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  1. It seemed like a lot of destruction happened it wouldn't be surprising if some of them stayed in Seaquestia after they had the whole city underwater.
  2. Yeah but the movie looks like its going to be referenced in season 8
  3. They had to reanimate everything from scratch with a new animation tool the story was written before she was even a character. But I'm glade she only had a cameo she's been getting a lot of the spotlight in two parts recently so it was refreshing to see the mane 6 + Spike save the day again. @Red Cedar Good adding Sunset to FiM would be a really bad idea since her and Twilgiht are the same character Sunset's role is the teacher ti the humane 6 she's the leader the one with the plan..just like Twilight in FiM bringing her in would mean one of them would have to be OOC all the time or removed completely.
  4. Rosetta Spring

    Rosetta Spring
  5. Dose anything think the movie will bring in new fans to the show? I hope it dose I would like the comunty to grow some...

  6. Is the fanbase smaller?

    Yes a lot of people jumped ship after Twicorn then more jumped out after EQG.
  7. Pony Rom Hacks?

    Its not SNES or GBA but heres one form a while back.
  8. Rarity's Peek Behind the Boutique

    I love these a lot, we don't get much stuff like this anymore. it reminds me of 2011-2012 when we would get promos like his a lot.
  9. Josh Harber leaving was the best thing that could happen.

  10. Does anyone else think Season 6 has been a dud so far?

    Yeah but IMO I think the show has been on a decline since making Twilight a princess. Yes they can sell toys with it but it seems the writers had no idea what to do with her, look at season 4 with how little Twilight episodes there are. I liked 5 but that's properly becuase Larson was at the helm and he already said he is not working on season 7. With all the old writers gone it seems the new ones are going to recycle epiosode ideas and lessons. If the deride contuines after the movie I hope Meghan comes back as head writer becuase Josh Harber has to go.
  11. I feel like the only person that likes Starlight.

    1. PoisonClaw


      I like Starlight too...

    2. Chrylestia600


      I KNOW, RIGHT? (I love her. In fact, I have a crush on her.)

    3. Star Mist

      Star Mist

      I like her too. I understand her flaws but true should friendship overcomes that barrier. That's the reason of FiM.

  12. Fighting game with OCs

    I like this idea a lot if you need another OC mine is fine to use and I don't know if I can help with the game at all I haven't really done any programing in years (I think the last time I did it was 2010) that really was only doing Web mastering.
  13. Quick question if you don't watch the show anymore are you still consited a brony?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rosetta Spring

      Rosetta Spring

      Well I don't make anything but I do have a few pony pages on FB and I do go to cons.

    3. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      Well I would sort of call you a brony; sort of. Do you want to be more active?

    4. Rosetta Spring

      Rosetta Spring

      Yes but I don't really know what I can do.


  14. I like Starlight a lot more than Sunset if Sunset is going to come into the pony world it shouild retcon EQG I really like her back story and I think it was wasted in EQG I think they could have Sunset as an interesting villain instead of Twilight 2.0 but that's not going to happen EQG and FiM are now different things and it should stay that way.
  15. I mean the shows been going on for almost 6 years and a lot of people that have stopped following the show as of late. Even I kind of stopped watching it. So my question is do you think Hasbro waited to long to release a proper mlp movie?