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  1. FillyDilly9trillion

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Fairly sad. I don't know why really. I just feel shallow.
  2. FillyDilly9trillion

    Rated G or PG?

    I think it should be a light pg "hay wait! Is this the same guy who said the mlp movie should be rated R?!" uhhhh............................No.....
  3. Welp,this isn't a good idea is it. if i was the director....ID BE SCREWD and people would want me to stay as far away from mlp as possible! yeah that was a terrible idea
  4. Based off what ive heard i see this has gone two ways 1) didn't explain myself very well or.... 2) THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!!! i appreciate your feedback, criticism is very important to give you a better understanding i'll answer some of the posts confusion PS: ill switch it to PG-13 (The main problem here seems to be that we don't share the same perception of "mature") If you think im saying something along the lines of "shadow the hedgehog" then you'd be very wrong. I don't want guns, Aliens, drugs and swearing. i want a deep story with a more complex understanding of the world plus like i said in the title, it would explain things that are A. too complicated or B too dark... (I don't understand the post at all, like what would be the point of having a random donkey protagonist and setting the movie 30 years in the past? Does it really even need to be mature rated?) 1. i said i only have a vague concept, a lot of these ideas are Far from complete's PG-13 now....your welcome. i hope you guys understand a little bit better,if not tell me why? ALSO: synbassilicious pony. not gonna lie, you hurt my feelings, i know you were joking but still, it made me sad.
  5. It would take place 30 years ago, The mane 6 haven't even been born yet and would star a much more "crude" protagonist(also He's a Donkey),what do you guys think? give me your impressions. i would say more but i only have a vague concept of it.
  6. FillyDilly9trillion

    If... any of the main 6 die in the movie?

    *insert laugh track* and maybe that drum thingy aswell
  7. FillyDilly9trillion

    I hope it's CG

    Let's hope they have good CGI animators all those sfm's look like poo campared to this
  8. would LOVE a prequel that takes place in the 90's that would be more mature, not humor but in tone, it would be PG-13 not R! it would explain things that the show couldn't due to it's age group and the main character would be serious while everyone else is cheerful with a suprising twist at the end, also much more advanced animation thats not cg but 2D, CG fine but id prefer 2D
  9. FillyDilly9trillion

    S01:E11 - Winter Wrap Up

    I'm trying to get in to mlp but it really hasent got me hook. is the whole series like season 1? or does the morals become a bit more.. mature?
  10. FillyDilly9trillion

    Has the show jumped the shark?

    Um........I was just making a joke, i didn't know this "fish jumping" had such a deep lore. if aanyonnn..i mean any pony is intrested in writing plese don't include the 3 following words at the same time jumping-over-shark ​Research FTW
  11. FillyDilly9trillion

    Has the show jumped the shark?

    What does a show losing quality have to do with jumping over a fish?
  12. FillyDilly9trillion


  13. FillyDilly9trillion

    S01:E08 - Look Before You Sleep

    Olympic or Olympics? is it the only thing that they should do next year? all that time practicing just to be thrown away for a feather filled Armageddon!?
  14. FillyDilly9trillion

    Hi there, I'm new

    being weird only shows how normal you really are!
  15. FillyDilly9trillion

    S01:E01+E02 - Friendship is Magic

    id love to see all the seasons on Blu ray!(and DVD)also im sure im not the only one who hates seeing barbie all over their Netflix page.