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  1. Feather Data

    General Sleeping Naked

    Do any of you guys sleep in the buff?
  2. Feather Data

    General Casual Nudity

    What do you guys think about casual nudity?
  3. Merry Christmas, everypony!

  4. Feather Data

    Do you hate Christmas?

    I actually feel sad once Christmas is over
  5. Do you tune in to CBS every day to watch The Price is Right?
  6. Maybe I can host a bigger birthday celebration this weekend on here, as I was a bit busy on Halloween.

    I usually do not do this, but I will make an exception this one time.



  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

    And Happy Nightmare Night! 

  8. Feather Data

    General What toilet paper brand do you use?

    Free rolls...? Please do not tell me you steal rolls from public restrooms...
  9. Hello, how are you?

    1. Dreambiscuit


      Doin' fine! Happy (belated) Smile Day! :)

    2. Feather Data
  10. Feather Data

    Being naked

    I agree, being naked at home is very comfortable. Although it can be annoying if your parents don't want to see you naked
  11. Feather Data

    Being naked

    I actually enjoy being naked too, it feels nice and relaxing
  12. Feather Data

    Health Do you have Diabetes?

    Do you still have prediabetes?