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  1. Colourful Blast

    Has anyone ever considered a MLP version of this

    I would say this type of stuff happened with Chrysalis in a canterlot wedding.
  2. Colourful Blast

    S07:E01+02 - Celestial Advice/All Bottled Up

    The first episode of princess Celestia. I want to see more of her. Actually that is Trixie's personality
  3. Colourful Blast

    What flavor of ice cream/frozen treat is the user above you?

    Chocolate cheesecake!!!!
  4. Colourful Blast

    Twilight's best friend.

    Fluttershy. When the ponies begged for twi's ticket she didn't expect Flutters to do so.
  5. she did apologise. watch the episode properly I still think Rarity is most feminine. Just because some one is loud doesn't mean that they are not feminine
  6. Colourful Blast

    3D Cutie Marks

    It's good, really. Applejack's one was the best though.
  7. Rarity is one of the hardest working ponies in the main six. Plus everypony has their own flaws. Rarity's is fear of being Un noticed, so three strikes? No, just ONE. And that's all you've talked about. Plus, just because Applejack is a farmer, doesn't mean she has to have a hard time all the time. Rarity felt SORRY for Applejack so she made her relax. So Rarity was trying to help. Not disturb.
  8. Colourful Blast

    Rate song, then post another!

  9. Colourful Blast

    Spoiler Does timber kinda..bother anyone else?

    Not bothered. I think it's kinda ok, plus, it's just a crush they have, and age doesn't matter, it's only a small gap
  10. Colourful Blast

    Is Timber Really Better Than Flash?

    They're both OK. But really, the rainbow rocks Flash really wasn't good..... Not the end one, I mean the angry spellbound one. But I like Timber better, he covers up for Gloriosa, despite she really deserving punishment..... NAH I like Gloriosa. But still, I think he has more characterisation. But I still like Flash as a character.
  11. Colourful Blast

    Chrysalis reform.

    Yes Chrysalis is a villain who needs to be reformed, really, she isn't evil enough. I wouldn't even call her plans to take over Equestria Evil. I'd rather just say it's Greed. And I mean like a Greedy Pig. But not too evil, just like Starlight. The show can introduce some more eviler villains than that, really. Even the fandom could make better villains.
  12. I can see your point, but remember what happened at the crystalling?
  13. That might be a good idea, but there is only so much a role a baby can play...... Plus, that would be the only time she appears
  14. Colourful Blast

    Scootaloo and Scooter Doo. Think they'll be related?

    Maybe, with a few minor edits.