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  1. You're right. There's a much more complete set of rules, but I have to warn you, it's not as handy as a little booklet http://mlpccg.wikia.com/wiki/Comprehensive_Rules
  2. 1. When a friend is frightened, the card is flipped upside down. Its abilities don't work while it's frightened. 2. If there would be a tied result in a faceoff, both players flip another card (this can happen over and over). Don't forget that you can wait to see the result after the flip, and then play an event (for example Critter cavalry) to change the outcome. 3. You can go over.
  3. Signups are active until Monday for a friendly tournament over webcam/skype and reddit, if you have access to those things
  4. Do you mean token friends? Yes, it's legal to symbolize them in your own way, so long as it's apparent to your opponent. (Actually, that goes for action tokens as well. Some people I've played with on Skype use a 20-sided die.) What do you mean by a trolly deck?
  5. What do you do with all the other cards? You could consider listing them (Rares and higher) on Tradecardsonline and maybe find someone to trade for the UR:s you don't have yet? There are currently seven sets of cards. The first three are considerably cheaper, you can get a "booster box" (36 packs with 12 cards in each) for as low as $20. For those sets, Ebay is your best bet. For later sets and single cards, there are some web shops. Though if you have a local game store, you can always ask them, I think most would be happy to help you and you'd support the local business.
  6. Kind of, I think! (I never played Pokemon.) You buy cards and gather a collection, and to play a game you choose at least 56 cards that you think might work well together, against someone else who has picked 56+ cards of their own. It's easy enough to learn the rules, but the real challenge is to create the decks you play with. The game goes to 15 points, and points are typically earned by confronting Problems with your Friends. Wiki with rules and stuff below: http://mlpccg.wikia.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony_Collectible_Card_Game_Wiki I'd be happy to help you if you have any questions
  7. For anyone interested in the CCG, check out the reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MLPCCG/ A webcam ccg tournament on Skype is currently going on, and a new one will start soon (enrolling starts Monday). Also, I'm up for friendly games on Skype. It works a lot better than I expected.
  8. According to Wikipedia, the word cider only means non-alcoholic cider in the US and parts of Canada. Which means the UK, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand and loads of other countries view "cider" as something alcoholic - which we all seem to agree is not fit for a children's show (and personally, being a grown-up no less, I'm glad we havent seen any alcohol in Equestria). Population-wise, the US Americans are severely outnumbered in this case, which would make "apple juice" the better choice of words. Viewer-wise, I'm not as certain. Does the US have more (English language ver
  9. I wonder how the mailpony entered Discord's dimension to deliver Discord's gala invitation? Superpower?
  10. Sure. But the episodes of the show may work as inspiring reminders of the fact that the world could be if we co-operated more. Just because a lot of us did learn and took to heart those kids' lessons while growing up, doesn't mean we always remember and act according to them. If the show does inspire and remind some to do good things, I'm sure you agree that's a beautiful thing, whether you want to call it political or not. Sadly, the people most in need of a refreshment of these lessons are probably ones who don't watch the show.
  11. I feel you, kind of. I love the whimsical fun too. But in all that fun, some core values shine through. We learn that friendship is good. It's good to care for others, help others, share with others. It's good to respect animals and nature. It's good to be true and honest. Celebrate that we're all different but can get along anyway. While that may not be expressly political, I think in a way it's at least ideological. It is a stance. I don't think all politicians and political parties share those values. But I'm glad the show stands for them.
  12. I have stolen stuff. In my teens, I lived with my sick grandmother and money was scarce. We had food on the table, but only the basics, because we couldn't afford any fancy stuff. So my friends and I used to go down to the local food store and buy cheap stuff like milk, while at the same time shoplifting stuff like cookies, pepperoni, butter, cheese and other stuff that weren't close to the register. A friend of mine was very daring. To him it was more of a game (I guess in a way it was a game to all of us). He managed to lift a packet of cigarettes from just above the register - with the cash
  13. Many good points, not only the quoted one - there's great news from a lot of places around the world. That doesn't necessarily change the way a person feels, however. No matter whether it's the media only spreading negativity, or a person has a stressful life, or just feels down for whatever other reason - most people will, I think, be in need of some rest and some cheering up, and getting to not think about everyday worries. My point is, I feel the topic is relevant for some/many. For me, MLP is a window into a world with some resemblance to our own, but mostly a little simpler. Not that
  14. You're right, of course. But how about Rara's singing? I for one would not min to hear more of her songs
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