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  1. Coming back to this account is like a time capsule of what I was like 4 years ago. 

    1. EpicEnergy


      Welcome back! :grin:

  2. Hello there! IGN:Perish_Song I would like to transfer my house @ 3526 71 1084 to 3515 78 1110 Red Wool 1 - 3526 71 1084 Red Wool 2 - 3552 86 1059 Please
  3. Merry birthiversary!

  4. I'm not the only one scared of what will happen once it passes. I made this quick video, I know its made in Movie Maker but I didn't have the time, it gets the point across very quickly.
  5. In 2 days its the last day of school, I'm going to be graduating from middle school to high school. I've been at this new school for a year now, and this had to be one of my best years yet, ending off with an emotional and fun year, bringing my grades us. I have A's B's and C's right now, and I truly think I spent this school year well. I am happy that I went to this school, and so far, 2017 has been a great year, 2016 sucked majorly. And I thinks its a Sweet Victory.
  6. Just say your bisexual, if you're attracted to both, we don't need these special names. All we need is Gay, Bi, and Straight those are the only sexuality I think that we need.
  7. To tell you the truth, I think I am Gay, but I'm not 100% sure, there are times where I think I am Bisexual, but I want to make a final decision, am I Gay or am I Bisexual? I know sure as hell that I am not straight.
  8. Yeah, still waiting for mlp season 7, we all are aren't we? Now I have changed so much, I have became a School News Video editor, I got elected at school as the class clown/comedian, and I had made it in first place, I have changed so much that my old self doesn't even exist anymore, my old shy cringey self like all of my previous posts since late July, I went from being quiet/shy and I became my own person I have my own official place in the year book, 2017 (so far) is looking great for me, yeah maybe a few bad days here and there yeah that happens. But mostly good days, I've been getting good grades for once, and its my last year of middle school, and I think its well spent so far, I won heat ribbons in swim meets, pushed things to the limit. I went from being a complete Fluttershy to a Rainbow Dash (Minus the cockiness and show boating, trust me on that) I've been known through out this new school I am at this year, WORTH IT! But before I start celebrating to early I better wait till the end of the year, this is not my final post. I am officially my own person.
  9. Nope! You're not the only one, music is my drug. And guess what? I'm listening to music. But hey, you wanna know how you mess with people? Say this: I'm sorry I have a confession. Other person: To what? You: Drugs Other Person: ? You: *fake sobs* I'm addicted to music. I'm sorry it just had to some out, its a horrible addiction I can't stop picking up my styx everyday.
  10. Music is like a drug, I am addicted to it badly. I have records with music, cassettes, CD's, an mp3 player with music, All of my computers have music on them and I have at least 15 GB of music. Remember fillies and colts, don't do drugs. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are my dealers, and I take in 2 albums worth of Bastille and Boney M. (and more) a day. Sometimes just single songs and I get addicted. *Whispers* Hey any good songs for me to listen to? I have one for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiSdTQ9DW9g
  11. How did all of the countries around the world come up with their own flag? Like, USA, Australia, UK, Denmark how did they all come up with their own flag designs and so many other countries. I'm making my own custom flag with a large cloth its, Blue > Freedom White > Purity/Peace Yellow > Justice And it's setup like the French flag, 3 colors going to the right.
  12. Totally did not sound like Trump, besides, I live in the USA anyways. So make Christmas great again!
  13. Well after a long time, I'm back. And I have a lot to say too, I became the official video editor of the school news, and I became the official film director for concerts at school. And I won being the official Chief/President (if you wanna say that) of the School News. Now it might be put in my records and I might have my own place in this schools history. But! Enough of that, tomorrow, Christmas Day I have a 50/50 shot at this tomorrow, it might be GREAT, or it might be a complete disaster. In this house, it's like a pattern for me: Birthday (this year) - Pretty good, actually Thanksgiving (This year) SUCKED Christmas (This year) I don't know what it will be like.... I don't know what to say tomorrow.... While I'm at it, enjoy this Danish Christmas song: P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS not Happy Holidays, I don't care if anyone is offended because I said CHRISTmas, you can complain all you want.
  14. I'm in 8th grade at the moment right now, but I'll answer anyways. I would like to attend CHS, would meet a lot of great students there. And and there would always be something interesting that went on at school.