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  1. So here are a couple pics from DragonCon - The BikerDash costume went over really well.... More on my wordpress site below
  2. Pretty much the only game I play is World of Tanks
  3. Loved it.... On one hand, it reminded me of high school (90s) where the jocks were looking down their noses at all of us headbangers who were into heavy metal, played D&D, and just quit caring what mainstream society thought of us...
  4. So in prep for DragonCon next week I've been working on my Rainbow Dash cosplay.. Did some modifications on an old motorcycle helmet I had laying around to accomodate pony ears.... and the second I need to clean up the helmet, smooth out the ear holes and then edge them with some trim... but mostly done Thoughts? LoL, wife just saw this and said, "go with the first set.... badasses aren't that alert"
  5. super cool... so when do we see an etsy site?
  6. Awesome! Can't wait to see the whole cosplay...
  7. Awesome... I'm afraid I'm the wrong shape to wear it... but you're rockin it!
  8. Love it, if you haven't found the SCA yet, then you should
  9. Awesome... I've been toying with a Mandalorian Dashie myself... Can't wait to see the progress
  10. cool... something to think about when you're photographing things... Put them on a white background so you maximize the clarity. For example, here's a 40K model I painted. Picture was taken with my iphone. By putting the subject against a plain bright background, you can get the details to pop.
  11. Problem is that you can't do that as a newbie to an organization. You have to get in the door, gain the respect of your fellows, then look to make changes. Also, I think it's important for kids to realize that it's hard to go to a new group sometimes... especially if you really want to fit in.... Dash, realizes at the end that she has been accepted from the beginning and all the silliness she does to gain their respect wasn't needed... so sometimes, you've got to go with the flow until you know what the heck is going on.
  12. Love the pics... thanks for the compliment... The idea was to be "legit" with the biker theme - also, I wanted a Dash that was unmistakably masculine.
  13. I guess I'm the minority here... I really liked the episode and some parts really resonated with me. 1. You gotta work hard to fit in with a new group sometimes. I am a former Marine, and there is a level of rough humor that goes with being in a military unit. The one thing that is hard to portray to folks who have never served though is that it's a HUGE bond. I'm not saying that hazing is right mind you, just that in the military a certain amount happens and when properly done, causes the group to really come together. I felt kind of bittersweet about the episode at the end because that was a part of my life from 20 years ago and I haven't experienced the same kind of camaraderie since. 2. Dash, who is always awesome at everything she does, is now thrown in with a bunch of other superstars. I left a comfortable job of 15 years and went to a new company last year, and a lot of her struggles resonated with me. You try really hard, put a ton of hours in, and still feel like you're failing sometimes. You still have the chops that got you in the door, but you can't rest on your laurels.
  14. I liked the episode, it's always cool when they pull in more "ethnic" ponies.. shows that there are lots of different kinds people in the world. Also, I loved the theme of not trying to be like everyone else.