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  1. I hate to do this but after coming back again its kinda the same ol thing and for those who still want to contact me i have a discord app i dont have or use my skype anymore, just message me the name and ill add ya also its nothing personal or anything just need to focus more on work and finding a more better job i will miss you all <3 and for those who want to add me on psn : Snowy_Frost my trophy level is lv4 (incase there is 2 same user names lol) admins : i will message you tonight to delete or deactivate the profile.
  2. Personally i really like it i might actually pick this up after it comes out i travel sometimes kinda rare or occasions and this is perfict for me and i like the design
  3. fairly odd parents....why arent you retireing? just watched the episode of season 10...still shaking my head in shame......

    1. The Cynical Lone Wolf

      The Cynical Lone Wolf

      Ironically enough it did end with Jimmy Timmy Power 3

  4. cleaned out my messages got a bit crowded xD

  5. anyone with firefox have a problem ware sometimes you click on a video and it doesnt show anything but sound but when you refresh it it plays just fine ?

  6. so i didnt know there was a new fairly odd parants intro....im sorr for my language but what the F****!

  7. thank you verizon !!!! you saved me !

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    2. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      I have a 2 GB data cap on my plan. I can't watch Youtube videos at work because of that, if my 4G would even connect. -_-

    3. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      Cant you connect to your wifi at work or is it restricted ?

    4. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      There used to be wifi, but they stopped paying for it. Very nearly everyone where I work has Verizon, and we all have to connect to the same cell tower. I can even watch my download speed grind to a halt once everyone is on their phones.

  8. i gave up on infinite warfare beta....everyone doesnt focus on the person they are shooting instead blasting all over the place...

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    2. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      except its more faster i was fine for what i said even the past games but this one was way too crazy and way to short. im just going to wait till moder n warfare remastered multiplayer comes out more slower !

    3. Kyoshi


      Sounds like Black Ops 3 but somehow worse. I didn't expect much else.

    4. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      btw random off topic but can you do the mane, back/neck part of a oc ? XD

  9. for me i wouldnt mind at all tall or short ^^
  10. ok....thought about making one oc that will fit for my needs like if i was going to be this color if i was in ponyville and it took me a while to make it had to use paint to cut some stuff out i made some hair on the back of the neck...which turned out horrible if someone can smooth it out XD but best i can do though

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    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I am not much of a Digital Artist, but if you draw something in real life you can pass it down to an artist in the Request Section of this forum. Or take it to Deviant Art where your options are much more and you're more likely to get what you were seeking for. Other than those ways, I can only imagine you attempt it yourself, pixel art is pretty easy to do, it's just combination of blocks, like in Minecraft.

    3. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      but im not talented i cant even make the lines even out >.< i cant draw....

    4. Lunar Echo
  11. so infinite warfare beta needed a update...a update for the beta you kidding me ?

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    2. Snow


      *opens crossout* "download 5h 20m .... so this is why i havent played it in months... *closes*

    3. Snow


      @Kyoshi same for halo.. those games are dead.. they need to be left in peace

    4. Starbright Sparkle

      Starbright Sparkle

      i just cant wait for modern warfare remastered multiplayer comes out the campaing was so awsome!

  12. come on let me join a lobby....

  13. infinite warfare beta is finally working!

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