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About Me

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Rainbow Dash


How I found MLP Forums

Well, to be honest, I kinda just looked up MLP Forums and came across this place.


How I became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'll admit, once before I became one I used to think the brony community was kinda weird. I decided to watch the first 2 episodes to see what it was about and actually thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as other shows I watch, when I was expecting it to be mediocre, I was pleasantly surprised, two episodes, turned into ten, ten episodes turned into the whole first season, and that's when I knew I was a fan!


Hi Everypony.

My name's Adam, and I've been a fan of the series for a decent amount of time, though there's something you should know. Ya see, peer pressure sort of made me leave the fanbase a while back, as I was afraid of people laughing at me for liking MLP. Eventually, someone did find out and wanting to save face, I reluctantly left. Now I've decided to come back in the hopes my friends forgot about the whole fiasco and get back to enjoying what I want to. Things have probably changed a lot, since I've not watched any new episodes since the Season 4 premiere. I don't have an OC or anything like that, but I hope to make one in the future. As for why I'm here? Well, I've never tried a forum for a franchise before and I figured I'd give it a shot, as the start of my return to the fanbase. I'm hoping to meet cool new people here, and just talk about the show in general with them. I also love roleplay, so when I heard this place had it I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks for reading up, I'm glad to be here!

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