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  1. Oh boy. The movie theater is like my second home. Prepare yourself. Lol. - Interstellar (three times in glorious IMAX, one of which was in 70mm IMAX, best theater experience of my life, bar none) - La La Land (three times) - Every Star Wars film since Episode III, at least twice - TRON: Legacy (like five times, loved this film) - Prometheus (four or five, can't remember) - The Dark Knight Rises (twice in glorious 70mm IMAX) - All recent Transformers films (my guilty pleasure film franchise) - The first two Equestria Girls films (both twice) - All Harry Potte
  2. Hello, friends. Hope you're doing well. This hypnosis experiment is still going quite well. It's feeling better and more comfortable to "be a Pegasus" as the days go by. I still can't believe it's working so well...so vividly, you know? Maybe I'm just very susceptible to hypnosis...I don't know. Side note: I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive or something, because fruits and veggies taste like food from Heaven now. Lol. I didn't eat too many fruits or veggies before this experiment, but now I specifically search for them when I'm at the store or at a restaurant. Very inte
  3. I'd tell Fluttershy that she's beautiful and she should never forget it...and that I love her.
  4. I'd definitely want to be a Pony over having a Pony in reality. I mean, having a pony as a pet would be cool and all, but actually being one would be so much cooler. Preferably a Pegasus. Haha. Cool art, btw.
  5. Hello again, everypony. Hope you're doing well. Here are some interesting tidbits about my experiment so far. And yes, I realize how legitimately crazy this all sounds, but I'm just 100 percent typing up exactly how I feel during this hypnosis experiment. I'm not making any of this up. So, with that out of the way, let's begin. Ever since "becoming a Pegasus," I've noticed that I can feel my "new form" even when I don't use any trigger phrases from the hypnosis files. For example, I can feel my pony ears pretty much all day. Heck, I can feel them right now! Even when I'm driving in
  6. Looking it up and reading now...interesting stuff. I'll take it into account during this experiment. Thanks!
  7. I thought the same thing about hypnosis before I tried the Hypnoponies stuff. And indeed, it can be ineffective at best, dangerous at worst. That's why I'm keeping this journal here to record any and all positive or negative effects. And I'm not one to lie. Everything I post here will be as precise to what I'm feeling as I can make it. Pinkie promise. The Pony Hypnosis post here on MLP Forums directs you to the Hypnoponies community forums site. I'll save you time and just post a link to the site here: https://hypnoponies.net/ PS: You have to sign up there (for free) if yo
  8. Wow, new name and everything? Hope you're well.

    1. Valiant 2.0

      Valiant 2.0

      Hey there!


      Yeah, I updated the name a little bit. Kinda a "new start" thing, you know? And I'm doing well indeed. Hope you are too.

  9. Hello, everypony. So, I've noticed a few behavioral changes since I've started this Pony Hypnosis thing. One of the most interesting changes is this: Apples are freaking DELICIOUS now. Seriously. I can't get enough! Lol. I mean, apples were alright before, but now...every bite is heaven! Haha. And don't get me started on apple pies...this is a change I never anticipated. Another change I've noticed is this: I seem to be more caring of others and what they have to say to me. Like, I seem to listen better. And I'm not just saying that...I seem to be more aware of things. And
  10. Good morning, everypony out there. Hope you have a good day.

  11. Hello, world. My name is Valiant Venture, but you can call me Valiant. I've been a Brony for about 4 years now, and I've come to love a lot of things about the show and its fandom. I've even fallen in love with Fluttershy. She's my waifu, I guess you could say. Haha. So, this blog will be a journal of my experiences with Pony Hypnosis and all of its effects, from the good to the potentially bad. A short while ago, I came across a topic on MLP Forums talking about Pony Hypnosis. I've always been a skeptic of hypnosis, having tried it a few times with no results. But last week, I d
  12. Good morning, everypony! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Zachary


      Good Morning! Same to you! :)

  13. *obligatory Happy New Year Post* ---- No but seriously, have a fantastic 2017. "Don't let your dreams be dreams." :)

  14. 1. Fluttershy 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Derpy Hooves 4. Daring Do 5. Scootaloo 6. Spitfire 7. Soarin 8. Vapor Trail 9. Bulk Biceps 10. Night Glider
  15. Good morning, everypony! Hope you have an excellent last day of 2016! :)

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