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  1. True, guess so. There's a reason I see a plethora of new Transformers merch whenever the next movie's coming out...
  2. Sounds cool, perhaps not Gabby or Ember though, I don't think they'd fit.
  3. Really? I thought the live action Transformers movie was OK, and it was received as at least decent. The sequels are what REALLY went downhill with fans including me, especially 2 & 4, 3 seemed to be a step in the right direction, but it wasn't good as the first one. As for Twilight though... Eh, it probably struck a cord with a lot of teenage girls I'm guessing.
  4. Well, I figured they'd focus on making money from the movie itself.
  5. I think you are underestimating the industry a bit, not every company are just people with suits around a table with dollar symbols in their eyes. I'd consider the movie and the MLP toy lines two completely separate can of worms, unless they make merch based on the movie of course.
  6. Yeah, plus the fact that most companies don't announce their movies nearly as early as Hasbro has.
  7. I'm cool with a CMC series I guess, just don't make it aimed at preschoolers, but if it is, I can just ignore it, so no harm done. The others would all work really well, for the pets I'm thinking something similar to Happy Tree Friends, except suitable for younger audiences obviously. Yes, I can't believe I forgot about those two, they have so much chemistry! Perhaps such a series may be called for then.
  8. Yeah, plus there was Slice Of Life, so... Shining and Cadence's youth huh? Interesting... I too would be interested in seeing more of Twilight's parents if it weren't for them having barely any character to work with. As for Granny Smith, I believe we had an episode in the show about her childhood centred around the Apple Family Reunion which covered it pretty well. Eh, I don't think using fan content for the official show is such a good idea, it comes off a bit tacky...
  9. Unoriginal, I don't see how Derpy and Whooves as a show would count as unoriginal. I'm glad the CMC's didn't get a spin off, I like them as characters, but supposedly Lauren planned it as a show for the preschool demographic. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, It's just REALLY not my thing. That... Sounds insane, but amazing at the same time. Trixie and Starlight are far from underused in the show, I don't think they need a spinoff. Though using the villains for one would be interesting... I don't care for Sombra though, he's as developed as a brick. What, so something like Slice Of
  10. Well, I think that makes sense, if a movie makes less than it costs to make then you could say that it failed It's job and the filmmakers gained little to nothing from it. However, I really can't agree that only money matters in the grand scheme of things.
  11. OK, I get it, I've been a dumbass. No need to rub it in... Probably because of how far away October 2017 is, most people don't announce their movies as early as Hasbro has.
  12. Fandango is probably either not aware of the movie, or they don't consider 2017 close enough to be upcoming.
  13. I have a good idea of who would be good replacements, this is entirely based on how well they represent the elements of harmony, not how much sense it would make for them to be there. Twilight could be replaced by Starlight Glimmer Pinkie Pie could be replaced by Cheese Sandwich Applejack could be replaced by Big Macintosh or Apple Bloom, either would be fine Rarity could be replaced by Sweetie Belle Fluttershy could be replaced by Coco Pommel Rainbow Dash could be replaced by Scootaloo or Daring Do Some of these might be stretching it a bit, but in all honesty no-one can really g
  14. Hmmm... That actually sounds like a neat idea. Kind of reminds me of what they did with the EG shorts. Twilight is a powerful magic alicorn who is also one of the Elements Of Harmony. Octavia is just really good at playing music. I don't think Celestia would choose her as a Twilight backup XD
  15. I'm not referring specifically to data, I mean that sure, the movie might make a lot of money when it starts, but then reviews will come out. If reviews call out the movie for being bad, people tend to stay away from it and then the sales will go down. So I'd say reviews and ratings have as much of an impact on the success of the movie as money does, I mean what's having a lot of cash from opening day worth if you don't have the trust of most people if you decide to make a sequel.
  16. Since the Mane 6 and a few other characters are usually front and centre in the show, I think it would be cool to see some kind of spinoff show for certain less utilised characters in the show, the question is, if one were to theoretically happen, who should get it? I for one would really like to see a spinoff show involving characters like Derpy, Doctor Whooves, or heck, maybe the rest of the Pie or Apple families.
  17. Yeah, I know, It's pretty obvious that TV and cinema are on two very different wavelengths, I'm not saying the show and movie need to be the same, but... Oh, to hell with it! OK, I admit it, you're right! I don't actually disagree with you OK, I just didn't want to admit I'm wrong... That sounds like you're saying that movies are always better than TV shows, since you seem to be implying that because it looks like a TV show It's not worth going into a theatre for, so I can't really agree with that at all. For example, I think the Dragonball Z anime is great, but the live action movie they m
  18. Here's a list of flash animated films, you look at these and tell me they don't look theatrical. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Flash_animated_films A blockbuster experience? Yeah, I don't see this movie competing with the big leagues... Maybe, but money will only get them so far, It'll need to get positive reviews around it first.
  19. Well, I mean, I figured they made Rainbow Rocks so they could sell more toys, but that worked out for the better in my opinion, Rainbow Rocks is the best EG movie to date. Who knows, I mean they're changing their entire animation method. That's a shame. I liked the Transformers movie, I've never touched MLP's other generations, they don't seem like my kind of thing. Sucks to see that movies people liked get treated so poorly at the box office. Again, I'm not familiar with Jemz, but that sounds like an ATROCIOUS attempt at marketing. Well, who knows. We'll wait and see.
  20. Now do people understand why I'm worried? This sort of sounds similar, no? Going completely against the original vision (AKA the switch from Flash to Toonboom.)...
  21. Actually, although the opening day sales are important, you shouldn't rely completely on those to judge how well it did, movies gain money over time, not everyone can go to see them on opening day, so if the opening weekend ends up unimpressive (which just maybe It'll do fine now that I consider the majority of bronies will see it as well as the original little girls demographic, those two together will add up) the ongoing sales may make up for it. OK, sorry, I got a little offended, that's all. I've been studying the movie industry including marketing for a while now, so when someone tells
  22. What's that supposed to mean? I've read through what I wrote multiple times, it makes complete sense, if no-one knows about your movie, the movie won't make money, It's basic logic. It's not the quality that bothers me, that animation looks great, but there is such a thing as going too far. We don't need upgraded animation just because It's a movie, the EG movies were fine without it, I don't see why this has to be. In my opinion It's just wasting the budget on trivial things.
  23. Marketing? To be honest, looking at the circumstances, can we really say there's gonna be any marketing outside of Hasbro advertising it on their channel or updating their website? I know It's sad to admit, but outside of the bronies, there simply aren't people with power in the movie industry or the media that care about My Little Pony to give this movie any promotion, whether the movie is good is another story, but whether It'll be financially successful depends on the publicity.
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