life.
  9. what is your favorite pinkie break? what is your favorite mlp cultural reference? what is you LEAST favorite cringe girly moment in the show? and do you like gypsy pie from FiW? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the question above is for all staffers
  10. are you an optimist or a pessimist? you are confusing sometimes...
  11. i don't like politics, because whenever i say my opinion... somone just yells at me. sounds familiar? i guess Bronies have to deal with this crap every day
  12. i don't want those mega cringe moments.... and i want more pinkie pie breaking the 4th wall