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  1. 2 hours ago, Lambdadelta said:

    Even the wildest grimdark cannot sastisfy me than seeing ponies being abuse on the SHOW :ph34r: It like dreams become reality... What the hell am i talking about...?:muffins:

    Well, I was only sarcastically poking fun, in reality I don't have any problem if you like that kind of thing. Besides, sometimes pony abuse in the show can be funny if the character in question actually deserves it.

  2. In my view, I don't mind if there's slapstick or not on a basic level as long as the show is good. I have to say, though I'm not against slapstick in general, the lessening of it has allowed the show to grow and evolve, it can tell better and more serious stories carefully, and the humour needs more consideration and thought to work, at least half the time in the good episodes anyway. Like I said, It's not that I hate slapstick, It's just I think It's a kind of basic and bland way to put humour in, however funny it may be and there are more creative and interesting ways to write than that, I'm glad the show is exploring those ways and experimenting with different comedy compared to the old approach.


    Also who really wants to see pony abuse that badly huh? That's what places like DeviantArt and Tumblr are for ;)

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  3. 42 minutes ago, Techno Universal said:

    Well I would credit them if I could remember who made them that is. They are actually from a massive bank of images that I saved from Google images because I liked them. So thease images have been sitting in a folder on my computer for a few months now and I simply can't remember the original creators of them. I'll probably add that in the starting post here! 

    Good on you. I did have a good pic that might be useful for this but for the love of god I can't find it XD

  4. 25 minutes ago, Techno Universal said:

    Or you could just browse through dress pony images on the internet and re-post them here like what I'm doing! :)

    Fair point. I think I've seen them on DA various times but It's hard to track them down. I may do that... Also piece of advice, you should credit the original artists when you post other people's stuff on here, It's just so it doesn't look like you've tried to steal art and claim it as your own, people might get the wrong idea.

  5. I don't really have any pictures to show, I'm a terrible artist, but these are really well done. Sorry, just thought I'd post something since it seems kind of dead in this club, plus I do find it kind of interesting despite being a guy... Don't ask...

  6. So I wasn't quite sure where to put this. It's not really related to ponies per se but it does it relate to this forum which is related to ponies so It's kind of a paradox, regardless the mods will move it if It's in the wrong place so that's all well and good. But I wanted to give an apology to anyone who reads this who I've been in contact with here. Here's the thing: I've been using MLPForums for a long time, and throughout that time, looking back, I've said some really bad things to people. I don't intend to come off as a jerk, that's the last image I want to give, but sometimes I make decisions and say things to people which give that image, and I wanted to say I'm sorry, It's totally my fault and I should better think through what I'm saying before I say it. If you're wondering what I'm specifically talking about, It's those moments where I get a little angry with people, or where I've been snarky or not respecting of other people's opinions, or a combination of the three, or anything else I've done, like lashing out at others, complaining about stupid minuscule problems or asking for help on things that have no place in a MLP forum. I don't want to drag this out too long and bore you though, I've reflected on these things and promise to resolve in the future, and I hope those of you who I've said these things to can forgive me, but if you can't or won't I can accept that. Sayonara.


    P.S - This won't mean anything to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, kinda awkward I guess. Ooh, also I thought this would be easier than trying to track my posts and PM people individually, so that's why this is public, here's hoping the people It's meant for see this.

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  7. 8 hours ago, VG_Addict said:

    How'd you get Platinum on Toad Village? 

    I just kept slide-jumping and avoiding the enemies. 

    I don't find slide jumping to be that effective, I beat the game first before going for them so I have the Crash Dash which is really useful for levels like that. I don't really think I had any special strategy for Toad Village except run, don't get hit, break any box you have and don't stall. I made the Platinum in a bare fraction of a second.


    EDIT: Oh, also, if you go a little in front of the clock without hitting it and just use the fruit bazooka on it, you'll have already covered some ground so it saves you some time, for toad village I believe the best spot to shoot is from near the first puddle.

