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  1. They already have digital stuff covered so I don't think that's an issue (In the US anyway.). And, now that I think about it, you're right, there'll be some kind of gap.
  2. Well, fair enough. I hope when we do get G5 It'll live up to G4 standards. And yeah, I'd like to see the CMC's in their own series, maybe something where they help others get their cutie marks.
  3. (First, I wasn't sure whether to put this in merchandise or show discussion, as It's basically related to both. I went on a gut call, so if this was the wrong place to put it, I'm sorry.) So, when MLP: FIM is over do you guys think they'll release the whole series on DVD or Blu-Ray? Blu-Ray isn't likely, I don't think Hasbro will want to spend too much money because by then they'll probably be starting on the G5 toys and show, if G5 becomes a thing that is. I think It's likely they'll get DVD releases though, I mean they did it with Transformers. And yes, I know there are season box s
  4. Equestria Girls didn't really count as a Friendship Is Magic movie series though, it was more of a spin-off movie series with little relation to the show at all. Yeah, there are references to it here and there, and there are moments in the first two movies with FIM connections, but that doesn't make it a FIM movie. It just makes it a G4 movie, and who says G4 has to be limited to just FIM. The irony with the Transformers thing is whereas MLP wasn't hugely popular until now, Transformers USED to be popular but Isn't very well known anymore. Hasbro will keep milking it for all that It's worth wi
  5. Well, I've not seen Season 6 yet so I can't really say anything about it (international issues). So, I'm not gonna say whether I agree with you because I haven't even seen the content, but in all honesty, the name stranger than fan fiction sounds like an episode that'll make fun of the people who write fan fiction for the show, which Isn't OK in my book. Unless It's some kind of tribute to fan fiction writers (like how Slice Of Life was a tribute to the background characters) then I don't see it being much. This is all mere speculation from me though.
  6. Yeah, but this is My Little Pony logic. Characters often survive ridiculous things that would probably kill them if they actually happened. Plus King Sombra could just be locked away under the Crystal Empire for all we know. I don't read the comics so I don't really have any input on that, but I don't think the canon of the comics really concern the show. I'd read them if I had the money, but importing is expensive and I don't wanna get caught as a brony by my family XD Kind of a half baked answer but yeah.
  7. Yeah, It's true a lot of ponies would just have the same element, and some ponies we just don't see enough of to really point out an element at all. I think It's something interesting to think about though.
  8. This is a bit of a confusing question, but I'll explain it the best I can. If all the other characters in MLP: FIM had their own element of harmony, what do you think that element would be? Here are a few examples I've thought of: Celestia: The element of forgiveness Luna: The element of persuasion Gilda: The element of bravery Scootaloo: The element of wonder Apple Bloom: The element of determination.
  9. This one's for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. In both of your opinions has Fluttershy's flight improved?
  10. I think you mean 2017 there. But while it would be cool, it probably won't happen. Sunset Shimmer Isn't around in Equestria anymore, and the movie's about the pony world. I'm thankful for that, don't get me wrong, I love me some EG, and I'm excited for Legend Of Everfree, but I wanna see a movie that's JUST about Equestria.
  11. I personally liked Rainbow Rocks better, but this movie wasn't a disappointment, just a bit underwhelming. The story is well written, for the most part, the characters are as likeable as ever and the animation is superb, it seems Hasbro is used to animating the Equestria girls style. The only things I didn't like were this movies "villains" (I'm not talking about Evil Twilight, she was fine and it was a great choice to have Sunset help this universe's Twilight the same way FIM Twilight did for her, it shows development since the first movie.). Rather It's the Crystal Prep students I have a pro
  12. Thanks, though I'll admit there are holes in my theory, so I might be wrong, but even if they aren't the same character, I think there might still be a connection between them.
  13. Stop... You're making my head spin (squeak)
  14. I wouldn't say Pinkie's stupid. Most of the time she's just there to make comical jokes and be her funny, adorable self but when she's the main focus of an episode is where we can see her shine. Episodes like Party Of One, Pinkie Pride and that one where she meets Cranky (I forget the name) really show who she is. She can make intelligent decisions and even take care of babies, as shown in her episode with Mr and Mrs Cake's kids.
  15. Yeah, I'm cool with that, just wait until everypony else has posted first OK?
  16. Not all ponies are equal... However, Sunset and Starlight are XD
  17. Oh, don't worry about it. It's fine XD
  18. "Oh, hello there. Gee, there are quite a lot of you coming from this other dimension... Wait, how did you know my name? Oh, and sorry for being so rude, I was just explaining to these other ponies how the Summer Sun And Moon celebration came about here." Fluttershy giggled, pointing at the two large balls in the sky. Their presence at the same time seemed to delight Missklang. "They wanted to know, and in exchange, they'd tell me about those strange marks the ponies from whatever world you came from have on their flanks. Oh! You have one too... Um, not that It's too much trouble, sorry if I'm
  19. Oh yeah, I never spotted that before. It seems more like It'll be an Applejack episode then.
  20. The way I see it, as long as the show's still entertaining, It'll most likely keep going. Yeah, there have been bad episodes before, (The Mysterious Mare-do-well for example, and that was back in Season 2!), but there have been plenty of good ones, even in the fifth Season to make up for it. (The Cutie Remark, Crusaders Of The Lost Mark.). Obviously I feel different to you about the later seasons, but I don't think the show's decreasing much in viewership. In fact (no offense) I'm pretty sure you're in the minority there.
  21. Well, I agree Applejack has got enough episodes, but there's a chance Where The Apple Lies, could be an Apple Bloom episode or maybe something about Big Mac or Granny Smith, or any other Apple relatives. It's not exactly been proven.
  22. Oh, I'm not sure you really understand how the universe works. It's not exactly chaotic, but It's more everypony doesn't have their special talent, because a problem they have to deal with is stopping them from ever gaining their cutie mark. For a good example look at my description of my OC, Disharmonic Fluttershy. And in fact, Discord's pretty laid back here, as he doesn't have his chaotic powers. Oh, and just to clarify, you don't become disharmonic when you end up in the universe. Still, I think it should work. Go ahead and make a post. @The Down Trotten @Unicorncob @Colenso Rivers @Mis
  23. "Yeah, that sounds fair enough. Basically the festival is a celebration of when our ruling unicorns Celestia and Luna found the Sun and Moon, and used the strength of every Pegasus in Equestria they could persuade to push them way up into the sky. Before then we had to rely on lamps we built ourselves for light, and they weren't always reliable. Now, we have two massive balls of light right up in the sky. Anything I've left out you three, if you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy smiled, shedding a tear as she looked up at the sky.
  24. So you're saying that screenshots and vectors for each episode get leaked online beforehand? Interesting. It'll probably be a while before I can watch anyway though. I don't live in the US, and trust me, you have no idea how much of a gap there is between the US release of episodes, and the international release. Still, fingers crossed.
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