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  1. Favorite Tea?

    I like classic orange pekoe tea. I usually have it with milk and sugar, but sometimes have it black.
  2. What would the ponies think of this gun?

    I would think they would be pretty afraid of the power of it. I'm not sure if they would want to implement it into a sort guard or militia. They've never used lethal force in any of the episodes in the past episodes.
  3. Every time I saw an episode where they were attacked and struggled, I always thought how effective it would be to have a militia/army. Magic is generally most effective for combat, but it has been rendered useless in some episodes. If they created a militia with weapons, they would have a good backup to magic in terms of magic. Even something like a bow would easily incapacitate an enemy. If they have the technology to create things like trains and gramophones, they should be able to develop weapons such as firearms, These can't be drained of their power like magic and they are effective. I wouldn't be in favour of a draft, but would for a voluntary militia. If they want to defend their nation or whatever Equestria is, let them do it.
  4. Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    How wouldn't I?
  5. Do any of the Mane Six annoy you?

    For me it's Rarity and Pinkie. I just find them annoying and don't like much about their characters.
  6. Gender Race

  7. What is applejacks accent?

    Applejack is pretty much a southern stereotype, so it makes sense to make her accent exaggerated. As for where in the south, I would guess Texas, but I don't think there is too much variance in accents state by state in the deep south.
  8. What Will Generation 5 Be?

    As much as I like the existing mane 6, they have been going for many years. It would be hard to give them up, but I think it would be for the best, I've heard rumours of the mane 6 being altered with their species changed. They should either replace them or keep them. Maybe they could be kept as secondary characters with a whole new cast of main characters. I think they will likely start a new cast of main characters.
  9. Happy birthday! ^_^

  10. Merry Birthiversary!

  11. Is Rainbow Dash Lesbian

    I paused it at 0.25 and RD is smiling with her mouth close to Fluttershy's nose and then her mouth closes very close to Futtershy's nose. To me it's pretty clear she kissed her on the nose. Maybe it was more for comfort and motivation, similar to a hug..
  12. General What Era or Year do you think is interesting?

    1865-1945 is where most of my interest is and I'm very passionate about that time period. I generally focus on the military history like the American Civil War, WWI and WWII, but still enjoy learning about several other aspects of life in that time.
  13. Food Baking Thread

    Something that I like baking is a type of cracker called "hardtack". It only consists of flour, water and salt. It dates back hundreds of years and was used on ships, since it virtually never spoils if done right. In fact, someone on YouTube ate some made in 1863. The variation I make is based on hardtack from the American Civil War. I just enjoy making it, as well as having a sense of tasting history. It tastes pretty bland, but I still like snacking on it.
  14. I'd want G5 to start, since lately I've kind of lost interest in G4. I got partway through season 6, but haven't watched the show in about a year. Maybe starting G5 could revive my interest in the series. However, I would like the mane 6 to be part, but the rumours have shown that they may keep them, but alter their species. I'd rather them just start a new cast then alter the ones they've had for years. These are just rumours, so they don't mean much at this point.