  8. I've been playing Crash N Sane Trilogy since it came out, and It's fun. Like, REALLY fun. As frustrating as it can be for me sometimes It's an amazing remaster of an already amazing set of games, and I'm not saying that out of nostalgia, hell, I've only dabbled with the originals in the past and wasn't even around when they came out. But with being inexperienced means I'm certainly no professional. I played through Crash Warped first (It's my favourite, I know It's out of order but meh) and before I head on to two I wanna get the rest of the gems and clean up those Platinum Relics but god damn they are so hard... I barely managed to platinum the first level by the skin of my teeth and now I'm already stuck again because the underwater levels have a vengeance against me. Anyone got some good Crash Warped Relic tips? Would be much appreciated, thanks. Let's see how many Crash fans are around in these forums I wonder...

  9. Just now, Celli said:

    Have we seen the same game? I've sunk hours into Witcher 3 and the visuals are very colorful and vibrant, I'm not sure where you're getting this brown and murky color from.

    You really need to look deep into it more, at first glance it might seem generic but it's not. I'd highly recommend watching some extensive gameplay.

    Perhaps I will, I should probably give it a closer look before trying to say what I think of It's art.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Twilight Dirac said:

    Its not just you Omega.  Bethesda games have always been like this.  Vast open worlds with little direction or focus.  People play them for the shear size and scale of the games, but the design of the games themselves isn't very tight and the environments definitely get repetitive and samey after a while.  And these games get constantly interrupted by crappy minigames like lockpicking and hacking as well as the constant inventory management (which the various crafting systems tend to contribute to).  They're passable exploration games and the combat in the Fallout versions can be a lot of fun, but they do tend to wear on you after a while.  Of these types of games, I have only ever managed to complete Fallout 3 (no expansions), the others I always got board with after a while.    

    I can't comment on the lockpicking stuff or the minigames, but I think the crafting system thing might as well be the worst part of it, I haven't been able to craft anything, but from the pure amount of items you have to run around picking up just within the first hour and the cluttered menus I mentioned before, I think that might be the main issue here.

    1 minute ago, Celli said:

    Can I ask why you don't like the art style? 

    Also, Witcher does a fantastic job with immersing you with it's characters and gameplay, and sidequests. There's just so much to do.

    I'm not sure really, It's hard to explain or put it into words. Now take what I'm saying with a LOT of salt because apart from the box art and some gameplay videos/trailers and whatnot I've barely seen that much of Witcher 3, but from what I have seen, it just doesn't have anything that sticks out to me, while I've complained about Bethesda in this post, I wouldn't have bought there games if there wasn't something that attracted me to them, Fallout has the idea of exploring a post apocalypse nuclear wasteland, and Skyrim has all the dragons and dudes with really cool armour, but what does Witcher 3 have? It's not just that either, I feel like the color palette from what I've seen is really bland, I've only seen a lot of browns and murky colors that make it look kind of boring and uninteresting, a game can have the most advanced graphics in the world but if the art style doesn't look appealing in the first place how am I supposed to get invested in the world I'm gonna be exploring for the next 8-10 hours?

  11. 7 hours ago, Redeye said:

    I'd like to point out that this is nearly 100% false. While not detailed, the tutorial sections provide a heavy chunk of the mechanics that you need to be able to fight. On being thrown into the open world, the games LITERALLY give you a quest menu that tells you where you can go to continue the main quest, and even provides you with Quest Markers that pinpoint exactly where your next objective is. The games, I believe, also have Help Menus that you can read through if you're ever confused.

    Back on topic, while I do love the Elder Scrolls series, and am really hoping that ES6 comes out within the next few years, Fallout is boring. Something about it doesn't give me the same feel as Elder Scrolls does. I had more fun exploring Skyrim than I did Massachusetts. I'd much rather get ahold of Skyrim VR than Fallout 4 VR.

    Well, It's been a while since I've played, so maybe I didn't remember it right I guess, I dunno. I just remember feeling lost and not having a clue what to do, because of issues I mentioned in the original post. And giving me a quest menu is fine, but I haven't seen many waypoint markers as I've been playing, or at least don't remember seeing them, nor have I seen any help menus. I'm not saying you don't have a valid point however, I'm just saying it feels like you're trying to make what I'm saying seem completely invalid.

