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  1. I'm really buzzing today. Earlier I came up with an idea for an MLP alternate universe and I'm doing an RP on it!

  2. I don't get it. What's wrong with Rarity?
  3. The frightened pegasus gave a quiet yelp which alerted the other of her presence. "WHO are you? And what's that on your flank? Forget it you'll laugh at me anyway!". There was galloping, followed by a tug of the hoof, and she found herself tripped on the ground.
  4. I'm as glad as you are, maybe more so! And, yes, I believe Spike's helped me from time to time, he's such a sweetheart! Twilight's lucky to have him.
  5. Yeah, she'll work. Here's the link: https://mlpforums.com/topic/154879-in-character-disharmony-element-one/ https://mlpforums.com/topic/154879-in-character-disharmony-element-one/It's ready
  6. OOC Post: https://mlpforums.com/topic/154878-ooc-disharmony-element-one/#entry4614187 The troubled pony looked outside of her empty cottage. The wind blew through the nearby trees, but other than that it was silence. The desolate, unhomely place she lived was nowhere near perfect, but it was somewhere to live, that's what mattered. Unsuspecting and afraid of anypony who might pass by her, Disharmonic Fluttershy looked through the window and shed a tear. "Why am I no good at anything? I'm too scared to talk to anyone... This town... You never know what could happen in Equestria... Oh, I wis
  7. Yep, seems fine to me! I'll go ahead and make the in-character post. You'll need to give me a sec.
  8. OK, here's the dealio. This RP's gonna be something a little different from what you usually find on here. Technically It's still based in Equestria, but rather an alternate universe, which I've named Disharmonic Equestria. In this universe, most things remain the same, however every pony in Equestria has a special problem to deal with that has kept them from discovering their special talent and gaining their cutie mark. This RP in particular, is going to be about a character I created for this universe named Disharmonic Fluttershy, which I'll play throughout it. You can find out more about he
  9. Interesting opinion. What about Discord though? You did mention him, but you never really said which category he would fit into.
  10. Meh, going by that logic you'd think they'd have arrested Luna after what happened with the Elements Of Harmony in Season 1.
  11. Well, let's face it, if they went killing off characters like crazy some parents wouldn't consider that acceptable for the children audience MLP: FIM is originally marketed to, so I guess there's no way around it. Yeah, they could have just banished every villain to tartarus but I just don't find that interesting honestly.
  12. Any feedback or comments on how I could improve this character would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Looking back at the premiere's and finale's throughout the show, I've noticed there were villains who I think outright deserved what they got and should not be given another chance, like Tirek (Seriously, he might as well be MLP's Satan) , and those who I think it would be cool to bring them back for some kind of redemption episode or special where they are converted from evil to good (Maybe Chrysalis) , or at the very least, don't bring harm to Equestria, as I understand the turn a bad guy good shtick might come off overused to some. I don't care how many times they do it though, since it mea
  14. I've finally caught up on all the Seasons! Now I just gotta watch Friendship Games and I can get to waiting for Season 6 and Secret Of Everfree!

    1. Rikifive


      Yeah it kinda changed a little and is just not the same, but no, it's not the case. =P

      I plan to re-watch the whole MLP from the very beginning and then I'll be progressing further. =3

      Also, I'm waiting for polish dubbing ~ to be honest English version isn't an issue for me, but I just prefer watching stuff in my native language. =P

    2. OmegaBeamOfficial


      @Rikifive So you're Polish? Cool. Coulda fooled me though XD. Well, I hope you get your Polish dub. It's a real shame nopony's dubbed for certain geographical areas.

    3. Rikifive


      Yep, I'm from Poland. =3

      Actually Polish dub is going well ~ if I'm not mistaking, they're finishing dubbing the 5th season.

      the previous 4 and all EQG films are dubbed already. =3

      (of course it's not a fun-dub, but a legit one (studios etc.) =3 )

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  15. I'm afraid I'm not sure. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm getting worried! Has he gone missing? And on Spike, usually he's either helping with Twilight or Rarity, he says he's not very good with animals. I'd like to get to know him more though, that dragon's the only dragon I'll ever talk to! (giggles). Discord is fine, his reforming has gone just swell, he's not perfect yet but he's making progress!
  16. Thanks, much appreciated. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I don't think S7's been confirmed yet... Um, has it? I don't really know anywhere to go for pony news so I can't really keep up...
  17. OK, so I've finally watched all of Season 4 of Friendship Is Magic, and after some thought, I've decided to watch through the Equestria Girls movies along with them. I watched the first one before Season 4, that seemed to be the right place for it out of sheer luck for me! But I'm not sure where Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games fit in. Considering I still have 2 whole Seasons to catch up on, I don't wanna watch the movies at the wrong point and end up spoiling a part of the show, which seems possible, considering EG used elements from Season 3 in It's opening. Anyone know where exactly to pl
  18. Maybe I will! Hee hee!
  19. I'm not sure I'm up to the task on that one. I can't just direct all my love to one creature, it wouldn't be fair on the others! (giggles)
  20. Oh, I hope she's doing just fine with Celestia. I honestly thought she was just sick that time I took her, I swear!
  21. (Gives unlimited hugs!) Sorry!
  22. (Nods in cute suspicion.) Uh-huh... Um, I'd just like to point out, you aren't fooling anypony... I can see your name and profile picture... I know you're a changeling.
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