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  1. Howdy, do you remember me? I used to be Iced_Coffee Nerd but I changed my username. It's been a hell of a long time since I've been on here everything is kinda new to me again! :o

  2. Heyo! I know I'm not active that much but I'll be trying to become active now. :-)

    1. TwilightPomegranate


      ARGH this account has so much cringe shit on it,, this is how I feel right now45d142dd20f67eb21c77f35e0e0bd134.gif

  3. Title says it all. Just doing an interest check on something I want to start doing. I
  4. I only come here for the free episodes, and good job!
  5. I revealed my full birthdate, the date will shock you if you see it

  6. 70 more brohoofs and I'll have 300!

    1. Califorum


      Want me to brohoof you there?

    2. TwilightPomegranate


      61 more brohoofs left! My estimate for getting 300 brohoofs will probably be on a Tuesday

  7. Gonna ask my friends tomorrow if they want a printed signature or something to stick on their binder

    1. The_Gobo


      Well that could be cool :D


  8. My very first was a Pinkie Pie plushie, still have it to this day
  9. I would buy it. It looks good and I hope the fabric on it would be soft
  10. I sell a variety of cucumbers, tomatoes, tropic fruits, spinach, and more. My interests are probably farming, outdoor games, and reading. And my only hobby is well.. farming! I grown up with agriculture and it will never leave my side!
  11. Hello, I'm Carrot Sticks. I work in a small stand in the town square, selling carrots and such. So ask me anything! Who is my family, crushes, etc.. Yeah just um, ask away! Just click that little box and type.. ok!
  12. I feel like the body parts (leg and arms, possibly head) are way to big and humanoid. I like the AJ one, though your coloring and possibly shading need to improve. I hope that this doesn't seem rude, but I sometimes use this thing called an "art level". Where based off of the drawings, I calculate the level. The levels are from 0 to 100. I feel like you're at a 45, not to be rude. Your art needs improvement and that's ok, I feel like that you can do better.
  13. I think not really, we've had cameos of other people before. Now it's to the point where it's kinda overused.
  14. Super happy that summer break is about 5 weeks away, :D

  15. Nice! I seen that heart cup, can't fool me.. Also, can ya give me some of that salsa?

    1. The_Gobo


      Because you need to get the LSD out of your air filters :V


  17. I like it! I'm a huge Broncos fan so this deserves a brohoof
  18. Inb4 my banner doesn't get in :(

  19. 200 brohoofs? Thank you guys! :D

    1. The_Gobo
    2. internet pone

      internet pone

      You deserve much more ^-^

    3. TwilightPomegranate


      Road to 300 brohoofs, here I come!

  20. I think I seen that comic, but good job!
  21. I might be leaving the forums due to inactivity and problems IRL. But I may not

    1. Snow


      I know things in real life can really influence the amount of time you have or want to spend doing specific things but dropping in every now and then wouldn't be to bad would it?


    2. The_Gobo


      Sorry to hear that, but I hope things improve for you regardless D:


    3. TwilightPomegranate


      Thanks guys, I hope that things at school and home can get better for me really soon. I had a chat with my principal about it and fixed one of my major problems. Plus, I'll probably stay on here even though I'm not active a lot.

  22. Currently working on another pony edit, the next one might include Colgate and Derpy

  23. I watched the Minty one, and it's really good. Loved the old vibes!
  24. Gusty is best pony now

    1. The_Gobo


      Who now?
      And why not Maud? :V


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