    Oh, and yeah, I don't think ES6 is happening yet, most games have a 2 year production span or around that time, and Bethesda usually don't seem to make sequels quickly one after another. I believe there were around 7-8 years between Fallout 3 and 4, so if we go by the same logic and you cross your fingers it should be out by 2018 or 2019, though I'd bet more on 2019 since we didn't see it at E3 this year. Just a prediction though.

    6 hours ago, Celli said:

    Yes, they are overrated games that I have never understood the appeal of. I played Skyrim for an hour and it got boring fast. Fallout is okay but still overrated. Todd  Howard is a sham who overhypes his games and they run like shit, and Skyrim is basically as big as an ocean but as deep as a kiddie pool. If you want a good open world action RPG, Witcher 3 trumps Skyrim in every way.

    Well, It's like I said, I'm interested in the world and characters but when you can't really get the hang of the game after the tutorial you won't see any of the cooler stuff, or in my experience with Skyrim, I'll just get bored and stop playing. I wouldn't really touch any Witcher games since the art style Isn't my thing, but I'm sure there's better stuff out there.

    5 hours ago, GeekySonic said:

    Not really? I played a lot of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. I never had much difficulty adapting to them, they just kinda clicked (though it probably helped that I often watched my dad play Fallout 3 when it first came out). Skyrim? I dunno why, but I couldn't get into that game at all. It was kinda boring.

    I guess you're just really good at it then, more power to you.

  12. Yeah, It's another help forum. Surprise surprise. I must REALLY be annoying the always online users at this point. But yeah, this post was sparked by when I was installing all my games onto my Xbox One (which I can now do much easier thanks to the S's 2TB hard drive, that's my motivation) and eventually reached Fallout 4. I remember getting the game soon after release, trailers and such were honestly really interesting and dragged me into the hype. It was my first Bethesda game, and when I eventually sat and played it, I really struggled to get into the swing of the gameplay. I just can't seem to get used to Bethesda's trademark gameplay style. Since Fallout 4 I've played more of their games and have the same problem every time. Fallout 3 and Skyrim, along with Fallout 4 are all games I have the same issue with: Little to no guidance. It feels like throwing a baby into bathwater the minute after they come out of the womb, that's the best way to describe it. After a very short intro sequence which only quickly glosses over the basics, you're thrust into the fray of the open world with no sense of direction or help. These are key to video games, you need to ease the player into the game and let them get accustomed to It's mechanics before just dropping them into the world and saying "go nuts". On top of that there's always so many cluttered menus, gameplay features and such everywhere that it feels like you can't keep track of anything and will end up spending HOURS cycling through everything constantly inbetween the action. With an open world that's so vast and mazelike to explore, it doesn't teach you half of what you need to know. And the games being sequels isn't an excuse, plenty of sequels get franchise newcomers, and even Fallout 3, the first game in the franchise to use the formula it has today, does a poor job of explaining the mechanics. Every game of theirs I own hasn't got much playtime from me. It pains me because I WANT to love these games, I'm interested in the lore of the worlds Bethesda make and the characters, I wanna explore it and find out more, and the game itself too, I wanna fight dragons, I wanna run around in a badass power suit, but I can't summon the will to get to those parts when I can barely get myself started, and that's not including having to scavenge and search for every item in a room before moving on to stand a chance. Any thoughts?

  13. 9 hours ago, BlueBrony said:

    well I mean they talk about how many people have a different personality online than they do in "real life". Its been a while since I have watched the show, but I remember the "player killers". Under normal circumstances, killing other players intentionally is not that big a deal ( its just kind of a dickish move). but in SAO, killing players is literally murder, adding much more weight to the act. The reason that they continue to do this is because they still feel that SAO is just a game, not real life. THis brings up some questions: is it okay to do something devious in one reality if it has no apparent consequence in another reality? can someone who is considered a good person in one reality do something bad in another reality and still consider himself a good person because the reality where he did something bad is "not real"?

