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  1. Well I found out my landlord is kinda shady... X'(

  2. Holy hell I hate medical staff

  3. :(
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    2. AmarisNsane


      Ah. If you give me a moment to finish up some stuff, I'll shoot you a PM. I'm not the most interesting to chat with to be honest but I'd be up for some conversing if you are. ♥

    3. Icelandic Gopnitsa
    4. Snow


      Read the second last piece of writing on my profile :P

  4. Yea but they probably would not want me to...
  5. eh

    1. Ecto Storm
    2. Icelandic Gopnitsa

      Icelandic Gopnitsa

      I cooked myself in a fire and no one came to get me so I got burnt. :'c

    3. Ecto Storm
  6. Ok im ready to be taken out of the oven.

  7. *Crawls into a hotpocket and then crawls into a fire.* Yo in 5 minutes Im gunna be done so you gotta get me in 5 minutes.

  8. Its the chemical that causes people to be rad as fuk
  9. Me going to bed one night and never waking up again.
  10. Icelandic Gopnitsa

    Ask Lady Kiriness

    Hey I just wanna say sorry...
  11. Icelandic Gopnitsa

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Isolated... So the usual really.
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