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    Come on everypony smile, smile, smile Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine All I really need's a smile, smile, smile From these happy friends of mine!
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About Me

These are my two favorite cartoon characters *ever*:


1. Twilight Sparkle       twilight_alicorn__2__by_zacatron94_by_br


2. Rapunzel from Disney's "Tangled" Rapunzel-150x150.jpg


Thanks to my Best Forum Friend For Five-Ever @ChB who had this commissioned for my "forum birthday"!




Commission: Rapunzel and Twi

by Celebi-Yoshi


 Thanks to my BFFFF @ChB for this awesome autograph from Tara Strong! 





Thanks to my Best Forum Friend For Five-Ever @ChB who had this commissioned for my "forum birthday"!



Commission for TrekkieBronyby BananimationOfficial



Thanks to my BFFFF @ChB for this amazing Hearth's Warming gift! 



Pre-Alicorn Twilight: When Will My Life Begin?

*To the tune of "When Will My Life Begin?"*


Spending the day in the Golden Oaks Library.
Arranging all the books from A to Z!
Reading all science from physics to botany.
Studying magic, and new spells, and also wizardry!


I’ll read reference books,
of Equestrian History.
Then I will take a break, 
with a Daring Do or three.
I’ll stargaze all night long,
through weather, thick and thin.
Just wonder when will my life begin?


Learning the ways of the Elements of Harmony.
Sending Celestia Friendship Letters every day!
Spending quality time with the ReMane Five and Spikey.
Then spend time, deep-thinking, “Is there some...other way?”


Oh, don't you get me wrong,
I really love my friends!
I’ll always be with them,
from now unto the end!
But I will always ask:
“Will there be more within?”
Not just the same things I've always seen...


And I’ll keep wondering, and wondering, and wondering, and wondering: When will my life begin?


And on that day
I’ll go far away
Making friends with every creature, my way.
What is it like,
Out there where they roam?
All I ask from you:
Mother Tia,
Let me go!



Thanks to my BFFFF @ChB for this fabulous autograph from Tabitha St. Germain! 


Tabitha St Germain Autograph - Sparklefan1234.jpg