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  1. I'm not dead, everybody.

  2. Oh my gosh, I've been inactive for so long! I feel so guilty ;~;

  3. It's pretty hard to understand when you keep using those nicknames.
  4. @@Blitz Boom, Brianna was feeling relatively lazy that day, not tired, but she just felt like not doing anything. She REALLY didn't feel like hunting down some pony, either. She wanted to cancel the plan, but she thought he might just get aggressive and go on about things like, "I worked hard to find these ponies!". She sighed and kept flying. She would fight if it came to that, but just didn't want to right now. He had gotten all riled up when she just told him to come with her, but she thought he was a pony, it wasn't her fault! He would most likely pick a fight with her. A few minutes later in her flight, she saw him rough up a couple of Timberwolves. Yup, he was definitely in the mood for fighting. She landed and said, "So, about those ponies you informed me on...I want to cancel that plan. I'm really not feeling up to it and I prefer to pick out my own hunts. Now, I'm not looking for a fight,and I appreciate the effort to help me but...I don't think this is gonna work out." She eyed him seriously and waited for his reaction.
  5. @@cwhip9, Brianna winced when he walked over, but then remembered that she was there to hunt, not be nervous. Brianna then remembered to disguise her voice, but she wasn't very good at it and the colt would most likely notice the drastic change in her vocals, so she kept it like it was. "No, I don't mind. So, what's your name?" Brianna's nervous tone calmed down and she was proud of the effort. Of course, she wasn't old or strong enough to capture a pony of course, but she still had love reservoirs. Brianna instinctively took a little whiff of the air around him to identify what he was feeling, but then remembered that was weird for ponies to do. But she did get some of his scent. He seemed...curious. She'd better up her game before he found out!
  6. @Blitz Boom Brianna woke up in her upside-down cocoon, and opened it. In Chrysalis's Hive, each Changeling's cocoon was only opened by magic specific to them. The Queen could open it, of course, but at least they had protection and a bit of privacy. Brianna then remembered the discussion she had with the other Changeling. "Happy Hour". She crawled out groggily, and walked over to the feeding area. It had ponies, each unconscious and in cocoons, and easy to feed on. She walked over to one of them and her horn glowed green, greedily sapping energy and love from it.She had no need to stealth feed, the Hive was safe.That was enough to restore her energy. She just decided he would be there in a few minutes. Then, she remembered something else. Outsider Changelings were usually captured. She sighed, and flew out of the Hive and into the forest, searching for Happy Hour. "Where in Chrysalis's name is he?"
  7. @Blitz Boom Brianna pondered on the choices. "The first one you talked about. I think I might choose her. Just teleport me a scroll or something in the morning when you're ready. I'm really tired, and I tend to screw up when I'm groggy. I live in Chrysalis's Hive." Brianna, feeling quite satisfied with her encounter today, took off into the air and toward her Hive. She COULD teleport, but she preferred flying. When she arrived at the Hive, she began to prepare a Cocoon for the new pony. It would be VERY comfy.
  8. @Blitz Boom Brianna stopped and closed her wings. He had just requested to talk a little, and apologized. She was bored, and she had never seen a Changeling NOT from Chrysalis's Hive before. "Eh, alright. So, what do you want to talk about?" She had a bored and impatient look on her face. But when he mentioned some targets, her expression loosened up, just a little. "And, what about those targets you mentioned?" The Hive wasn't running out of food, it had plenty, even. She just wanted a few extras for herself. Also, a Changeling from another Hive could be interesting, she knew almost everyling in her Hive.
  9. A villains Slice of Life series. XD
  10. @cwhip9 Brianna was okay with eating pizza, but jumped back when he stuck out his hoof. Was this some kind of pony gesture? Whatever he was doing, she knew she didn't like being touched. "I...Okay, I'll go get some pizza before it runs out!" She pretended he didn't exist until she got her food and sat down on the grass. She shivered. This wasn't going too well.
  11. @Blitz Boom Brianna sneered when he mocked her and then revealed his form. "I'm not going to waste my time with your "challenges". I was just out for a hunt. I don't CARE if another Changeling doesn't want to come. Only ponies. I hope you make some money with that "vendor pony" job. If I were you, I wouldn't want to be in that position." She did some mocking of her own before got ready to fly back to her Hive.
  12. @Blitz Boom "Oh no, I'm just out for a walk. These forests are quite beautiful at night. If anypony DID own any land around here, I'd just leave. So, what are you doing here?" Brianna asked, careful not to show suspicion. If he WAS a Changeling of Chrysalis's Hive, she would've sensed it...but then again, there were other Hives. As soon as the hoofshake was over, she pulled her hoof back immediately. She thought for a bit. She was tired. Plus, he didn't seem too strong. There were no guards in the area...yes, this was PERFECT prey! "Oh, forget it." Brianna said in her natural voice. Her horn glowed green as she revealed her true form. "You're coming with me."
  13. @cwhip9 Brianna stepped into the Lunch Room, a bit nervous because this was her first hunt. But she was ready. She really didn't need to eat physical food because, well, Changelings feed on love and all that, but she needed to avoid looking suspicious. Her disguise was a baby blue Unicorn filly with a light green tail and mane. Her cutie mark was a daisy with green grass growing all around it. Rather simple, but it would work. As for her made-up name, it was "Summer Breeze". She was late just because Changelings didn't have the same sleeping patterns as Ponies, but she knew she couldn't use THAT as an excuse. At least she was old enough to know how to stealth feed. She decided to just say she was on a vacation to Canterlot. She walked over to where the Lunchponies were and asked,"Um, what are you serving for lunch?"