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  1. Eating, breathing, breeding. One of those is a lie.
  2. Holidays are arbitrary customs that have evolved over the years for corporations to squeeze billions of dollars out of the public, masquerading under the half-truth that people need a vacation once in a while. There's no stopping that, though. You're better off enjoying Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or what have you, with your loved ones. Sometimes it's good to just not think about things.
  3. Biggest event in US history? Intriguing. I'd like to take a peek, if you wouldn't mind.
  4. This post has sufficient grammar and sentence structure for me to take you seriously. I'll gladly help. :-P
  5. I'm pretty sure the writers have thrown the whole "Elements of Harmony" thing out of the window anyways, it only puts roadblocks on the show. They realized it was a mistake, and just kind of ignored it. I think it was the right choice.
  6. Art should only be taken as seriously as its creator takes it. From what I've seen, the MLP staff are at a modest level of seriousness when handling the show. As loud and exuberant the Brony community is, it's ignorant to say that we should have the biggest say in the direction of the show. Point is, we as a whole take the show far more seriously than its creators, and should act as such. As for analysis, in my opinion, people are over-analytic to an almost disgusting extent. The only reason you take the show that seriously is if the analysis in question is meant for entertainment and entertainment only.
  7. I don't really have fun doing that kind of stuff, especially after having my sister drag me around shopping institutions all day when I was a kid. I abhorred it. Zoos and Museums are alright, but I'd prefer to go out into the wilderness with some friends.
  8. Being a strong, and competent character does not make her a good character. It's like saying: "Rainbow Dash is such a good character because she's such a strong flyer that she can make a Sonic Rainboom." A character's proficiency has nothing to do with that at all. Also, NOT requiring a "Deus Ex Machina" to solve a problem isn't a GOOD thing, it's something you're obligated to do. You're not given a medal every time you show up to work on time, are you? Conflicts are expected to be resolved in a cogent manner. Now, she was somewhat clever in this season finale, but it wasn't anything mind blowing, I saw how the conflict was going to be resolved from a mile away, but that's just me. Personally, I think she's an okay character, but struggles to serve a particular purpose for the show's overall narrative.
  9. Real life ones have the objective potential to be better than internet ones, it's just they're so much harder to find/make. I've had moderate luck in that department, but internet relationships have been my primary outlet of socialization as of recent.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, NASA's getting around 19 billion next year for funding. That's... Appallingly low for an institution of their caliber.
  11. "The only question I - ever thought was hard: is do I like Kirk, or do I like Picard?"
  12. I can't stand any form of unwarranted ego. If you're so great, why don't you back up your claims though action and accomplishment, rather than a vapid status update?. I can accept anything as long as you have the correct vessel to communicate your doctrines. A Facebook post does not cut it. Ineptness of social observation is another big one. In a group setting, you should be more mindful of everyone else's state more than your own, and act once you're aware when someone isn't having as good experience as everyone else. They will appreciate you so, damn, much.