    On a less morbid thought line, is love, marriage, and family something that transcends the reality in which it originates? In SAO, kirito and asuana learn to love each other deeply as they are stuck in that reality, but when they "escape", that love is questioned and challenged in the world outside the game. if SAO and "real life" are no longer directly intertwined, should kirito be insistent on his relationship with asuana, or is it starting from square one? is kirito still yui's "father"?


    So yeah that's kinda what I was thinking about a lot as I watched SAO :maud:

    That's actually a very interesting topic, I totally get what you mean, It's just I didn't get the way you phrased it. I always like that idea of how the things you do in video games effect/don't affect the status quo in the real world. Asuna and Kirito married in SAO, how would they prove that love in the real world since everything they did revolved around SAO for 2 years. And I totally get what you mean on the no consequences thing. I play video games where you have to kill a lot of people but in real life I'm not a violent person, yet I still get joy out of doing it in a game, because, well It's just a game, it helps me vent out my frustrations instead of doing so in real life if anything.

  14. This is the first one I've done of these, so sorry if it doesn't turn out so well, but I had a fun concept for a forum game and thought it might be fun to try it out.

    The way the game works is I'll start by commenting a MLP FIM episode name. You have to reply to the person above you and say "Good" or "Bad", and under your answer, name another episode for the next person to try. Here goes nothing:

    Putting Your Hoof Down


  15. 10 minutes ago, Tiny Hoofs said:

    I think Disney buying Hasbro would be pretty cool. That way we could get an awesome soft reboot called Pony Wars: The Friendship Awakens. :pinkie:

    But really, I doubt they would reboot FiM specifically. They would probably continue it as it is for a while (just like Star Wars: The Clone Wars after Disney bought Lucasfilm) and then create My Little Pony G5 after G4 is retired. I would watch it if was of similar quality to FiM. Maybe they would give it an art style more akin to classical Disney movies.

    What's that

    That could actually be pretty cool. :)


    9 minutes ago, Hebbocake said:

    I hope not tbh, pretty ugly style. The lovely style of G4 kept me watching.


    2 minutes ago, Tiny Hoofs said:

    Well, maybe not that specific artist's style. Although I don't think it's too bad to be honest.

    I probably should have just posted something out of a classic Disney movie. Like Hercules or something.


    Basically slightly more realistic with a classical "hand-drawn" quality. Or maybe they could go more towards the G1/G2 art style.

    I do like G4's art style, though. What they've accomplished in flash is  incredible.

    To be honest I'm with Hebbocake, I don't really like that art style. The second picture however looks great, and I could see them going that route I guess. And god no, let's not remind ourselves of Pre G4 art styles... I'm getting flashbacks just thinking about it.

  16. 3 hours ago, BlueBrony said:

    *inserts two cents*

    I have enjoyed SAO very much. I was especially fascinated with the moral quandaries of the separation (or lack thereof) between online and offline behavior and personality, and the action was great. Anything that is immensely popular is bound to draw controversy, so I don't really feel bad for why I like it, and neither should you!

    Oh? I never thought of it like that. Mind on elaborating what you mean by "moral quandaries of the separation between online and offline behaviour and personality"?

  17. 40 minutes ago, Blood Moon said:

    I personally don't like it for many of the same reasons already mentioned above me. I personally could only get through half of the first season before dropping it for something else. The characters just seem too flat and bland and the main character is way too overpowered for me to relate to them. Also the fact that the game its self is pretty poorly put together, the gamer side of me...which is my largest side...also gets kicked out of the moment whenever something obviously wrong with the game design its self is brought about.

    However, to anyone who likes the anime, that's great! We all have our own tastes, and I'm glad you found something that you like. :grin:

    I would say a little more about the characters, game desing and Kirito's OP thing but I'd just be repeating myself, and I'd prefer not to do that too much now.

