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  1. I'm sure Rara'd be more than happy to have Autumn Blaze be her opening act.
  2. Angel Bunny found all of the eggs. It would've been more fun if he didn't *hide* 'em, too. Stupid rabbit.
  3. Oh, sorry. Yes, Autumn Blaze said she is doing well & is planning to go on a singing tour all over Equestria.
  4. Happy World Book Day, Everypony! ^_^




    I'm sure @Twilight Sparkle is having a wonderful World Book Day, too! 

  5. It's more like I feel like I can hear Autumn Blaze singing. Yes, exactly. Yes. It's right over there. *Points to a hook on the wall*
  6. Sometimes, when I'm out in the field I can still hear Autumn Blaze singing. That happens to me sometimes, too, when I'm taking a walk with the animals.
  7. It's quite alright, Princess. Take all the time you need. "Does your sister have a new special somepony, too?"
  8. It was my pleasure, BFFFF. I know for a fact that they greatly appreciate your generosity, kindness, loyalty, honesty...and laughing at their ridiculous "jokes".
  9. Consider this a belated "Forum Birthday" present from me to you! :) 


    1. Sparklefan1234


      24562__safe_twilight-sparkle_rarity_spik THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, BFFFF!

  10. If those vampire fruit bats make their return... Either that or Twittermites.
  11. If I had Equestrian magic, I hope I would be a somewhat powerful Unicorn like my BPFF, @Rarity.
  12. I like G.M. Berrow's books & EQG shorts *way* more than her full episodes, TBH. I'm sure I will like it though, because my favorite pony is the character this episode focuses on.