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  1. thanks but i can't come back the short and sweet of it is my work found out i was on here and though they don't care they think i'm a bit too talkative and open in what i say on here in regards to the Army and it's been not ordered but heavily suggested that i just leave
  2. is it me? its me isn't it? i'm just going to say its me
  3. unfortunately i have to leave the forums i'll be posting a goodbye post somewhere (don't know where im allowed to yet) but its nothing anyone on the forums have done its due to outside reasons so im feeling kinda down cause i became attached to some people on here
  4. In my Senior year of high school for Photography class we had to watch a 7 minute video of a butterly flying in slow motion then had to write a 1200 word essay on what it meant and its deeper meaning the class started off really well but by the end it just became really artsy fartsy and we had to take "life photos" of among other things female models do you know how awkward it is to tell a male teenager to take photos of a Naked model and stare a her for long periods.... the girls were fine all the guys were red faced the entire time and strategically covering their crotches it was the worst bloody thing ever
  5. you mean that Swedish thing that blatantly ripped off 40k and Fallout?
  6. i love how in the new doom you're basically the bad guy like when you read the little tidbits from the Demons point of view its basically "the war's over (referring to doom 1+2) yet he continues to kill us WHY!?" but i saw a documentary on the so called "Call of Doom" which I'd calls Doom 4 Classic i still think Doom 4 classic should be released as a spin off cause it had an interesting concept you weren't Doom Guy you weren't a bad ass you were just a Human on Earth during hells invasion between Doom 1 and Doom 2 it looked interesting but a little too much like rage the creators said "let me make this clear it was a great game it was phenomenal it just wasn't doom"
  7. no like all western ones so UK Australia America Canada (theirs is REALLY fucking bad) not sure about none English speaking countries though
  8. i feel sorry for them but in my opinion some are too picky or not really too motivated There are some jobs that will accept anyone applicable like Army reserve or Transit Police i do however have a beef with my countries lack of regulation when it comes to hiring people some jobs will say be sandwich making at a school and they will only ask for people with like 7 years experience and a degree in culinary arts there was one job where all you had to do was clean toilets in the evening at this office building and they were asking for 5-8 years experience in cleaning... i mean its a joke it really is i also hate working holiday Visa's because all the entry level jobs are taken up by tourists and locals cant get any work its so bad that a university student committed suicide after 5 years of applying for 20 jobs a day without so much as an interview
  9. my place is fairly modern so i have one of those showers with the massive shower head built into the ceiling some think its annoying but its actually really good it doesn't feel like being in a shower its like you're under a warm waterfall or heavy rain and there's enough space that you can lather yourself up without water falling on you plus there's all these different settings you can have it heavy right down to a fine mist
  10. All militaries are now overly PC for the sake of public perception if you say you are of a certain religion even if its made up they have to accommodate that however this "PC attitude" is with very very high ranks only the lower ranks don't like it or follow it which is why we turned it into a joke by making Luna our God
  11. Probably don't let yourself get fat cause you're going to lose that weight which you will but it will be one of the mentally and physically hardest things you do focus more on your studies the guys bullying you ALL end up being druggies so who cares what they say don't tell the teachers about the bullying because its only after the bullies almost kill you and send you to hospital for "dobbing them in" that they will do anything about them Spend more time with Mum i know you can't really comprehend it but she is very sick and she is dying you are her world stop rejecting her because when she goes thinking she died with you hating her is going to eat at you for the rest of your life she's your Mum stop being the typical "eww i don't want to hang out with my mum" teen (we went through her phone she did nothing but talk about me with everyone no one really realized how important i was to her until she was gone) that girl who tells you to discharge from the Army a few days before going to basic WILL CHEAT ON YOU AND LEAVE DON'T LISTEN TO HER! do IT you may like Medicine and it may be a family trade however you will find it un challenging and come to realize its a career dealing with 18 year old males who think hey are preggers because they read it online when you do eventually join the Army don't go full time its not worth it join the Reserves and continue University you still still get to play with machine guns and rocket launchers and go away and play wardog
  12. sorry for the small sizes also i cant get spoiler tag to work the area where i camp/hunt/fish/hike some random desert pic worlds oldest rain forest (including the Amazon) mountain great barrier reef island some giant rock Tourists pay a lot of money to come see i have such a great love my country but not like... the people or the government but the land itself i cant explain the feeling
  13. not even wine? its good for you too many people think booze = insta drunk so not the case everything in moderation any way what's the creature in your DP it really looks familiar
  14. ah... no i'm not "trolling" the Military is full of stupid things like that for example and the end of that same exercise two of my mates had to stay behind for three extra days and had their phones taken off them because they were caught using them