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  1. Nah he would be the brave magical unicorn with a business suit, and he would say. "I would be...?" Points hoof "The greatest job's manager that we've ever had, i'll tell you that!" "When you see Changelings crossing the border, they're laughing at us. They are bringing spells, they are bringing crime, they're evil. And some... i assume are good pony's"
  2. Like just relaxing. Its this stuff i kinda admire about the animals, they never get tired of that stuff. But when you are an adult its like "Ok you are grown up now" i mean if you even ask it would sound like you'd be a creep or something.
  3. I think i had something to do with it. Proof i posted this some days ago Just kidding though but its fantastic that he did X) https://mlpforums.com/topic/154480-how-do-you-show-your-love-and-tolerance-to-people/ Edit: I also imagine if Trump was a pony he would make Chrysalis pay for that barrier, its gonna be a big beautiful barrier
  4. Off topic question but is your Avatar Rarity? Pretty cool though
  5. No i ment if you have showed your literal horse MLP . Ponies are ok too. Not people just like your animal horse or something. Basically the one above the admin here is correct
  6. Edit: What i am saying is. Have you tried showing your "Real life mare horse" My little pony Friendship is magic?
  7. I mean that smile when she kinda tries to be polite more or less. It doesnt really have to be awkward, just that type of smile in general!
  8. Well that is the best part about her to be honest when she gets overdramatic like a shakespearean actress!. Although people differ so thats totally fine
  9. I decided to make drawings of an interesting character, Big Mac. Sorry for the vertical errors, deviant art wouldn't let me change it for some reason.
  10. Twilight could make excellent pancakes if she was into it. Spike however as a brilliant assistent certainly is the clever Dragon!
  11. That latter 2 is pretty true. I think the best part is likely her as an detective, she sures knows how to take advantage of the situation XD. Although i personally liked the music in that episode though to be honest, i wouldnt mind another detective Rarity again to be honest
  12. Well to be fair, google image search also have some lewd images. If it helps you as an artist then try what helps you the best!
  13. Well duh ponies are just huggable little creatures. They can give quite a kick though "Literally dont stand behind a horse or a pony for that matter" but other than maybe nibbling your fingers they are quite the friendly sort! I think the idea is acting tough is different than being tough, the only thing i am against is to cowardice people. But to sorta be all talk is kinda where the bark comes more into it more than bites. But i think being humble is a better idea, like even when i am speaking now i sound arrogant. If you just do your best you will be fine!
  14. Welcome. More herds is nice! I will welcome the herder ^^