    3 minutes ago, K.Rool Addict said:

    Shitty animu with bad characters, bad writing, mediocre animation, and generic music. I rate 2.5/10 D:

    Wow... Uh... Sorry, I pretty much I disagree with everything you said here. Except that maybe the writing Isn't exactly amazaaahhh, but It's not terrible. Again, i would elaborate, but I've said it all before at this point, and since this was quite a short reply, I think it needs a short answer. Really sorry that we can't agree on much, I've noticed that as we talked in other threads :(

  18. 6 minutes ago, Nitumby said:

    Translation for normal people--

    Literally nothing can kill Kirito the apathetic.


    And that's half of what makes the show xD

    True, that does make up a fair amount of the show, Kirito being a badass and occasionally turning into a Mary Sue. Main character immunity folks.

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  19. 17 minutes ago, Yamet said:

    I'm not saying that the characters are identical, but they are kind of one-dimensional. Maybe that improves in season 2, I don't really know. I only watched the first half of that season. 

    I fail to see how being kind does anything to balance out the fact that he is insanely powerful, but whatever. And while it's true that he's emotionally vulnerable, it still doesn't really justify how powerful he is since he's able to win most fights without a problem. Heck, sometimes it seems like the rules of whatever game he's playing doesn't really apply to him *cough*Gun Gale Online*cough*. 

    Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear what I meant. What I was going for is that most people who are that powerful are brutish bragging assholes, but Kirito's not like that, he's more relatable and likeable because of that, he's humble. As for the fight scenes, yeah, GGO had some really stupid moments when it came to Kirito's battles, though the fact he's such a good fighter really proves his dedication to beating the game, it might be because he cares more, or if we were to just go with a simpler reason, he's good at video games.

    14 minutes ago, GunPLa_FIniSH_4 said:

    At first, it was okay as I started to watch the episodes. But as time goes on, it seems to be getting uninteresting for me, so I stopped watching the show. Therefore, I just watch random clips of Kirito being OP and stuff. :wacko:

    Fair enough, I get that. Sometimes only certain aspects of a show appeal to people, I feel the same way about Attack On Titan, never really cared for the olden style theme they had going.

    13 minutes ago, Denim&Venom said:

    One of those unanswered things being the main villains motivations for doing anything and everything in the story. We don't even know why the events in the story, the central conflict, ever got rolling. 

    That would be when Kirito goes from a beta testing game ace to the ultimate teenage computer hacking prodigy in the span of a few seconds, and saves Yui. That one moment, while it was a nice, feel good moment, pretty much undermined the life and death stakes of the game and killed the dramatic tension. 

    This might elaborate some things. 


    In the case of the villain, I definitely agree his motivations should have been revealed then and there, and they would've been better off doing so. I think what they were going for is they were trying to say even the villain himself forgot why he was doing this, which is kind of half ass and cliche, still, It's better than his floor 1 monologue which was basically "I've done this, deal with it". Although interestingly his reasoning and intentions unravelled as it moves forward into SAO 2, I would've much preferred again that they showed this in the season 1 ending but at least they did something, because season 2 shows he actually had good intentions for the VR technology and had a side that wanted to help people. I like villains when they actually have duality like that, as in they have morality, they can do bad things and good things. It's much better than the standard "I'm doing this because It's all I do, I'm crazy and evil, just roll with it" approach.

    In Yui's case, she wasn't a player but technically an AI, the same rules don't apply to her, so I don't think that undermines the stakes because she isn't a player. We've seen the effects of the game's rules on the players before this with Sachi and co, that's not what Yui's fake death was trying to do in my opinion, but as good a scene as it is in terms of feels it's only purpose is to give Kirito another mary sue moment which is annoying, essentially Yui had no reason to die.

  20. 13 minutes ago, Denim&Venom said:

    It has it's pros. Getting trapped in a video game isn't new (*cough* .hack *couch* ) but the way they did it, having tens of thousands trapped and exploring that in depth was a novel idea. The show has a beautiful art style, high production and well animated scenes at times. And I liked hwo it explored charatcers actually getting used to the world aroudn them, ratehr than playign the game. Episode 3 could've (and should've) set the tone for the whole series and the murder mystery arc was a fun watch.  Oh and I like the opening themes. 

    But I do understand the hate as well.

