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  1. Your Religion?

    Christian. Was baptized many years ago. I don't enjoy church as much as I need to, but I go every week, so that's good
  2. What would you like to see in Season 7?

    I'd like to see rainbow dash's parents and/or siblings have an episode. That would be neat.
  3. Embarrassing Brony Moments

    Geez... just had a terrible one. Luckily it was only in front of my parents. So we normally drive all the way to missouri to see my brothers football games on the weekend. I listen to pony music and stuff all the way there to spend my time normally. (It's an 8 hour drive) So I was listening to pony music (let the rainbow remind you) and had my phone plugged into the charger port. For SOME REASON the car decides "HEY! He's playing music! Let's play it at full volume on the radio :D" let the rainbow remind you was on full blast while I quickly pull out the charger port and it shuts off the music. The universe hates me.
  4. Gray or Grey?

    Grey just seems right to me. Although, whenever I search for "grey wool" in Creative mode in Minecraft, it doesn't show up because they spell it gray
  5. S06:E13 - Stranger Than Fan Fiction

    QuibbleDash. Nuff said
  6. Embarrassing Brony Moments

    So... I'm a closet brony... I had made a brony iFunny account that obviously belonged to me. My best friend had stumbled upon it randomly and commented "when u find out ur best friend is a brony." I knew it was him, but he didn't seem to talk about it during school, or ever..
  7. Spoiler Season 6 Episode List Leaked

    I just saw that synopsis right after I posted that lol! It's crazy that we're getting a total number of 4 dash episodes..Stranger Than Fanfiction, 28 Pranks Later, Top Bolt, and ofc *cough throw up gag* Newbie Dash... *cough*
  8. Spoiler What characters do we want to see again?

    Lightning Dust Luna Celestia Cherilee Zecora All Wonderbolts (I remember one called hoof mouth lol) Babs Seed Some of the people from Starlight's Village (Double Diamond)
  9. Spoiler Season 6 Episode List Leaked

    15 - 28 Pranks Later - 95% Pinkie Pie Episode 16 - The Times Are a Changeling - Confirmed Spike Episode, looking at the synopsis maybe? 17 - Dungeons and Discords - Stars Big Mac, Spike, and Discord, according to synopsis 18 - Buck Ball Season - Some type of sport, I presume? "ball", it could be some type of sport 19 - The Fault in Our Cutie Marks - Maybe CMC episode? Not sure about this one... 20 - Viva Las Pegasus - Cutie Map Episode probably. 21 - Every Little Thing She Does - Rarity? 22 - Pony POV - No idea. 23 - Where the Apple Lies - Something to do with apples. Applejack, most likely 24 - Top Bolt - Rainbow Dash, obviously.
  10. "Dew" you drink soda?

    Soda is my love. Soda is my life. I can mix almost every soda together and I will still like it.. I love all types of soda.. Dr. Pepper, Coke, Pepsi.. The only problem is that it's hard to choose what soda I want because I love all of them..
  11. Rewriting Past Episodes

    Newbie Dash. I would go ham on this episode, because first of all, it doesn't really emphasize the 6 season long arc, and instead they made a meh episode that won't be remembered except for being bad. I would make it kind of like Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and end the arc in style and awesomeness.
  12. I made a meme with ACTUAL EFFORT!

    I like it! It's pretty original and I haven't seen anyone using that picture for any memes. Good work! EDIT: I just realized that the P O N I E S has all 6 mane 6 colors in it. Creative!
  13. Who would you throw into Tartarus?

    Flash Sentry. For sure. Also, all Equestria Girls characters and the whole universe, plus Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if they had pony OC's. Also Gilda for roaring in Fluttershys face and making her cry.
  14. Do your parents know you're a brony?

    I'm not actually sure they know. I sometimes leave my YouTube account open on the main computer (my parents use it sometimes) and it has pony content on it. They don't say anything about it, so they seem pretty cool about it. I don't tell them because it would be pretty awkward. I also don't confess in school cause I'm afraid I might be made fun because of it for some reason...
  15. Do/Have You Ever Binge Watched MLP?

    I'm one of those new 2015 bronies When I first watched it, I binged watched the whole first season. I'm not a huge binge-watcher, so I don't binge very much.