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  1. are you a cat person or a dog person? rose chan might be half cat but she really likes puppies!
  2. hi rose chan here and with this rose chan is going to tell about her crazy life a a meif'wa (cat girl that was born to bring happiness) she might role play this in her youtube channel but for now she is not and with that lets get started! it was a dark and stormy litterally it was a downpour! and meif'was well some of them just dont like water...however rose chan does and she went out side to play in the puddles when a big ball of water went over her head and splashed on her! it was gina and her spirit Neptune! gina is a witch so she really is good at magic there fore mastered her elemental spirit fast.rose chan...well she was harboring the spirit of the moon an all element spirit that was not as powerful as the sun spirit (they had the same elements) but she could sometimes see the future and could dream hop rose chans favorite element to use is water so that makes sense in why she would get into a water ball match with gina! water balls went flying left and right until the rain stopped and gina had no more water to use. ginas weakness in having n watter but rose chan can make water out of air. the two of us went inside rose chans house and made some tea. we talked about how the sandcastle building contest is next week and we could not wait fort it. well that is it for to day! drop by next time for a better entry because rose chan is only gonna get better!
  3. yes rose chan speaks in the third person. and your getting slooser to doing what this was really for you were spopsssed to tell your wost fear or tell a story of when something scared you but you were the clossest sofar because you said you were scared of thunder staorms. @@Justin_Case001,
  4. rose chan


    thank you! rose chan is happy to be here!
  5. you guys are missing the pint the tyle was a reference to a show that 6 kids cirlced a camp fire and told spooky storys. rose chan made that reference because you were soposed to say something that scared you or tel; a story of when you got really scared
  6. rose chan


    ...thanks....rose chan is greatfull for the welcome
  7. Meow. You have an adorable avatar. ^.^

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      Anyways, how exactly do I begin? Where in the RP's setting to start?

    3. rose chan

      rose chan

      your in a house and you just do things like go out side strick up a conversation and go to the park it is pretty much life lol


    4. DwhitetheGamer


      Thanks. I'm making my post now.

  8. if you are half animal or if you are a extremely nice girl that is half cat you are in the right place rose chan is here to say she is gathering a neko and meif'wa force because nekos and meif'was are almost extinct and we need to give strength in numbers so this topic is for us : nekos, us meif'was and anyone who loves either of these two. this is just a get to meet others chat ok but one day we will rise and become even greater! so says rose chan.
  9. rose chan want to find others of her kind so if there is any meif'wa (cat girl born to make people happy) or nekos (half human half animal) out there ples comment meow

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    2. rose chan

      rose chan

      its ok rose chan did not expect this to be a hit but it was worth a try! :)

    3. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      hehe, I like how you talk in third person XD

    4. rose chan

      rose chan

      thank you breeze sama!


  10. apple jack senpi rose chan has a serious do you help some one who has no will to try to help them self....rose chan is a meif'wa and that means ((aside from being half cat) she was born to make people happy but there is this one friend that thinks that life is just too hard so give makes rose chan sad and she tried encouraging words but it did not help...
  11. rose chan


    thank you fire twi sama and renzia san you both are realy kind rose chan knows fire twi from dj-pony-666 (she is older sister aka onee sama)
  12. when rose chan was little she would watch that chow and now that she is here sh has a idea to use this as opportunity to tell stories that frighten us as of now or as kittens so rose chan will start then next person goes and so the cycle will start! rose chan is deadly afraid of thunder storms and last night the first thunder boom sounded like 15 cannons just went off literally! it made rose chan wet her self and also made the dog go ballistic!
  13. hi rose chan is new and wants to say hello worlsd!

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    3. rose chan

      rose chan

      hi happy people! rose chan is happy to meat you!


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    thank you moonstatue sama! rose chan likes your advice!