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  1. Alright, so I might settle for the first one and dug up something here. Since there are a lot of tier versions of the PC, would you say this one is mid-tier enough?: http://www.ebuyer.com/766788-asus-rog-g20cb-gaming-pc-g20cb-uk002t Thanks for the offer, again, but as you did say, I'm intimidated building up my own PC, I just know It's something I can't do. I'm not a builder of things, never have been, never will be, but thanks for the suggestion. Basically, It's not you, It's me is what I'm saying.
  2. That sounds pretty good, could you tell me what these models are called? It doesn't seem to say in the post.
  3. OmegaBeamOfficial

    spoiler mirror magic EQG short

    I thought EQG was a movie series, but then again I've not been here in a while... Where exactly are these shorts being released?
  4. Congratulations, you've stumbled on the post of the noobiest at PC gaming in history (I'm not a full on PC gamer, I'm multiplatform). Sorry if I'm gonna sound stupid or if I drone on a bit, I'm nervous about this whole thing and I've only been getting back into the swing of using this forum, just in case any questions come up though, here's an FAQ: Why aren't you using a PC gaming place to ask about this? - Because this is literally the only forum I like/trust, there's not much of the usual irrational spouting and harrassment you usually find in other places Why don't you look it up yo
  5. So far, from what I've been hearing people saying this whole subject (at least in the brony fandom) has a very mixed reception. Some people feel it just has some issues, others feel It's been going on too long, and others either hate the show outright. There's some stuff I can sort of agree with. The jokes don't always hit, some episodes are terrible at dealing with certain issues, and shock/edgy humour is really take it or leave it depending on who you are. Though I will comment that some of the replies here seem to be suggesting that Family Guy ONLY relies on this so called "offensive" (and
  6. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    10/10 Best snarky Luna I've ever seen.
  7. Yeah, I know this is a topic which could have been started years ago, and I'm a little late to the party, but recently researching the topic has intrigued me and until the movie or seventh season comes out I don't really have anything actually MLP related to talk about, that's why I've kinda been slumming it up in the Beyond Equestria section, so sorry if this seems out of place or not too relevant. So let's talk about Family Guy, a show which to me at least, is getting tons and tons of undeserved hate and has been for years, from critics, the general public and even other cartoon creators suc
  8. I have more confidence in this new season, as I feel it was a much better direction to go in than a reboot, a lot of the people who worked on the original show including It's creator crafted this new season, that was a good sign and it shows. I haven't watched too many episodes of Samurai Jack's original run, but I can safely compare what I have watched to this new season just because It's a little darker and has some mature elements thrown into the mix, it doesn't lose any of that sweet sweet charm or the spirit of the original, It's the perfect balance of new and old for me, however I can se
  9. Well, I'm right along with you on that one. I'm waiting on the second episode to come out in my area, I'll watch them as they come out. Like I said I didn't watch much of the original 4 seasons as a kid but this new series has me hooked.
  10. So I'm a little late to the party I'm aware, but the new Samurai Jack season started running earlier this month and I was finally able to tune in to watch the first episode, I thought It'd be nice to gather some more opinions on it. The general reception for the new season has been stellar, and I'm very impressed by that considering the show hasn't aired for 11 years. It just goes to show the guys at CN that they don't need to make half baked, already dating reboots of their existing shows, they can just get the people who worked on the show together and allow for a new season (Yes It's limite
  11. Maybe you don't, but some people do, that's why Blizzard doing this is a good thing.
  12. This is actually the first I've heard of this and I'm actually really glad to hear it. I have Autism myself and I know that people with mental conditions aren't often featured in games unless they're some kind of stereotypical psychopath. And the great part is without hearing about it I would've never guessed Symmetra is autistic, their subtle representation of this fact is great. Just because someone has a mental handicap does not mean they act radically different to other people or are high on that spectrum. As someone who has been dealing with issues revolving around these mental problems (
