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  1. 1. So I'm trying the music thing and It's already starting to inspire me. Thanks! 2. I see what you mean. I don't think I'll need to try too hard on this ship, It's easy to come to terms with now that I think about it, empathy's the first step it seems. 3. I know what you're getting at, but sadly, that method doesn't help me much. When I look at other stuff and end up having to write, I tend to pretty much end up with a carbon copy of my inspiration with slight changes, and I don't want that. But really, thanks for your help.
  2. I see... So I've gotta hire an editor from someplace? That might actually help... Thanks.
  3. So basically, I'm starting to get into writing fanfiction on fimfiction.net. Problem is, I'm sort of stuck on my first story. See, my basic plan is to write at least 5 chapters for my first fanfiction, each with 21 ten line paragraphs. But I'm struggling to write so I'm wondering if I could get any tips on how to improve fanfiction writing on my part so I can make it something worth reading. 1. My main problem: Writer's block - I'm only 11 paragraphs into my first chapter and I have no ideas for where the story should go from here, I've hit a blank. In other words, writers block. Any advic
  4. I don't read the comics so if the TV Show ends I'll be ponyless either way, comics still going or not. My prediction is one more season before or after the movie and then to end it there.
  5. I suppose when you put it that way, I wouldn't mind it with Spike. But past that season premiere, I just don't think Spike and Fluttershy really interact enough to have a deep connection. I'd be totally game for a Spike and Fluttershy episode though, perhaps one where Spike confesses about his mishandling of the pets in season 3 to Fluttershy, she decides to help him try to look after animals properly. And, Fluttershy mainly noticed Spike because he stuck out like a sore thumb to her. Having never seen a baby dragon before, of course she'd be excited. I think that scene was meant to introduce
  6. Those are all really interesting ideas for episodes. I could see some of these happening, but some of them I don't think will. Spike giving up his crush on Rarity? Come on, that's one of his main character traits, and he doesn't have that many to begin with! Unless they give Spike a female dragon to crush on, I don't see that any time soon. For Pinkie, I want an episode where we see another group of Pinkie's relatives that are more like her. I mean, that whole energetic personality of hers must have come from somewhere right? Also, Discord's reforming needs to see some more progress. Not so mu
  7. I don't really like the ship between Flash Sentry and Twilight, but I can see the reasoning behind it. As far as I know FlashLight Isn't canon so It's nothing to really get stressed about. Correction, the human Twilight WAS a shut in nerd. Remember the ending to Friendship Games? That ending leaves me to believe Twilight started being more open with other people afterwards, just like pony Twilight did in the show, so that rules out the impossibility. The way I see it, It's perfectly rational if people want to ship human Flash and human Twilight and pony Flash with pony Twilight. BUT, like I sa
  8. (I know I already did one, but I wanted to do this again XD) Writers Block: The Struggle For Creative Freedom... And Sleep
  9. You know what, this actually sounds pretty interesting. I'm in if you want me to help. I've not seen Season 6 yet, but I know quite a lot about the franchise, I could answer any questions you might have.
  10. I know right? It'd be so cool to have. Granted I'd have to keep it hidden somewhere in the house XD but still! Collector's editions eh? I don't see that happening but if it did, I'd think I'd want the collector's stuff to include metal replicas of the elements of harmony. I think that'd be really cool. Yeah. Plus Hasbro is fully aware of the brony fanbase, I'm sure they'd realise something like that'll be high in demand.
  11. Now that I think about it, there was a strange absence of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy before, but honestly I think we've seen a good amount with Pinkie more recently, so that's a good sign. Sadly, we don't get that much Fluttershy, but I get the reasoning behind it. After all, there's really only so much you can do with a shy character, but it'd be nice to see her develop more as a character, and keep it consistent. Fluttershy faced her fear of dragons and yet is afraid again later on. I think maybe an episode about making amends with that fear once and for all, perhaps with Spike, would work. O
  12. "Um... Well, this is awkward. Anyway, these are Rhetoric Rash, Cobalt Flicker and the one who ran off... I think his name was Sable Rivers. Safety first I guess~" Fluttershy beamed. Even Disharmonic Fluttershy was still the kind of Pegasus who sees the good in everypony. And for a Pegasus that couldn't even fly, that was as close to a gift as she ever really had. She couldn't help but think though, that maybe trying to get one of these Cutie Marks might help her in her life... But then there'd be the reactions of the rest of Ponyville. It was just like Missklang said, if they drew too much att
  13. The rest watched on as he wandered around aimlessly. It was sort of amusing but guilt tripping at the same time. The fact the stars were only in half of the sky didn't really help either, and that's ignoring the fact that even if he did find his home here, he would probably run into the version of himself in this universe.
  14. "Wow, those marks sound amazing! Too bad this world doesn't have them... Of course, I take it you have to earn them... Nothing so special would come so easily..." Fluttershy blushed, before hearing Missklang's speech. "You know what, that advice is actually, really helpful... I'll keep it in mind. Besides, I can't say that EVERYPONY I've trusted hasn't stabbed me in the back before... I know what It's like... And, back to the subject, so not having a cutie mark is like not having a purpose? And yes, I have conversed with the two princesses before. They'll be in Ponyville tonight for the Summer
  15. That IS how it goes normally, but since there's not been much going on, pretty much anypony can reply when they want to now, It's so we can keep the RP active.
  16. Now that you mention it, Celestia needs some better character development... My main problem with her is that most of the time she either exists as an exposition device, is there just for the sake of being there, and other than one time in Season 4, rarely actually tries to help with the dire situations when they come around. And the elements of harmony belonging to the Mane 6 now is no excuse, Celestia gave Twilight a substantial amount of power in the Season 4 finale. I see potential in her character, I really do, especially with her relationship with Twilight, but she needs more than that t
  17. Yeah, I'd also like to see Luna handled better as a character in general. In Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep, the characters resolved Luna's depression literally by just saying "stop feeling bad, get over it.". Depression and self harm is a much more advanced issue than that, and in real life, saying just get over it Isn't gonna help.
  18. True, I guess It'd be cool have some kind of flashback of Celestia's solo rule.
  19. Actually, we have learned about Equestria's past, even before Celestia's rule. Remember the Hearth's Warming Eve story?
  20. More true words have never been spoken my friend. And I don't mind the enemy defeated loop honestly, as long as they keep the villains themselves interesting, give a GOOD reason for their descent to evil (I'm looking at you, Starlight.) and involve something like the Season 4 underlying story arc. That kept it interesting and It's a shame they haven't made an approach like that since.
  21. Sorry, I guess this post must be pretty pessimistic huh? Well, whatever happens, Friendship will always be magic
  22. Um, sorry for asking but... How, exactly is this making you depressed?
  23. "Is he gonna be OK?" Fluttershy asked, concerned. Rivers had already left the scene and the other three remained. There was something off about the third pony, as if he was a joker. He was intimidating, almost making Fluttershy run inside, but not quite.
  24. Since there's not been any activity for a while, I'm gonna go ahead and do the next reply now.
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