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  1. "Objection! The testimony... CONTRADICTS THE EVIDENCE!"

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    2. Kyo Sunbringer

      Kyo Sunbringer

      *Sweats once again*

      [No good... She shot down everything I said! What do I do now?]

    3. Vulcan


      > [re-examine the witness]

      > [request Break]

      > [use other evidence]

      > [surprise witness?!]

    4. Princess Snowdrop

      Princess Snowdrop

      (* awww this is so cute *)

  2. How about some Nujabes up in hea?!
  3. Luna: "I haven't even realized that my actions were literally going to cause more death than good out of sheer jealousy of my sister." Spike: "I'm gonna live with Lyra." Applejack: "HADOUKEN!", "SHORYUKEN!", "TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!" Celestia: "I'm irrelevant now!"
  4. Call me a nerd but... I love listening to this song.
  5. Celestia: Neigh! Whinny! Luna: I'm bored of night-time. Twilight: I don't want to be an Alicorn anymore. Changeling from Wedding: Wish I was home doing things bug-ponies do.
  6. The one filly I hope gets the most happiest ending out of all of the CMC, reason? She's adorable in her own way and she is literally one of the ponies that makes me wish there is a portal to Equestria somewhere.
  7. Uhm... C- can we first talk about this episode's aura for a sec? Like despite how we enjoyed or hated the episode, you can't fault the fact that it felt WAY too realistic and (in my case especially) way too familiar and it literally feels like the episode was a punch in the gut for me. I loved the episode, don't get me wrong but... Holy moly! I swear, this episode made me want to get a drink for reminding me of my own failures.
  8. Mr. Stripes has lead a true slavic lifestyle. That Adidas jacket, the accent and the facial hair! Just all he needs is mayonnaise, sunflower seeds and a bottle of vodka to start his day. But no in seriousness, it was a good episode. I liked it a lot.
  9. Chapter 1 - It's CHRISTMAS! ========================================================= His eyes jolt open to the sound of a blizzard and frantic wind blowing onto his quaint little house in Ponyville. It took him a few minutes to realize that his upper body was up while his lower body was still relaxed onto the bed, he sighs softly to himself as he had remembered what the others had said, there would be a snow storm later tonight. "Huh, guess they were right." He said out loud and to no one in particular as he got up and walked to the opened window and closed it to avoid getting hypothermia in his own home, what a way to go that would be. 'Here lies Kyo Sunbringer, forgot to close window.' The sudden mental image made him laugh a little bit and got him to remind himself that he was alone in the house to share no laughs with. Its even worse when all the ponies he knows are either to busy to hang out with him or they practically hate his guts enough to stop caring about him. It hurts, but it's the sad truth... And funnily enough, you accept that. It was a full month when he got here in Equestria by... Strange paranormal means, let's call it. And when he had met the ponies, they were incredibly excited and frightened to meet him. They all thought he would gobble them up, hurt them or take their children. ... Okay, granted he did pick up a filly and nuzzled her from her adorableness, but her sister came around and practically KICKED him in the chest and was out like a light. What a misunderstanding that was... Thought it didn't stop her from distrusting him completely and warned the other ponies to not get too involved with him, but the lavender purple alicorn herself had an interested look in her eye when she found out that Kyo was completely sentient. And believe it or not, he too was a little confused on how sentient these creatures were but that's neither here nor there. Within a full week he was able to get some ponies trust by just staying away from them, 'strangely enough you do what they ask to do and they'll start to feel bad for you.' he thought. Now a month later he was at a neutral relationship with the town, but he still needed room for improvement, but he'll cross that bridge once he gets to it. Right now, it was Christmas and he decided to celebrate it his own special way: alcohol and the time to feel sorry for himself and have a mild case of depression, y'know the usual shindig. But it was even more depressing since he was the only one who celebrated Christmas while the others celebrated... "Oh man, what was it called again?" He said out loud. "Hearth's warming! That's right!" He continued as he clicks his fingers. "Even in a happier place like this, I can't stop my old habits." He said as he walked into his workshop and got a bottle of Applejack Daniels from the cabinet. "Pfft, Applejack Daniels, seriously? Ugh, I hate whiskey..." Somewhere out there you could hear the fated words coming: "Pass the whiskey!" He shook his head and chuckled at the strange mental image again, he sighs. "Well, this is better than nothing I guess." He sat down and opened the bottle, he got a shot glass and poured some in, after that he took the shot and shivered from it. It wasn't unpleasant, it was more sweet than burning. The taste of apple and cinnamon overriding the taste of disgusting alcohol was a nice exchange... He could definitely drink more of this and hopefully feel plastered by the end of the bottle or if his lightweight side came along the first quarter would knock him clean out. His wish was for either since he wanted this day to go faster and by Tria, he would do anything to not trigger any horrible memories, not only that but he didn't want to be bothered by anyp-- Before he could finish that inner monologue, the doorbell rang. Kyo looked over to the door and sighed to himself as he ignored it and went for another drink, but the doorbell rang once more and a couple more for good measure, this made him a little bit annoyed and got up, he walks to the door and opened it. It was Spike, and he seemed to be shivering. 'Which was odd since I normally thought he was immune to weather conditions, guess it didn't sink in just yet.' He thought in his mind and then wondered. "So, what's up Spike? Need anything?" Despite Kyo's impatience and annoyance to the drake, he couldn't say anything mean to the guy, he was the only one who he found to be even close to a friend. Spike looked a little bit unsure of himself. "Hey Kyo... Uhm, I was wondering if you'd come over to the castle." Kyo blinks a bit and folds his arms. "Oh really? Why?" Now he was getting impatient, but he was curious as to see where this goes. Spike took notice and nervously smiles. "Eheh... Well, Twilight really wants to see you and it's been a few days since she last saw you... S-so did the other girls." Kyo couldn't believe a single word he said, so he looked around the snowy streets of Ponyville and looked back at Spike. "Is this a joke?" He finally said. "This isn't some prank Rainbow has you dished out, has she? Cause if so, I'm not laughing Spike. This isn't funny!" Kyo said looking at Spike whom looked a little bit hurt and Kyo felt a bit guilty from nearly exploding from rage. "I-I know that you guys haven't been getting along b-but..." He stammered out and Kyo sighed and shook his head. "Sorry Spike, I refuse tonight... I got a lot on my mind and being around friends isn't gonna help... In fact, I think its best that you ignore me for the rest of this week." Kyo said in a bit more of a tolerable tone, but it still made Spike a little upset. "O-oh... Okay, erm... Is it about this 'Christmas' thing?" He said with a bit curiousness to his voice. Oh the naivety of youth. Kyo had sighed again. "Kinda, but it's also got something to do with me and the girls in general, if I be there in the castle I'm just going to make things worse and no doubt I'd cause a lot of trouble." Spike looked down and nodded in understanding. "Oh... Okay. Alright, well if you change your mind..." He said solemnly, he looks to the floor and begins waddling back to the castle. A part of Kyo wanted to scold himself for declining the guy, but you know what they say: 'Don't feed the flames with more fuel.' And Kyo just didn't want to be THAT guy whom has fuelled the flames for just being there. Kyo closed the door and sat back down on the table to get another drink of Applejack Daniels, hopefully tonight will go down without a hitch. "Cheers." He said solemnly before downing the shot and sighing loudly to himself. [End of Chapter 1]
  10. *Simply scratches the back of his head* Heh, blame the princess of the night herself for doing that. In either case, I certainly do hope you enjoy yourself here in these forums.
  11. T'is but a pleasure, the human of Equestria bows to thee in respect of your introduction. Welcome to the forums and I hope we can be friendly to one another, to be fair though we should always be friendly.
  12. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Found it based on luck, determination and pure skill, boyo! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Watched the show from season 1, got interested in the fan works and well... here I am! A pleasure to meet all of you, my name is Kyo Sunbringer! Why do I have a long and strange last name? Well its quite simple you see... Because I like it! ... Yes, that's it. No other reason. No backstory, no complicated matter, no illegitimate son complex, none of that. So how, is all? Good? Goooood. Welp, if you need me I'll be napping in my workshop.
  13. Welcome to MLP Forums, KyoSunbringer! I hope you have a great time here. /)