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  1. Summer's gone by fast... huh?

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5tBuPTn3Mk Very underrated AC/DC song and this album is just plain amazing.
  3. Relaxing and taking a hot bath... :3 still am
  4. I've thought of dying my hair green but that's only remained as a thought for a long while. You know they say you can dye your hair with Kool Aid wonder how well that would actually work you know?
  5. Fritos BBQ flavored twists they are so darn good!!!
  6. Beautiful sketch I love the background you made for it too. Awesome work :3
  7. Sleepy and just wondering about a lot you know that late night wondering. Hmm So close... only yet so far
  8. Thank you my good sir! I agree too many bad experiences shopping at wal-mart... Although where I live I usually go to Harris Teeter or Food Lion.
  9. Love your OC art there Jak & Dax or Ratchet n' Clank both great series anyways hope to see you around on here toodle loo and thanks for the welcome.
  10. Daxinator

    Hey dere.

    Holy moley o_O you are talented buddy! That is seriously some awesome work you got there! Hope to see ya around here
  11. Heya there Raven Wing! I agree turtles are awesome especially sea turtles. Such chill creatures hope to see ya around.
  12. No I haven't however that's are really nice avatar drawing.