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  1. Lionsgate huh? Good on them I guess. That makes me kind of nervous honestly. I've seen movies which have tons of celebrities as actors and it never turns out well, with all due respect to them, they're better off sticking to what they're good at than acting, because it comes off tacky and pointless. Plus, with them not using flash for this one, I have to wonder now if the movie will look... Well, too different to the show. Probably, but who knows. Sadly, since It's My Little Pony, I don't see the media giving the movie that much attention.
  2. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (as far as I'm aware at least) got some kind of theatrical release, even if it was very limited. But I imagine it probably didn't do that well in the box office area, I just don't think there's a wide enough audience for something for so specific. Now that we have a pony focused MLP movie though, I think if that was in theatres it would strike a cord with the public more than Equestria Girls would have. Hasbro could probably make a lot of money doing that, but then again I suppose they also might make quite a lot of money just going straight to DVD, no-one reall
  3. Don't give up! MAKE. YOUR BOOKS. COME TRUE! Yay, character development in real life!
  4. Better than Applejack even? *INSERT PINKIE CARTWHEEL HERE*
  5. True, real apple pies are always possible, but an Applejack apple pie? That's a whole other level! Dashie is in denial of cuteness XD
  6. Yeah, and not everyone that's into anime is into western animation. I'm sure there's room for both to exist.
  7. True, I suppose if you're just sticking to a couple of good long running shows, you kind of miss that sort of thing.
  8. I love anime myself, but it can't replace cartoons I feel. Besides, let's keep the anime and cartoon industries separate, anime is doing just fine on It's own, there's a plethora of content there. I was actually referring to ReBoot when I said that, but maybe I'll look into Samurai Jack as well, while I was aware of it and had seen a couple of episodes, I've not seen the whole season. I mean, we noticed in the late 2000's, I don't think we wouldn't notice here. These kind of shows are the Luna to our Nightmare Moon.
  9. Any idea of who that might be? Ah, I get what you mean, Twilight's curiosity would probably get the better of her by a large margin.
  10. My favourite ponies are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, so screw it, I'll add a quote for both of them. @Fluttershy: Thanks for being so cute! Also, don't worry, you've really progressed at standing up for yourself and you've grown into a fine young mare since that day at flight school, no matter what other ponies think. @Rainbow Dash: Hey sport, congrats on getting into the Wonderbolts, it took you a long time but you did it in the end and I'm happy for you. Keep being 20% cooler! Add that one to the friendship journal... That's violating the rules! Nah, jk, I get it, Equestria is
  11. Ah, I see what you mean now. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one, mind you, I never watched the original so I guess I didn't follow up on it much, I've only seen the first couple teaser pictures for the reboot.
  12. When did mind control come into this? Hmmm... It's pretty hard to think actually. I'll get back to you on that. I'm no science expert, all that looks like to me is the Death Star, but hey, if Twilight can relate to it, that's cool right. The good old OMG freak out. A true classic.
  13. Yeah, keep it consistent with the other 6 seasons and we're good.
  14. Well, compared to shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe or Regular Show etc. how different is the pacing. Yeah, but the independent stuff needs money to keep going, and with no-one around to support it, the shows are eventually gonna die out quite quickly. I do see a market for streaming service exclusive shows however, but I don't think it should replace regular television. Netflix and Amazon Prime for example have some damn good exclusives here and there, and they have something that caters to everybody. Also, not really relevant, but while all the DVD's of shows around are great, ev
  15. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Thing is though, you can't really add an element to the Elements Of Harmony, because that would really screw with the plot of the show and earlier EG movies in the fact that the elements always worked without this secret seventh element. However, if they created a new element in a way that meant the six elements still worked together, but the seventh element just boosts their power a little, maybe it would work. But since the elements of harmony are in a tree now, Hasbro shot themselves in the foot so now they can't do anything like that. Having a new frie
  16. Any examples for that, because I can't think of any.
  17. Stopping RD from bragging is like stopping Twilight from reading books. What do you mean by traditional sense?
  18. Not sure that's the best thing to ask when meeting someone for the first time, but hey, sounds cool.
  19. Sounds like Sunset Shimmer's the element of Empathy.
  20. I hear ya, but a lot of the good cartoons we have now are ending soon. Sure right now It's just a couple of dud shows, but what if that expands? Cartoon network seems to be going in a pattern of reviving shows to get money from nostalgia without putting in nearly as much effort, It's not just those two shows, they've continued to do it since with Ben 10, I have a feeling eventually the channel might get overrun with these kind of shows. I may check out We Bare Bears but I'm not sure about Clarence, I've seen ads and trailers circling around and it doesn't look like my kind of show. Though I
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