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  1. Thanks for answering all of my questions, no matter how lame they are.

  2. Because Twilight already has perfect "Balance"?
  3. Season 9 Finale Prediction



    I think Scorpan will be the one to reform Grogar since, everyone else is already softening. 


    I make *way* too many predictions. :huh:

    1. R.D.Dash


      That's okay

  4. Yes. "Twilight, have you ever heard of "Mr. Sparkle"?" (Not you, Stardust.)
  5. Yes. It takes a while for Pharynx to "get" jokes but, once he does he cannot stop laughing.
  6. Well played, Beardy. *Hugs defeated purple pony princess* "Stardust, have you ever tried to sparkle?"
  7. Which one of you is stronger? Can physical strength be stronger than the power of magic?
  8. "'Linkin Park.'"

    "Crawling in Twi's skin! Being an Alicorn is unreal!" :angry:/:P

  9. "If @Stardust Balances & Twilight Sparkles, how many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?"
  10. Our avatars almost match in a "Hey, they're both pink." sort of way. :P

    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      Pretty in pink. 

    2. Sparklefan1234


      We have the same eye color, too. 



  11. “I'm not just ready, I'm ready Freddy!" “It's Larry…"
  12. Are you a Cwanky Doodle Yakie? :P

    1. Cwanky
    2. Sparklefan1234


      I'll take that as a "Yes.".



  13. @Captain Clark


    *Makes birdcall noises*


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    2. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Since you are curious, he tends to be rather on and off on Discord; I believe he is taking a break as we speak. Bluntly put, he has not expressed any desire to log in much at all any longer. :rarity: I believe he will log in from time to time to message certain users, but aside from that, he has largely lost interest.

    3. Valencia


      @The Recherche indeed thats what he's told me as well, about a month ago :adorkable:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Valencia @The Recherche I am one of the users Clark still talks to here. 

  14. Maud is smiling! :pinkie:



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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Maud has some of the best smiles. :fluttershy:


    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. Tacodidra


      It's always adorable when she smiles! :rarity: Maybe in part because it's such a rarity... :grin: