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  1. > Disclaimer < My little pony: Vengeance of Dark Lord is a fan-made, non-profit and open-source project, its not associated with Hasbro Inc. or its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, and claims no ownership of My Little Pony or any of its intellectual property; all online resources have given credit appropriately in the game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Introduction < This is a fan-made RPG based on My Little Pony:Friendship is magic and D&D(Dungeons and Dragons) rulesets, enter & explore Equestria, experiencing the history and start your own. Adventure awaits... > Features < ★D&D rules based! ● Dual-classing: An Earth Pony traveling around the Equestria with her animal friends, singing the epic histories; an Unicorn knows the arcane knowledge with handy picking tricks; a Pegasus ranger soaring into the night sky, hooves and eyes upraised toward the moon and chanting the glory of the moon. [you can still specialize only one class and reach the levelcap (normally 20) of that class first] ● Real-Time Combat with Tactic mode: Inspired by Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Help the ponies fight against the monsters from the Tartarus, protect the homeland from the demonic havoc, command your squads and bring the final victory! ● Mind your decisions: Your choices matters, maybe it will change the path you take. ● Dungeons and Puzzles: You gaze down into the darkness downstairs, light the horn and carefully step down to a secret room with numerous strange symbol carved on the wall around you, and an old stone table with six empty holes. Your wisdom and logic is your big gun. ● Vancian Spells: As known as "fire & forget magic", powerful than standard unicorn spells but need to prepare in advance and limited use, can be replenished via rest(e.x. sleep, most common method), special items or spells. ● Semi-Blockchain Transaction: This is a school project formerly, so this thing exists. Anyway, you have a chance to earn Chromastal during gameplay, which is a special currency in game and it can purchase special items, inherit save data and other features! ● Ponies! Headcanon contained, enjoy your pones!(definitely no white-color text in this line) > Story < ℐn the north of Equestria, there has nothing but chilling icy plains and mountains; however, there's a story untold...once Crystal Empire was stood in that pure white land for centuries, until a fateful war broke out...and it vanished in the mid air. 𝒜fetr a millennia, Crystal Empire has returned, Twilight Sparkle and her friends was sent to investigate the situation. Soon, they find out the thing returned not only the empire itself... > Character Attributes < There're several characters in the game, here only show the Mane 6 and Princess. ※Score ability is up-balanced due to nature of video game Twilight Sparkle A unicorn from Canterlot, she has amazing magical ability and loves reading. She is also Princess Celestia's personal student, wielder of Element of Magic. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Caster Class: Wizard 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 10 Con: 11 Int: 18 Wis: 16 Dex: 9 Cha: 14 Skills: (+ = proficiency, ++ = double) Arcana+ History+ Insight+ Applejack A farmer pony that works and lives in Sweet Apple Acres, she is brave, strong and a little too straight, wielder of Element of Honest. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Tank, Assault Class: Fighter 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 17 Con: 16 Int: 10 Wis: 11 Dex: 13 Cha: 11 Skills: Athletics+ Survival+ Acrobatics+ Pinkie Pie A partymanic raised in Rock Farm and lives in Ponyvile helps Mr. & Mrs. Cake run a bakery. She is extremely energetic, happy wielder of Element of Laughter. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support Class: Bard 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 12 Con: 14 Int: 11 Wis: 12 Dex: 14 Cha: 15 Skills: Perception+ Acrobatics+ Performance+ Rainbow Dash A talented and a little arrogant flyer from Cloudsdale, she is the only pegasus to pull of a sonic rainboom, her dream is to join the Wonderbolts. She is also wielder of Element of Loyalty. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Assault Class: Rogue 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 14 Con: 13 Int: 9 Wis: 11 Dex: 18 Cha: 13 Skills: Acrobatics+ Stealth+ Perception+ Rarity A vain yet generous pony who is also a fashion designer that runs Carousel Boutique in Ponyvile, she is the wielder of Element of Generosity. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support, Healer Class: Cleric(Light Domain) 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 11 Con: 12 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Dex: 11 Cha: 18 Skills: Insight+ Persuasion+ Investigation+ Fluttershy A kind, gentle and blushful pegasus lives in a cottage near the Everfree Forest, she loves animals and taking care of them. She is the wielder of Element of Kindness. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Support, Healer Class: Druid 1 Score Ability(78): Str: 9 Con: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 17 Dex: 10 Cha: 16 Skills: Animal Handling+ Medicine+ Nature+ Celestia Ruler of Equestria. Rules over the day and has great political ability. She is a kind and wise leader with over a millennium life, thus, she also has many legends and tales, often shaped as a sun goddess among the folks. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile Class: Arch Mage 17/Epic Cleric(Light Domain) 1 Score Ability(120): Str: 18 Con: 20 Int: 22 Wis: 24 Dex: 16 Cha: 20 Skills: Arcana++ History++ Investigation++ Insight++ Medicine++ Perception++ Survival++ Persuasion++ Nature+ Deception+ Luna Co-ruler of Equestria, Rules over the night and widely known for her past as Nightmare Moon. She is Celestia's younger sister and has the ability to enter other pony's dream, help them fight against the nightmares. Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile Class: Arch Mage 20/Cleric(Moon Domain) 18 Score Ability(118): Str: 22 Con: 19 Int: 21 Wis: 21 Dex: 18 Cha: 17 Skills: Stealth++ Arcana++ Animal Handling++ Insight++ Perception++ Survival++ Intimidation++ Deception++ Nature+ Religion+ > Screenshots < > Downloads< Player's Handbook: (Recommend to read before you play!) English: Download from Education Domain(TW) [Not available yet] Download from gamejolt (link to gamejolt site) Download from google drive > Looking for help < Please check this post for details > Open source magic < > Team < Thanks for reading! Your brohoof & feedback is a big support!
  2. So, from the beginning of Season one we knew that Nightmare Moon will return "on the longest day of the thousandth year", which is also the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration, and later indicates the first celebration happened after Luna was imprisoned[1]. Now in Season 8 EP 7, the show is around the Celestia's "ones-versary", the 1111th anniversary of Sunbutt first raise the sun[2]. Here's comes something interesting, we can know the M6's minimum possible age by some simple mathematics: Set Celestia first rasied the sun => a1 S8's anniversary => a2 First Summer Sun Celebration => b1 Nightmare Moon's return => b2 ---------------------------------- M6's minimum possible age = a2 - b2 (1) a2 - a1 = 1111 (2) b2 - b1 = 1000 (1) - (2) = (a2 - a1) - (b2 - b1) = 111 => a2 - a1 - b2 + b1 = 111 => a2 - b2 = 117 + a1 - b1 => a2 - b2 = 117 - (b1 - a1) ---------------------------------- a2 - b2 < 111, if b1 > a1 a2 - b2 > 111, if b1 < a1 a2 - b2 = 111, if b1 == a1 => M6's possible minimum age equal to 111 - (b1 - a1), or = 111 + a1 - b1 => M6's possible minimum age equal to [111 + <The year of Celestia first raise the sun> - <The year of first Summer Sun Celebration>] => M6's possible minimum age equal to [111 - <The year between(Celestia first raise the sun, first Summer Sun Celebration)] So, we get another way to figure out how old M6 is! If (b1 == a1) that means M6 IS AT LEAST 111 YEARS OLD Just kidding :p, since we've already know Celestia's first sunrise happened earlier than first Summer Sun Celebration so it's quite not possible. P.S: This way seems useless unless we know the unknown number from above [1]: [2]:
  3. I believe many ponies will do the "CTRL+Z" after they discover they do some mistakes, so do type article here. But after I do that, the whole thing disappeared, even worse, the "CTRL+Y" is disabled. I don't want to do the whole thing again, that's waste of time, please fix this. BTW, don't tell me to type the article in my own text editor then paste here after completed, though that's another solution it makes the editor here stupid
  4. Tirek for sure, in the show he's definitely the one who only want to see the world burn; as for Storm King, in the movie he just like a stupid but bigger kid. I haven't read the movie's comics yet, so maybe Storm King is a better villain than Tirek in the book. Anyway I go for Tirek now,
  5. Compeador

    Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Quite sleepy, doing tons of sh*ts in day and it's around 3:00 a.m. here, happy Christmas for those who same in 12/25 already
  6. Compeador

    Tails of Equestria Video Game Edition

    Although I would love to, but my IRL situation won't allow me to do that because in my experience that will take a lot of time and unfortunately I'm quite busy these months so I don't even have time to 100% concentrate on my own project, or the other I have participated, so all I need is a rule book, some TRPG demo/record then I can figure out how it works. So the help I can give ya is the "programming framework" in RPG Maker, I dare to say I'm an expert in RMVA, and I have a copy of RMMV and their differences won't be to much. But TBH I'm yet to learn JS so I can't help you do the actual programming, at most transfer the ideas into ruby code, which is implementable RMVA for now. The most important thing in programming is the idea and the "pseudo code" so if you have experience coding in RMMV, it won't be too difficult to transform the RMVA code to RMMV
  7. Compeador

    Tails of Equestria Video Game Edition

    Well, that'd be interesting to see & play though, I'm same as a developer and I'm working on my D&D x MLP project but I'm using RMVA so I can't help you sadly since they changed the scripting language from Ruby to JS for some reason. But I have created some frames for that mechanics-heavy RPG, I can help you with that if you need Good luck anyway
  8. It look like many forums using IPS, thanks for the information! about the API stuff, I just found this page, maybe I should dig into it and see how it works and how to use it. Wishing you having no bugs when you working on these stuff
  9. Nice, software experience (or even open-source lol) sharing is always helping. Regardless, I've seen some features very similar to the one I seen in other forum, so what framework you're using? Also, I have some interests in the forum API stuff, can you do a little...introduction maybe? Just want to know what can that do and how to use them if needed
  10. watch next ep or just restart from S1E01 again
  11. Compeador

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    This episode did a great job much than I excepted, now we have 7 old guys need to adapt to morden technology. Now I'm so hyped to read the legend of magic and see the things they did thousand years ago
  12. Compeador

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    I thought pony of shadow is pony version of the heartless
  13. Compeador

    What´s your local time right now ?

    22:18 here, perhaps will change time zone same as JP next year
  14. wow, a direct development update from the forum, it deed looks really interesting, I dunno if we can ask you some questions here?
  15. Demo v 0.1.0 is out! So, finally, it's here, remember, this is merely a demo, lots of things are not done, yet, and it's not bug-free nor lag-free since I write the whole system almost by myself. Important note: This game contains RTP itself, but requires OpenAL to run, you can find "" in game folder, run the program inside to install OpenAL. Also, we recommend you to read the player’s handbook before you play! If you found any bug, please report to us; feedbacks are very welcomed! The download link has been updated at #1, check it out!
  16. So basically. this is my old system which I no longer use right now, 95% of the stuff are from others, though the compatibility issue have been solved but it's pretty bad optimized and I still don't like the combat style for some reason. I have tried the real-time combat scripts on but none of them can meet my requires so I decided write one by my own. If you're interested in my old system, you can download here: It's mainly focus on combat skills, if you have RMVA, you can download the project and play the battle test, there're a lot of skills to toy with; also, you can ask me if you have any question, including even you wanna use this system do work on your own game. Link to my current game project:
  17. Compeador

    My Little Pony: The Game

    same as an developer and heard you said pixel is easier to make so I go for pixel here, a good game depends on its playability, plots and environment design imo, so I think you should pay more attention to those things instead of the graphics. (hey, graphic is still important, but no greater than the stuff I mentioned) RAID WW2 may be a good example here, it doesn't receive much positive feedback due to its gameplay is similar to PAYDAY 2, which is the dev's past famous work, though it has good graphics and animations.
  18. Compeador

    S07:E18 - Daring Done

    Thoughts after watch: Angry folks are always a good political tool to against your enemy, villains are always lost because they love to explain everything
  19. Compeador

    My Little Pony: The Game

    You may want to try vector art for HD resolution, but IMO it's ok even if it's in pixel, though shh, never ask the release date of an indie game, it'll only bring pressure to the developers
  20. Compeador

    WIP pony rpg looking for help

    pump it's been a while now, still looking for helping hoof. Here's the devlog update I'll start a new post about this game later, maybe soon or months later
  21. Currently, I'm working on a pony rpg and that is based on D&D(Dungeons and Dragons) mechanics using RPG Maker VX Ace, btw this game is originally a school project and I've put the download link under my county's education domain to avoid some C&D stuff (perhaps even not work anyway), well, that's not the point. For now, I'm building the whole game mechanics by my own, most crucial part is coding stuff, if you ask me why not just use the scripts on, well, sadly, because non of the script I found could really do what I want, so basically when I opened RMVA, I'm just doing my code stuff and barely having time to do the art stuff. So, I came here for help: I'm looking for artist that willing to lend me a helping hoof, even to join, and let's do this Quick introduce to this game, if you've played the game that made by Infinity Engine, such like Baldur's Gate, Planescape etc, you may be familiar with the following features: 1. Real-time combat (and some strategy) 2. D20 system(you won't actually need to click the 'roll' button, easy) 3 .Various class choice (in this game it's Dual-class for M6), of course, other stuff 4. Puzzles, yeah, D&D puzzles are always a challenge 5. Your enemies, for instance, in this game, smart creatures generally will use consumable items above Normal difficulty, strategy in higher difficulty 6. Books, game history backgorund in other games, but, it's sorta headcanon or something here... 7. Semi-blockchain system, it's originally a school project, after all so it's hard to cheat with in-game important values, if a cheat is detected, your save data will be encrypted, maybe 8. OPEN SOURCE MAGIC (link to my github) 9. In fact, there're a lots of things 10. PONIES, why I make this game Finally, here're the positions that I looking for, if you're willing to lend me a helping hoof, I'll be very, very very thankful; and of course, it'll be wonderful if you have experience (or RMVA) if you want to help, just reply here or email to: > Character sprites artist > Map artist > Beta Testers (if experienced in D&D mechanics, that's wonderful) > Icon artist > Musician > Any other that you want to help also, gamejolt site here (not totally completed yet) and a few screenshot from game, since I lacked drawing experience, so I used many online resources, all credits have been appropriately given in game, and the screenshot below may be different after release
  22. still keep coding 4 my own mlp rpg...but I even don't know when can I release a demo *sigh*

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Stick in there. :)

  23. Compeador

    S07:E14 - Fame and Misfortune

    this episode is basically our fandom in a nutshell lol at least they didn't referenced the r34, right?
  24. Compeador

    Music What's your favorite type of music?

    Instrumental, classic, orchestral metal, I love those kind of epic musics
  25. Compeador

    If You Could Change the Mlp Show, what Would You Change?

    Startlight gets more screen time as Zecora/CMC, she supposed to be a background or support character imo Also, no more alicorn nerf