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  1. Personally, I'd love to see something like the animation and designs from the G4 movie and Rainbow Roadtrip special. But 3D animation has become more and more appealing in recent decades, especially in animated movies from pretty much every major studio in the United States, so I see why they're using it. It's trendy.
  2. Black Star Dancing - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
  3. "How am I supposed to make up my mind? I lost my mind 9 years ago"
  4. Prospekt

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Quite annoyed because of a big helping of red tape and horrid customer service. It's days like this when I hate being an adult.
  5. Prospekt

    Guess That Reference!

    Arrow "Hi, Lloyd. Little slow tonight, isn't it? HAHAHAHA"
  6. Sunny! She's so cute. Well, they're all cute. But I have high hopes for Sunny. We just won't know enough about these characters to truly get to know them until the movie and the Netflix series come out.
  7. No matter what, I wouldn't at all be surprised if the book is at least somehow connected to the events of G4. After all, Sunny's room is filled with stuff that has to do with the Mane Six. My personal theory is that it's a book of stories about ponies from long ago. The stories of the Mane Six are the most prominent. Many ponies see these stories as nothing but fables, useful for nothing more than entertainment but something about them makes Sunny believe they are accurate descriptions of historical events in Equestria. Sunny feels disillusioned with the divided world around her, so she r
  8. A bunch of old 2000s games like NASCAR 06, Ace Combat 04, Sky Odyssey, Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel (not the newer Battlefront games), pretty much every Sonic game from that era apart from 06, classic Animal Crossing, the first few WWII Call of Duty games, Gran Turismo 3 and 4, the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV, SpongeBob: Battle For Bikini Bottom, Pokémon Diamond, Animal Crossing: Wild World... the list goes on.
  9. When my ex and I were dating, we went to see the movie Black Christmas. She picked it out. By the time we were maybe halfway through the movie, neither of us could stand it. We walked out, went back to my place, and watched movies there instead.
  10. Live version of Coldplay's God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  11. Prospekt

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Moonlight Densetsu. I love this song so much.
  12. Humans can't time travel, but they do have the power to look into the past by looking up at the night sky.
  13. I'm happily engaged to the partner of my dreams.
  14. Prospekt

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    I discovered this game because my friend streams it. Looks like a lot of lootboxes (big surprise ). I haven't been big on these free-to-play games that get you with the lootboxes but this game actually looks really fun. Maybe I'll give it a try.
  15. Prospekt

    Gaming What's Your Comfort Game ?

    Classic Mario and Zelda. Any of the Animal Crossing games. Harvest Moon/Story Of Seasons. Minecraft. The original (2005) Star Wars Battlefront II is a game I love to relax with, even though multiplayer servers have been gone for probably over a decade.
  16. I live in a bustling town that's starting to get more and more crime... there was a shooting a block away from my college campus about a month ago and we've had people get attacked on campus after dark, including some hate crimes. It's a shame. Supposedly there are some gangs on one side of town that have been troublesome before. But normally I don't really feel unsafe when I'm out walking during the daytime.
  17. Well, happy birthday to you! :ticking: Have an amazing day! :blue_baloon:


    1. ShadOBabe


      Thank you very much!! X3

  18. Prospekt

    LGBT Chatroom

    I've never really admitted this to anyone else other than my fiancé, who has the same struggles (I'm pan and she's bi so no it didn't cause problems), but screw it... I've been dealing with some amount of gender dysphoria for years, but throughout the past year or so it has hit me harder than ever before. Saying that it was like a tiger that pounced on me is a good way to put it lol
  19. Prospekt

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    Dead In The Water by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Best thing Noel has ever done outside of Oasis. I've also had How by The Neighbourhood on repeat a lot lately. So good.
  20. Well, that's a shame... I wish Disney would do a fourth season or movie on Disney Plus, but after all, it's a business. They're gonna do what they think is best in terms of ratings, cost effectiveness, and revenue. Oh well, maybe they'll pull a Phineas & Ferb and revisit Ducktales with a movie on Disney Plus in a few years. I'd love that.
  21. Kirara from Inuyasha She can be sweet and adorable but she can also transform into a loyal protector with the added bonus of being able to fly long distances while you ride on her back.
  22. Prospekt

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Physically itchy, emotionally conflicted. But not really in a bad way. I'm just indecisive.
  23. Ehh. It's not the kind of cesspool that Yahoo Answers always was. There's some legitimately good discussion. Only issue is that I'm sick of the barrage of email notifications for stuff I don't care about.
  24. I dreamt that my fiancé bought a pet tarantula. That was... interesting, to say the least. Don't think I could deal with that in real life.
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