  13. Tell me about it. Somebody needs to get their shit together at Activision and stop releasing it like that. The idea of actually having DLC expansions is neat, but don't just cut stuff out of the main game to make it as shallow as possible and then sell everything else to us in pieces, that's not how you DLC good Activision. Activision, get your shit together. Get it all together. And put it in a backpack. All your shit. So it’s together. And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know, take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum, I don’t care what you do,
  14. I'm quite a new player to the world of Destiny, in fact I've not even been part of the game for a month yet, and I already have an addiction you could call it. I max levelled my character, I'll keep grinding the POE for strange coins any day and I'm steadily beating every story mission in the game, so needless to say, I like to imagine I have a real connection to the character I created in the game, despite not being on the scene for a long time. Now, with that said, in case you haven't heard already, Bungie gave their first piece of news on what's going on with Destiny 2 coming out later this
  15. Wow, I mean, respect for your opinion and all, but this just seems devastatingly harsh. "laughable"? "negligence"? Those are pretty big words and Twilight doesn't come close to that, she cares too much about her friends and the world she lives in to be negligent and I wouldn't call somepony who has been a successful well rounded leader of the Mane 6 throughout the entire series, save for maybe Lesson Zero and Bridle Gossip, but those were before she earned her wings anyway, has caused multiple disasters to be averted and is all in all one of the most powerful, friendly and memorable characters
  16. I'm so sorry if I upset anyone reading this because I am aware it has quite a following, but I can't stand FlutterMac. The two of them barely interact with each other, have no qualities about themselves that the other mate would like, and they have practically built no chemistry together whatsoever.
  17. This is about whether she deserves to be a princess, not how she is as a friend. I was saying that because of all the feats her and her friends have accomplished together she completely deserves the title. But if we're going to talk about that, It's understandable that Twilight was like that. I don't necessarily agree with the way she treated both Discord and Trixie, if anything I support Fluttershy on the matter of Discord than the other characters, Trixie on the other hoof can be considered an annoyance some times, but she has come through for ponies like Starlight before and has shown glimm
  18. How does she have much to learn? Hasbro's clearly running out of ideas for lesson's by now, I think she's capable enough. But as for my opinion on the matter, I believe she deserves it. Heck, I think all of the Mane 6 would deserve something like that considering the amount of feats they along with Twilight have accomplished. Defeating Nightmare Moon and reuniting Celestia with her sister, stopping Discord and even reforming him, defeating Queen Chrysalis TWICE, saving the Crystal Empire, sending Tirek back to Tartarus, giving up their biggest source of power in a selfless act to save Eque
  19. I really have no idea why I still get people coming onto this topic, It's long been disproven and outdated. I get the point OK? I was wrong.
  20. OK, I don't reply to this topic often anymore, but I just wanna point out I originally made this post LONG before this was confirmed, I still feel it was up for questioning back then. He said a new cast of main characters, not killing off the old ones.
  21. I'm cool with NSFW stuff, but I suppose It's fine to avoid listing them in case it goes against the guidelines. Also, hold up! Devil May Cry? As in, THAT Devil May Cry? DMC has It's own anime, my life is complete.
  22. Is that the same thing as the one that's JUST called Fullmetal Alchemist, or is that and Brotherhood two separate series?
  23. So, just to make this clear, I'm not making this post because I'm not familiar with anime, I've actually been really into it for the past few years, I don't think I'm a full blown Otaku yet, but I reckon that's gonna be a phase in my life at some point. But I only have a small selection of different anime I watch and I wanna find some more good ones, to give myself some variety and explore more of what Japanese animation has to offer. I'll put down a list of anime I already watch down below if that helps, but don't be afraid to recommend something that Isn't like those, I'm open to pretty much
  24. OmegaBeamOfficial

    General Media Thoughts On The Transformers IP?

    Well, in all honesty I should probably watch anything I haven't seen of the show yet, considering what I did watch was rather confusing at times due to the fact I barely know any of the lore behind the series besides the basic concept. The DVD I had was Season 2 Volume 4 which was rather late into the series. I doubt the movie will make much sense without knowing all that stuff, when exactly is it in the timeline?
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