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  1. Um... That sounds more terrifying than cool...
  2. Nightmare Moon? Oh gosh, she's one of the scariest, most terrifying, most evil pony I've ever met!
  3. I'm sorry, I don't think I've met her.
  4. Wow, never thought I'd meet anyone who felt the same way, heh. Guess a miracle happens every day huh?
  5. I'm not sure, I haven't seen him in a while. Oh my... I'm, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean it like THAT.
  6. Awww... You're not all bad. Just misunderstood~ I love all animals~ Oh, I see. Well, those are fine I guess.
  7. O.C? What is this... O.C? (Raises eyebrow)
  8. I really like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, but I can't decide between the two! So I'll just say why I like them both. Fluttershy is so sweet, caring and cute that It's hard not to root for her when she's in trouble. I find her really relate-able in certain areas of her personality too, which is a big bonus. I'm not particularly shy around most people, but It's mostly girls that I like that make me go quiet... Rainbow Dash on the other hand is cool, awesome, and radical! She has an amazing ambition, always aims high for the skies, literally, and is one of the most faithful characters I've seen
  9. I hate the warm weather. Sure It's nice to look at the summer scenery and all but other than that It's just too hot! I prefer the cold weather, feeling snow, rain and hail rain down on my back, not getting scorched to a crisp. One good thing has come out of warm weather though... Dashie's shades.
  10. Aw, thanks. Sorry, that happens a lot. And I'm flattered, really I am, but I'd rather save myself for somepony who Isn't in another world... Heh, no offence.
  11. Oh my... That means... Tons of people are watching... Staring at me! (Faints)
  12. Oh gosh... I never thought I'd have a fan! That's usually Rainbow Dash's sort of thing, but uh, ya know... (smiles)
  13. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Ask The Filly Mane 6!

    Fluttershy: Oh... I see... Well, thank you..." Rarity: Thank you dear! Rainbow: Well, I guess that's the same thing (smiles) Applejack: Well, modesty's the best policy... Or was that honesty? (laughs) Pinkie Pie: Hee hee. Well, that's neat!
  14. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Ask The Filly Mane 6!

    Pinkie Pie: Hmmm... I'm not sure. I don't wanna brag, but I guess I certainly stand out as cute compared to the rest of this place. Applejack: Aw shucks! No need to be so flattering. I couldn't compare to most of the folks around here! Rarity: Well, I simply have an amazing sense of fashion! Fluttershy: I'm... Cute? Is that a new type of insult? Rainbow Dash: Cute? I look cute... Oh no, I don't wanna look cute! I wanna look cool!
  15. (Giggles) That sounds amazing.., I've heard they take care of animals quite differently on Earth then in Equestria.
  16. Pinkie Pie: (Sigh) Being stuck on this rock farm is so boring... It's like there's no laughter here at all! I know, hey, you, over there! Can I borrow your P-Mac a second? Applejack: Being stuck with all these fancy ponies Isn't as fun as ah thought it would be... I know, I'll start one of those ask thingamajigs, that should keep me occupied until I figure out what to do... Rarity: Well, my horn keeps leading me to some mysterious place and here I am out in the middle of nowhere... In front of a rock! Well, I might as well ask for advice online... Fluttershy: ... Rainbow Dash:
  17. I'm glad you feel like that too~ It's such a relief... I thought humans would hate me... I'm not good with crowds.
  18. Y-you really think I'm cute? Oh my, what an honour. Thank you! Though, I'm not really sure how I do it... It's just part of who I am I guess...
  19. Ah yes, I've heard about that. Now, I can't speak for the show myself as I haven't watched it. But the fact that fans of the show managed to make their voices heard and get another season created is incredible. So I say if Kim Possible can do it, any show can as long as there is enough demand. Ah, I see. Makes sense, though I bet they'd probably have hiatuses too knowing TV nowadays...
  20. So, Season 7's been announced? Oh, I see. And Hasbro could probably make a quick buck off of putting MLP into syndication.
  21. Well, good thing it didn't turn out to be. Well, I guess I never thought of that. But still, what's so special about the number 65? But what's "Syndication Broadcast"?
  22. How come season 3 only had 13 episodes? I'm not saying this is a problem, we've definitely gotten more than our fair share of MLP: FIM over the years so I'm not complaining, but it just seems rather odd that all of Seasons 1-4 (Dunno about Season 5 or 6, not seen them yet.) all consistently have 26 episodes with 3 as an exception. Is there a special reason for this or was Hasbro unable or didn't want to do another 26 episode season?
  23. OmegaBeamOfficial


    I'm good, thanks for asking.
  24. We should be used to this by now honestly, I mean even looking back at Season 1, that was mostly slice of life episodes, with some episodes progressing the story (Friendship Is Magic P1/2, The Ticket Master etc.) in-between. This doesn't bother me since I find slice of life episodes entertaining, though. But to be honest, is there really any alternative? I don't see My Little Pony working as a super serious gritty action show, especially considering It's original demographic they were aiming for.
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