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  1. H0MeBr0nY

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Next week, I vote for... Dang, I really like R rated movies though... Polar Express and A Nightmare Before Christmas are my picks. R rated picks would have been Bad Santa 1 and 2.
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. I'm as weirded out as you are.
  5. Sure, It'll be awkward and weird the entire time. Just bring Mario Kart Wii and I'll tolerate it.
  6. Well he WAS just a sponge before so... How about an IQ of 69? I'd say that's fair.
  7. Slightly, higher intelligence.
  8. That is a specimen of the ocean that somehow gained higher intelligence... but not that much we all know why.
  9. Also just FYI the wii was an amazing console I have one I've modded the shit out of and I love it. WiiGuy earns snuggles. But not from me because that'd be weird nd awkward.
  10. This is the weirdest thread I have seen by far. But hey, might as well join the fun. Here is the reply you get.
  11. H0MeBr0nY

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    The_Gobo is banned. Reason: Attempting to ban while banned when someone was banning someone for banning a banner that was banning because banning was justified as a ban. (H0MeBr0nY is now banned due to a run on sentence)
  12. H0MeBr0nY

    About these Chinese Bots

    when scammers are so desperate they raid a forum dedicated to a show about multicolored horses... that's when you know they've run out of ideas.
  13. Took me a long time to finally push out an update, but here it is. It fixes several graphical bugs the hack originally had. A list of changes is included in the new readme file I will also include an attachment for Tile Editor Pro (It is shareware, not paid software, the Pro is just part of the name), in case anyone else in interested in ROM hacking. You can find several guides online on how to use the software, but it's not hard to get into. I didn't even use a guide when I started using the program. Since I AM indeed sharing a development tool of sorts, This puts the topic in a sort of gray area since I'm posting it in the Apps and Games section. If anyone feels the need to move it somewhere else, do it at your leisure. Mega Man Is Having A Bad Day V1.1.zip TileEditorPro.zip
  14. H0MeBr0nY

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The last movie I watched was Good Burger... Don't know why. Pretty much saw it on Netflix and wen like "Eh. Why not." "WELCOME TO GOOD BURGER, HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER, CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER"