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  1. Merry Christmas everypony!

    1. applesjck


      Merry Christmas!!


    Going live with Cuphead! 



    Going live with Cuphead! 


  4. Live with Legends of Equestria! https://www.twitch.tv/featherdata
    1. Misscellanio



      Also this game has come a long way from when I played it like the first 2 weeks it was out.

  5. Going Live with Yooka-Laylee! 


  6. Live now on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/featherdata

    Just hit Path to Partnership! Please support me further!

  7. Going live with some Banjo-Kazooie! 


  8. I am currently a Twitch Affiliate who has a Pony themed channel and Pony emotes.

    I am on a mission to become a Twitch Partner!

    Why am I running for Partnership? Because so far, no Bronies have ever made it to become a Twitch Partner! I am aiming to be the first one on there!

    I also grew up playing Retro arcade games as a kid. My first video game I played was Pac Man on a TV Plug N Play. My first actual console I ever owned was an original Xbox, and the first game I ever played on that system was Jet Set Radio Future!

    What I stream: I tend to stream a variety of games throughout the week, and every Sunday at 3pm ET, I do a JSRF Randomizer race with 2 other JSRF streamers.

    When do I stream? I stream whenever I can, but here are guaranteed times I will be streaming:

    Sunday: 3pm ET - whenever it ends
    Monday: No guaranteed streaming times
    Tuesday: 5pm-11pm ET
    Wednesday: No guaranteed streaming times
    Thursday: 5pm-11pm ET
    Friday: 5pm-11pm ET
    Saturday: No guaranteed streaming times

    (Note: These are the streaming times for now, and I may end up filling time for Mon, Wed, and Sat, at some point.)

    How can you help me reach partnership? You can help out by:

    Lurking in chat,
    Following on Twitch,
    Fan art.

    Feel free to stop by and please help me reach Partnership!

    The top 10 people who help me get Partnership will become permanent VIPs on my channel for life!

    Link below is the link to my Twitch Channel!