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  1. How war really works, huh? *BOOM* The end. :/
    1. Nico


      Please stop going around the forums spamming this link on everyone's profile. At the very least, please don't put it on mine again or in another status update.

    1. Jonke


      Hehe... yeah.. I haven't been very active there lately, i'm lurking from time to time though. Might return with storm later, closer to Wii U etc. =)

    2. Fillyshy
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    2. Apple      Bloom

      Apple Bloom

      Oh, I see what you're doing. I think the Wii U Forums needs more attention too, but I don't see much of it coming from here. A lot of people here are not so much into that stuff, or at least, aren't that excited about the console. They're just here for ponies. I know where you're coming from but I think it would be best to advertise elsewhere on other sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc.

    3. Apple      Bloom

      Apple Bloom

      I actually have an account on thewiiu, elviswjr. I just don't post very often because the console hasn't been launched yet. Also, right now I'm pretty much obsessed with ponies, plus I have a job to do here. I'm sure when the console comes out there will be much more traffic there, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    4. Fillyshy


      Oh yeah, I remember you. :P

    1. Zoop


      A good community, from what I've seen. If I didn't have so much of my free time eaten up with this place I'd probably be making use of my account over there. x_x

    2. Fillyshy
  2. Hey, would you rather be killed by Fluttershy, or a terrifying fire-breathing dragon?
  3. Here's a hilarious video I found of Fluttershy being a dragon in Skyrim:
  4. How come you can't see the number of posts you have anymore? O_o

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    2. Fillyshy


      Ohhh, I see. The OPC (Obsessive Post Count) disease. I don't freak out about forums anymore. It's senseless, really. There are a lot more things to do in life that just boost your post count on a forum. But, that's just my opinion. I'm sure most of you would disagree with me though. :P

    3. Fillyshy


      But, not just on a forum, but anything that doesn't benefit you. As in education, or something like that. No, bragging rights doesn't count in terms that benefit you.

    4. Fillyshy


      And I was saying that education DOES benefit you.

      Just so you don't get confused. ;)

  5. I have MW3, I have BF3. MW3 kicks everyone's butt!! There. The argument has been settled. CoD (MW3) is the FPS King, for eternity! Lawl.
  6. I am back from the dead. In other news, any one seen/going to see Twilight Breaking Dawn?

    1. Goodra


      Eenope, but I've seen Twilight Sparkle.

  7. Yeah, I agree. *thinks that Feld0 should change this* I mean, if that's okay with you. But really, you do have it organized on