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  1. One thing I wanna add here, is that there's something I forgot to account for when I made the original post, and that's that we hate some characters, perhaps because Hasbro WANTS us to hate them. I totally agree on the subject of Spoiled Rich & Flim And Flam for example, but when you think about it, they were actually supposed to have us dislike them for the sake of the plot. I'm not really trying to prove any specific point here, I just thought it was interesting. Though I guess there's a difference between an antagonist who we hate but like their character, and an antagonist who's awful
  2. OK, since there's already a mega thread on the subject of who is best pony, I thought It'd be interesting to take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum and see who we think the worst pony is. Now of course we all have different opinions, so let's try to keep control on this topic, OK? Can there be discussion over someone's choice? Yes. Flat out arguing without any real basis or saying they aren't allowed to have that opinion? No. Also, please try to give a reason whenever possible, It'll be a little boring for me and anyone else who ends up reading this if all they see is a list of names.
  3. Sonic X Rainbow Dash Knuckles X Applejack Shadow X Sunset Tails X Scootaloo Those are the ones I would support out of those you mentioned, but I don't usually ship together characters from different franchises. Although, in hindsight, with all the Mane 7, these are my OTP's for Sonic X MLP Sonic X Rainbow Dash Tails X Fluttershy Knuckles X Applejack Silver X Twilight Charmy Bee X Pinkie Pie I can't think of anyone for Rarity Shadow X Starlight Cream X Spike
  4. OK, something I want to add here because looking at the replies there are a few things I mean to clarify on. I'm not condoning the posting of Rule 34 MLP images on places like the forums, and agree with the majority saying that it should be kept where it needs to be, so places like DeviantArt for example. Secondly, this is just an opinion I wanted to throw in here, the actual Rule 34 stuff doesn't affect the show in any way. It's not like I'd see a dirty Applejack pic and all I'd ever think about when watching an episode about Applejack is that pic, it doesn't work like that, something
  5. Just to poke fun a little bit, although I don't actively look at Rule 34 I do stumble across it sometimes, and I've seen Rule 34 art that's actually pretty badly drawn...
  6. No, I know how you get animals, but I don't know which levels have which animals.
  7. Well, I don't imagine they would work well on a Dreamcast/Gamecube. Maybe that's why they were removed on Xbox/PS3
  8. Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing. I'm sorry if you were genuine but the way you talk about something like this with such an air of nonchalance like It's a trip to the spa is funny. You sir, get comment of the year.
  9. Well, a little extreme I admit, but I can respect that.
  10. Yup, but honestly, It's not so bad I guess. The Gems Collection and Mega Collection Plus both contain all the Game Gear games when put together. Wow, that's surprisingly deep and complex... But I still wouldn't know where to find each kind of animal.
  11. I know this is gonna sound REALLY stupid, but I don't really consider the outfits or poses Rule 34. I only consider it Rule 34 when the characters are fully naked. If I went by that logic, Bayonetta would be considered Rule 34. And yeah, Ninetales is the kind of Pokemon I expect would probably be popular for Rule 34...
  12. Really? When you search in a Pokemon I would assume more official results would show up first. Now if only some certain people would learn that...
  13. Yes the 360 version was DX, but for some reason they removed the Game Gear games from it. I love those little guys! Too bad I don't know ANYTHING about raising them...
  14. I get what you mean, for some that sort of thing forever ruins how you look at the characters, even if it is just fan made. The more we do that, the more we evolve.
  15. I wonder why they removed the Game Gear games from Sonic Adventure... I was never able to play them since I only ever got to play the 360 port.
  16. True, I guess it all depends on what thoughts we develop as we go through our daily lives. Love and tolerate. To be honest this Isn't even just MLP, this applies to most fandom, if someone likes something we don't we have to learn to cope with that, I see that as common human decency.
  17. I've never played Sonic Labyrinth but I'm aware of It's reputation
  18. Ah, yes, I remember that game now, I think It's the worst Sonic game gear game by now after playing it on a collection...
  19. There was a game gear version? And I'll agree maybe Knuckles would have made more sense for Unleashed, but I don't mind the Werehog. just wish SEGA would actually use all their characters more, we have plenty who haven't been a main part of the games for years. Jeez, stuff like this reminds me of how 4Kids censored any hint of a relationship in Sonic X. And here I was thinking Sonic had one media where they actually went into relationships, guess that's not happening anymore.
  20. Before I get into this topic let me say this... I do not take part in, or look at any sort of Pony erotica, by any means, so this message Isn't coming from a fan of Rule 34. So, is it wrong for people to like Rule 34 of MLP, or heck, in general? Because honestly, although I don't find it very appealing myself, I can see why other people may like it, and can respect them for liking it, so I don't really have a problem with it. Some others I've seen slam down on it before though, and say It's completely wrong for people to have their interests, at least that's what it seems like to me. Not o
  21. Well, I don't think they are obsessed with cuteness per say, but I do think the cuteness of the show is a part of what attracted me to it. I liked some cute things before MLP, though I still care about the action, plot, etc. Put it this way, if you knew me, you REALLY wouldn't think I'm a brony, but the point is cuteness is a good thing, and every time I see pictures like that it makes my heart melt.
  22. It's a sad tale indeed. Hell, I'm pretty sure they weren't even intending to retcon it, the story was literally just so bad that it ended up ruining Shadow's plotline and any chance of further exploring it. Really, that's considered bad? I kinda liked Sonic 3D Blast... Pretty much agreed here, while I want to see SEGA improve on their current core formula, a part of what keeps Sonic fresh in the games is the new mechanics, granted they could use some work. I didn't like SA2's treasure hunting for example, I find the first game did it better. I also think Unleashed's Wereh
  23. The infamous red rings? Sorry but I burst out laughing at that. Am I the only one who found the Generations red rings harder to get than the ones in Lost World? In honesty though, looking at the two side by side, I do prefer Generations. You know what's sad about those four games? They all had potential, but it was squandered by bad decisions. Shadow getting his own game sounded awesome, but they had to make it super edgy and dark, with a confusing plot line and tedious missions. Sonic 06 even had potential, but the clearly rushed release along with how badly the plot was handled and SEGA
  24. This sort of thing is in every fandom though, It's not exactly surprising...
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