    The opening intros are rather unspectacular. Season two's opening contains a uprising amount of spoilers. The first season was fine in most regards, barring one scene in particular which kills the stakes of the whole show, and that ending. That ending was god awful and reeks of lazy writing. Season two felt very off. It felt like a different anime in some regards. Plus it turned Asuna, the strong willed female protagonist, into a damsel in distress. The characters are indeed one dimensional, and Kirito is a bland, overpowered Mary sue. Season 3 I haven't watched but based on reviews, it sounds ridiculously convoluted. 

    I kinda get why it is the way it is. As mentioned, it's a self insert power fantasy for the young boys of Japan to project onto and the young girls to fall in love with. Not an excuse though for it's flaws. SAO is an entertaining show. But that doesn't mean it's a good show. I want to like it. But it's frustrating how many shortcuts, bland characters, leaps in logic, the tone shifting from a dramatic tragedy to a romance harem and just plain bad writing creator Reki Kawahara, were  allowed to exist. SAO was just alright, when it should've been great. It frustrates me. 

    This guy mostly shares my views. 

    Also for an anime on video games, Reiki Kawahara didn't do his research. 


    I mean, it's not like SAO couldn't have been great. Just a few changes here and their would've made this show golden. Like these guys did. 


    For the first part, I think we're totally in agreement on that.

    I liked the intro, and actually never really noticed any spoilers in it, but hey, maybe I was just being an idiot. I can't pin which "killing stakes" scene you're talking about so It's hard for me to talk about. Personally, I think SAO 1's ending wasn't terrible, but it left a lot of things unanswered and didn't close off the arcs of a lot of characters,albeit in exchange for a nice happy ending. It feels more like just the end of one arc rather than an entire series. SAO 2 did the ending much better I believe. And yeah, i always thought something was up with Asuna in the first arc of season 2, why does she always hang back as a healer now? But I think the Mother's Rosario arc kind of brought her back to snuff. I already touched on why I don't think the characters are one dimensional in other replies and don't wanna repeat myself, but It's interesting to discuss. And like I replied to another user, I don't think Kirito is an all out mary sue, but he has some really big ass pull bullshit moments where he becomes a mary sue for a short time.

    Self insert? Actually, yeah, I can see it being that way kinda. Shortcuts? Yeah, I agree with you on those too, the amount of time skips when there's potential for so much more interesting content is criminal. As for the whole tragedy/romantic thing, I actually think it combines and blends those two sides pretty well, and keeps them separate when they need to. What I'm saying is the show knows when it needs to be romantic, and when it needs to be dramatic. I've already said before I don't think It's a harem, but I get that viewpoint a little clearer now. And SAO in itself I don't think is a realism based show, so I can take logic leaps with a grain of salt, but I can agree there are moments that are just TOO out there and nonsensical in both seasons.

    Just a quick add about the last few parts, I still need to look at the abridged series, I hear It's good. And yup, there were times when I questioned if these games had shoddy design, but I always thought of that as an intentional thing, like them showing that these VRMMO's aren't fully perfected as a genre and have their qwirks and kinks that should be ironed out, that's the vibe I got anyway.

    12 minutes ago, Denim&Venom said:

    They actually were on the path of making Kirito a relatatible human being. The online novel had him and Sachi being much closer than they were in the anime, and her death hit him extremely hard. A lot harder than it did in the anime, where he broods for an episode or two, then moves on. But then again, the anime & manga versions pretty much retconned Kirito x Sachi, and the mature tone of the series gradually faded. 

    Oh yeah, i forgot about Sachi. I thought her character and view of the situation was interesting and wished they explored it a little more before her death. I would disagree on the matter of the brooding though, I do remember that later on Asuna is told what Kirito did, and he remembers what happened with the members of the guild including Sachi in a morbid fashion, it gives him a reason for his rather solo nature, he doesn't want things like that to happen, or for people to get hurt. While I don't think the anime would be better off with Sachi X Kirito, because I like his connection with Asuna, I may have to look into the novels, the idea of those two being closer intrigues me.

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